Best Dress Shoes For Flat Feet Womens

Have you been looking for the best dress shoes for flat feet women? These are shoes that really help the discomfort that comes with having flat feet.

It’s not easy to find a stylish pair of shoes that look great but also feel great. While some shoppers simply look to the highest price shoe they can find; that’s certainly never a guarantee that you are getting comfort for your exact needs.

Finding a great pair of shoes that supports your arches and gives the right amount of support to your foot is not an easy task.

This is where to find all of the information you need to find the best shoes for flat feet women.

 Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flat

This simple flat comes from Amazon and is a nice choice for those looking for a basic shoe.

It’s a completely synthetic material and does the job well for being found in this price range. It comes in 15 different styles which is one of the things I like best about this offering – if you buy a few pairs you are able to have a lot of different coverage depending on what color shoe you are looking for.

The shoe seems to fit as expected, and even if you have a wider foot you shouldn’t have any kind of discomfort from wearing this. The rubber sole provides some level of comfort.

They’re foldable so if you’re looking for a shoe that you can have on-the-go and use as a pair that you would change into after wearing heels, these could be a very attractive option for that purpose.

The shape of the shoe is a nice one, it has a rounded toe that gives it a nice form and should fit the profile of your foot well. I like this pair of shoes for one that you could potentially be wearing on a daily basis.

What we like

  • A lot of color & style options
  • Affordable
  • Nice shape
  • Good for daily wear
  • Gets the job done

Our Verdict

This is a shoe that is affordable and can be worn on a daily basis.

You have a lot of different style options when purchasing this shoe so you can mix and match with your outfit for the day.

 DREAM PAIRS Women's D'Orsay Ballet Flats Shoes

These ballet flats are a fun pair that come in a lot of varieties. They’re a mixture of simple and elegant that make them appropriate for a lot of different situations.

The shoes are designed to be comfortable. The pointed toe design is a nice look. I like that the shoes are lightweight as that adds to the comfort level.

These are really versatile shoes that could be used in a few different environments.

If anything, the shoes run slightly large – but not by much so you shouldn’t really adjust your size a lot. If you are in between two sizes, you may want to order the slightly bigger one. That should not affect your thoughts on the shoe, for the most part it fits to size.

The cushioned foot-bed should leave your foot feeling comfortable so you can wear these throughout a long work day. If you’re not in a situation that calls for a big high heel; this is an excellent option.

Whether you are looking for a shoe for the office or a slightly more formal fit for a younger audience, this shoe should fit the box you are looking for.

What we like

  • Rubber sole
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Heel measures .15 inches
  • Pointed toe design
  • Versatile and comfortable

Our Verdict

This is a shoe that mixes style with comfort.

The shoe doesn’t look bad by any means and it’s going to be an option that you are able to wear throughout the day for almost any occasion.

 Flat Shoes Women's Classic Ballerina Slip On Flats Elastic Crossing Straps

These shoes are clearly made with the consumer’s comfort in mind. At the same time, the design is impressive as well, it’s not just a “basic” shoe that has nothing to offer. It definitely has its own style.

I like the way the shoe fits on the foot. It’s got a snug kind of fit that adds some support and comfort. That’s definitely important if you have flat feet.

The soft faux suede on the exterior is another nice touch. This looks and feels like a shoe that would be a much more expensive one.

The elastic crossing strap didn’t bother my ankle at all or feel uncomfortable when wearing the shoe. It felt completely natural as soon as I put them on and I didn’t really have to think about it again.

These are great to wear whether you’re going to the office, for lunch, or just out and about in the summertime when you need a classy shoe option.

They didn’t have much of a period to break in the shoes and I didn’t have any problem with blisters at all. The fabric on the inside is an extremely light leather and it feels natural. There was no problem

What we like

  • Great for the office
  • Designed for comfort
  • Classy look
  • Lots of options
  • Easy on and off

Our Verdict

This shoe steps up the design a little bit for a classy option that has a lot of different possibilities.

The sole feels comfortable and the entire shoe fits to the foot in a natural way.

 Bella Marie Angie-53 Women's Classic Pointy Toe Ballet Slip On Flats Shoes

These pointy toe shoes are one of the most versatile offerings I’ve seen in a while. The different shoe options have different exterior finishes and looks so you have a lot of unique possibilities when going with the 53 model.

Another good think about this shoe is that the fit is right on track. I got worried that the toe box would be too tight on this shoe; but this model doesn’t have that problem, and everything felt fine on my foot.

Even when worn for long periods of time, this shoe provides a nice comfort that you can be confident in instead of worrying about. The quality gives you a pretty nice offering when you are a value conscious consumer.

Most people look for flats for shoes that will look professional but can still keep them moving after a long day.

That’s exactly how I would describe these 53 models as what I use them for. The glitter and leather models go a long way towards giving you options towards some really creative outfits.

What we like

  • Stylish comfort with options
  • Many styles and exteriors available
  • Fits as described
  • Flats give you comfort at work

Our Verdict

This is a shoe that you can be confident wearing to the office.

I believe that many people will turn to this model when they are looking for some more unique style options but still want to look professional. Those people should be rather happy with what they find.

 Skechers BOBS Women's Bobs Plush-Peace & Love

These shoes get a great mark for their level of comfort. Everything about this shoe is made with customer comfort in mind and it definitely shows.

While they seemed like they might be a bit tight the first time I put them on; over time it turned out that the shoe conformed to me and I had no discomfort wearing them. No problems whatsoever.

The reason this shoe is so comfortable is the memory foam in the footbed. That really adds some extra cushion and it does it in the right way. The memory foam conforms to your foot so that it’s not a ridiculous amount of cushion, but it actually supports your walk.

The style is a somewhat casual one and gives off more of a relaxed vibe. Another positive of the shoe is the great variety of colors that you have so you’re able to mix and match with whatever outfit you’ve got planned.

It’s a shoe that is completely fabric, which adds to the comfort level that you’re going to feel, even with flat feet. These shoes feel pretty comfortable even after a long day or if you’re doing a lot of walking which can really be rare to find.

What we like

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabric exterior
  • Memory foam used for comfort

Our Verdict

This shoe does a great job providing a natural fit for the customer.

The whole shoe itself would be comfortable enough with the material its made from, however the shoe goes the extra mile with the memory foam foot bed.

 Clarks Women's Emslie Warren

This is an awesome shoe for those looking for comfort as well a stylish heel design. The 2-inch heel is going to give you a great look but doesn’t overpower the shoe and doesn’t take away from your comfort when you’re wearing them.

One of the best things about this shoe is the Ortholite footbed. That footbed has an amazing cushion that gives your foot the support it needs to be comfortable in a heel throughout the day.

On top of that, you’ve also got a gripping surface in the sole and the heel so that you’re able to walk around with traction and with a stability that most people have come to expect from their shoes.

The shoe has more of a quiet sound than some other heels because of the texture of the bottom of the shoe. It’s more similar to rubber so that you’re not making loud sounds when walking down a hallway.

You could take the footbed out, but I’ve found that I haven’t needed to for these shoes to be a comfortable wear.

One downside may be that there are only 4 design options available. However, because this is a more premium shoe that doesn’t really take away from the product, it just means that you’re not going to find these in “unique” designs like leopard print or 20 different colors.

The black leather, dark brown, navy leather, and black shoe colors all look quite professional and would be well in place at any office across the country.

What we like

  • Heel with style & comfort
  • Ortholite footbed
  • 2 inch heel
  • Stylish design

Our Verdict

This is probably the best shoe that we’ve seen be able to tackle the style of a heel with the real comfort that you need to wear a shoe all day with flat feet.

These shoes look great and feel great for a really nice combo that you know you will look professional in.

Buying Guide to best dress shoes for flat feet womens

There are a lot of things that will make a big difference when you are buying a dress shoe that feels comfortable with flat feet.

Of course, you still need to buy a shoe that you are ready to wear with your best dress outfits. That means the shoe has to hit a certain level of style and needs to match whatever you are wearing. Those factors are a given.

On top of that, you need to find a shoe that is still comfortable at the end of the day – after you have been wearing them for hours on end. That part gets a little bit harder and can be tough to figure out.

Here are the biggest factors you need to take in consideration for individuals with flat feet.


If your shoe doesn’t have good traction, you could find yourself doomed from the start. Traction is important when finding a new shoe because it’s what everything else is based off.

This is extremely important for dress shoes. When you wear dress shoes, you are probably going to be walking in a lot of different areas.

You may go from hallway, to hardwood floors, to outside environments (which can differ), to other indoor environments as well.

You really need to be prepared for every possible environment and make sure that your shoes get traction in a lot of different areas.

This is a part of why people who wear heels aren’t as comfortable, because they’re finding it hard to get traction on different surfaces.

comfortable shoes


Cushioning is probably the most important factor in shoe comfort. If you have too little cushioning, you’ll likely find that your foot is sore simply from the contact between the hard ground and your foot hundreds and hundreds of times per day.

If you have too much cushioning, you’re actually forcing your foot to do more work. This can also be bad and can be uncomfortable or even potentially damage your foot.

While some people struggle to understand this concept; I use the example of walking on a giant bed mattress that sinks in every time you take a step. That would be an extreme example of too much cushioning, but it gets the point across.

You need the perfect amount of cushioning and you need to make sure that it fits your specific walking style.


Material is also something to think about when shopping for dress shoes. Of course, you have the style of the exterior material and that helps you decide if you want to wear a specific pair of shoes.

You shouldn’t discount the outside materials and what that feels like on your foot though. Some shoes have straps that cross or cut circulation from your foot in an awkward manner.

Other times, you may find that having a lightweight material on the outside of your shoe actually doesn’t give enough support to your foot and feels kind of flimsy.

Again, you should try different things and figure out what you like when it comes to the weight and material of a shoe.

Shoes with Arch Support

People who have flat feet are more likely over-pronating. This is a fancy way of saying that your feet are rolling inward whenever you are headed somewhere or even if you’re just simply standing still.

Normally, feet have naturally defined arches that help you balance and walk for long periods of time. For those with flat feet, it’s hard to find those shoes with low arches.

That can cause problems, but it means that you need to pay special attention to the arch of a shoe when you are shopping.

Buying a shoe with a proper arch can change the way your foot feels, and it can really mean that you are almost “self-medicating” when it comes to your walk.

When you buy a comfortable shoe, it changes your weight. When you have proper weight distribution, you’re less likely to complain about your foot hurting and that’s a big reason in why you need to be deliberate when picking out a shoe model to buy.

Be Careful with Heels

If you haven’t figured this out yet, heels can cause you serious problems when you have flat feet. The way that heels work, you are not going to receive support in the places in your foot where you really need it the most.

You can look for lower heels, but you should always be careful because making a purchase that leaves your foot sore is a purchase that isn’t going to be used very much.

You also don’t necessarily have to abandon all hope of finding a stylish shoe. There are a ton of flats or loafers out there that look great and would be appropriate in an office setting or at other more formal events.

It’s important to look at comfort first because shoes are a means to an end after all. You shouldn’t get disappointed or frustrated when looking at shoes that aren’t heels, you need to realize that you are making a positive choice for your lifestyle and start to look at styles that you like from there.

Don’t Get Stuck on Price

While I understand that price can be a sensitive topic for those looking to save money, your feet are never something to play around with. 

You may want to think about whether you’re buying a cheap pair of shoes that are going to need to be replaced quickly as opposed to a quality model that may last longer.

If the shoes you’re buying are wearing out quickly and causing you pain and stress, you really may not be saving much in the long run.

On the flip side, you should also not assume that just because a shoe is priced higher that it means it is more comfortable. The #1 goal of all shoes is not simply the user’s comfort.

While that may be a bit unfortunate, it does mean that you should shop deliberately and find a pair that is a good match for you, not just because it looks nice and costs a lot of money.

Leather shoes are a type of shoe that withholds the wear and tear of normal life pretty well.

When buying a shoe, you need to think of it as an investment and make sure that you are buying something that you are going to be comfortable with for the long haul.

Don’t be persuaded by fancy heels and stylish shoes that are not practical. You shouldn’t think about looks as much as you think about the durability and quality of the shoe material. Once you’ve thought about that, you can start to consider the style of the shoe.

What are the best dress shoes for flat feet?

Ballet flats can be an excellent shoe to wear for those looking for a dress shoe that are a positive match with flat feet. 

Those are really the go-to in the industry right now. You could also consider types of loafers or low heels if you think they will be a good match for your foot.

What shoes do podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

Podiatrists recommend avoiding high heels if you are a person with flat feet. They also talk a lot about the cushioning found inside the shoe. 

If you have too little or too much cushioning, you are probably making a mistake that is making your foot sore.

Remember, you don’t want too much stress hitting your foot with each step and you don’t want to have to fight against the amount of cushioning in your shoe.

What are the most comfortable shoes for flat feet?

The most comfortable shoes for flat feet are ones that provide great support for their arches. Typically, this is found most commonly in ballet flats. 

The reason that these shoes are widely quoted as being comfortable is that they help your arch come back to a natural point and they don’t force your feet into any unnatural positions like a high heel would.

Are Birkenstock good for flat feet?

Yes, Birkenstock are an example of a shoe that could be good for flat feet. I say “could” because sometimes they are hard to break in and may not be the best for people who have serious foot problems. 

 Birkenstock Women's Sandals

However, if you don’t have disabilities or any huge concerns; Birkenstock would be an example of a type of shoe that would be a nice fit for a person with a flat foot.


Now that you’ve got some more information, you should be ready to make a great choice for buying shoes that will be a great match with flat feet.

It’s always good to ensure that the shoe you are buying has excellent cushioning, traction, and a style that you are comfortable with.

It is possible to find some great dress shoes that are comfortable all day long and keep you from feeling that familiar pain in your feet after a long day of work.

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