Best Cheer Shoes For Cheerleaders

Is cheering for your team taking its toll on your feet? Cheerleading is a sport that requires you to stand for a long time.

This can make the arches of your feet tired. This will also affect your performance if you don’t feel your best.

Getting cheer shoes that are lightweight and comfortable can be difficult. You need to have both to ensure that flyers aren’t weighed down. You also need to know that those who never leave the ground are able to stand the entire game.

Finding the best options can take some time. I have done the work for you and made the process easier.

My reviews detail the features of each shoe and allow you to see which ones will be best for you. Read my reviews to find the best cheer shoes for you.

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • Flexible and bendable
  • Sculpted shape for fit
  • Allows for airflow
  • Padded sole for comfort

Premium Choice

  • 3,500+ Five Star Review
  • Competition cheer gear
  • Mesh for breathability
  • Padded tongue

Great Value

  • Lightweight and tight fitted
  • Bubble laces for durability
  • Long-lasting soles
  • Breathable material

The Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe is competition cheer gear that keeps your feet from feeling fatigued. The shoes are made from strong nylon material that is lightweight enough for flyers to wear.

There is also a mesh section that lets your feet breathe. It will also keep moisture from getting trapped and causing odors.

The shape of these cheer shoes is sculpted to fit tightly against your foot. This makes the shoe feel comfortable and weightless on your foot as you move.

This makes these cheer shoes for flyers since they will not weigh them down when they're in the air. The tongue of the shoes is padded for comfort. This keeps your feet from feeling the laces tight against your foot.

You can pull the laces tight without feeling like the shoes are too tight. The all-white material and laces are uniform for a singular look for all cheerleaders.

What we like It

  • Competition cheer gear
  • Made from tough nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh for breathability
  • Padded tongue

These Nike Youth cheer shoes are cheerleading competition shoes that make standing for long hours more comfortable.

The padded inner soles have an extra cushion for our arch that makes standing on the flat ground more comfortable.

The leather material is soft and flexible to allow for maximum movement when kicking and jumping. It also makes these cheer shoes more durable for longer use.

It also allows you to make them softer as they get older with conditioners that soften the hardened leather. The leather is also easy to clean by simply wiping the grass stains or mud off.

The sides of each shoe have holes that offer airflow through the shoe. This prevents your feet from sweating a lot when you are moving around. The holes also keep moisture from staying inside the shoe and prevent odors.

The bottom of the sole is textured to add friction when you are moving. This fraction gives the shoe traction against the ground to keep you from slipping on wet grass or concrete.

What we like It

  • Padded soles for cushion
  • Leather material for durability
  • Flexible lightweight soles
  • Textured outer sole
  • Holes for airflow

The Smapavic shoes are made for both cheer and dance. They have great flexibility to allow for better movement. The rubber sole gives your foot traction against the ground, so you won’t trip or fall while moving.

The outer sole of the shoe has a small midsection that allows the shoe to be bent farther than other options. This will let you point your foot better for strict dance routines.

The sculpted shape of the shoe will also cling to your foot to make you feel like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all.

The lining of the shoes is made to allow air to flow through to keep your feet cool during physical activity. The padding in the interior of the shoes allows for high impacts without hurting your feet.

The padding absorbs the impact, so your feet won't get injured when hitting the ground.

These shoes are versatile and used in many different sports. The lightweight nature of these shoes makes them great cheer shoes for flyers. The white leather material matches any uniforms for multiple outfit options.

What we like It

  • Flexible and bendable
  • Great traction
  • Sculpted shape for fit
  • Allows for airflow
  • Padded sole for comfort

The Chassé Apex shoes are cheap cheer shoes that are great for customers on a tight budget. They are made of synthetic leather that is lightweight and doesn’t stretch.

This means that you need to get the right size since they won’t allow for stretch to fit. The sizes run small and you should get one size up for the right fit.

The shoes have a low profile that doesn’t cover the ankles. This keeps your feet cool during a game while you’re moving around a lot.

The tongue of the shoe also has mesh material that allows for air to flow through it to help keep your foot cool as well.

The soles of the shoes are made of rubber that can last through many cheer routines. They can even last through difficult stunts and moves.

The laces of these cheer shoes are also durable. The bubble laces will stay tied through complicated routines and tricks. They also will not wear out easily.

What we like It

  • Cheaper shoe option
  • Lightweight and tight fitted
  • Low profile fit
  • Breathable material
  • Long-lasting soles
  • Bubble laces for durability

The Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte cheer shoes are the best cheer shoes for younger girls. These come in youth sizes 1 to 13. These fit well with the secure-fit system.

This system adjusts the interior to the shape of your foot’s arch for better support. This will help shape to your foot and provide the best arch support.

The EVA outsole was created specifically for cheerleading moves like tumbling and jumping. This helps them last longer.

The heel of the shoe offers great protection from heel spurs with added padding to help absorb the impact. This protects your feet from getting hurt when jumping or flipping and landing on your feet.

The lining of these shoes is made from anti-microbial material that fends off bacteria that could cause athlete's foot. The lining is also breathable and allows for better airflow.

The out material is a mix of leather section and fabric. The leather makes the shoes last longer. It also makes it easy to clean.

What we like It

  • Come in youth sizes
  • Have secure-fit system
  • EVA outsole
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Durable and breathable

Buying Guide To Best Cheer Shoes

Buying a new pair of cheer shoes can be tough. But it shouldn’t be. You just need to look for a high-quality pair that offers all the features you need.

My reviews help you pick one of the pairs that I picked out. The buying guide will help you choose great options in the future for the next time that you are in the market for a new pair of cheer shoes.

Cheer Shoes

Shoe Weight

Cheer shoes should not be heavy. This can weigh down the cheerleader and make it harder to do jumps and kicks. You want to search for lightweight shoes that will allow you to move how you need to.

This can be even more important for flyers since they need to be thrown into the air. Heavy shoes can make a small difference in the way that they move.

You want to find shoes that are made of lightweight materials that don’t have soles that are thick. They should be made from light fabrics like nylon. This material is lightweight and strong.

It will also not feel heavy on your feet. This can make you more comfortable doing tricks and jumps since you won’t be weighed down.

Flexible Soles

Cheer routines are dynamic and require a lot of different movements. The shoes you use should be able to handle those types of moves as you do your routine.

Cheer shoes should have great flexibility in the soles to allow for twists and turns as well. This will make your routines easier to do.

The soles can have a thin middle section of sole that allows you to almost fold the shoe in half. This will not be usual for other shoes and shows you that they are extremely flexible.

The show should also have a sole that can be twisted so you’re able to move freely without feeling restricted.

Durable Materials

Any product your purchase should be made of quality materials. This ensures that they will last in the long run.

You don’t want to buy a new pair of expensive cheer shoes only to find out that they fall apart in a few months. This should never be the case. Durable materials will keep this from happening.

Materials like leather and nylon will give you a long-lasting shoe that won’t fall apart too quickly. They will hold up to most weather conditions too.

Most cheerleaders have multiple pair of cheer shoes. This should not be necessary if you have durable shoes that last through many competitions.

Good Fit

Fitting into a cheer shoe is important. This is especially true for flyers since they will be in the air. Shoes that don’t fit perfectly have the risk of falling off.

This could cause many problems if it happens. You want to get cheer shoes that fit tightly to your foot.

You also want them too tight. Shoes that are too small will cause issues with circulation. This could affect your athletic abilities during your routine.

This could also mean that you will have a harder time focusing since your shoes are hurting your feet.

Getting a pair of shoes that fit just right will allow you to focus on your routine. It is much easier to focus on what your movements are when you don't have to think about if your shoes will come off when you do a kick.

Arch and Heel Support

Standing up for hours of practice can take a toll on your foot. You will need arch and heel support to keep your feet from hurting or feeling strained.

Common injuries for athletes are often involved with the foot. So, you want to keep your feet as healthy as possible.

This means that you should have proper arch support that makes standing less of an issue. You also want heel support to protect you from getting hurt when doing tricks and jumps and landing on the ground.

This could cause your heel to feel cracked and painful. Avoiding this by getting supportive shoes is your best protection.

Good Traction

Sports shoes should have traction against the floor. Indoor and outdoor activities shouldn't be any different. Both require shoes that have good traction.

This will keep you from sliding on slippery or glossy surfaces. Traction will protect you from slipping on the wet grass outside or an auditorium court floor.

Falling can be embarrassing and cause you valuable points in a competition. A hard fall could cause a serious injury. Having shoes with good traction will help keep you in the competition and prevent you from getting injured when hitting the floor hard.

Running to make a jump or flip can be dangerous on hard ground when you don’t have enough traction. Purchasing shoes that have textured bottoms that help grab the ground will keep you from slipping and falling.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

what are the best cheer shoes?

The best cheer shoes you can get are the Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoes. These have the lightweight and flexible construction that you need for competition.

All cheerleaders and flyers will find that these shoes are the best option for cheerleading competition or routines during a game.

cheerleaders shoes

What is the best way to clean white cheer shoes?

The best way to clean your white cheer shoes is to mix a solution of bleach and water. You will use one teaspoon of bleach with one quart of water.

Then, use a new toothbrush or rag to scrub the solution into the material of the shoe. Use a circular motion to get the best clean. Rinse the shoes with a damp rag afterward for the best results.

what brand cheer shoes are best?

The Nfinity brand offers the best cheer shoes. This brand designs their shoes for cheerleaders and manufactures the top option that I choose. They are lightweight and durable enough to last through many competitions and games.

what type of cheer shoes are the best?

The Nfinity cheer shoes that were chosen as my favorite are the best. The Vengeance pair are ultra-lightweight. You want cheer shoes to be durable and lightweight at the same time. These shoes check both boxes.

Which NFinity cheer shoes are the best?

The Vengeance shoes are the best cheer shoes from Nfinity. This pair is the top choice on this list and has the durability and comfort needed for an all-day competition. The arch support and lightweight materials make them the best of the best.

What is the best cheer shoe for a flyer?

You want a flyer to have lightweight shoes. That would be the Nfinity Vengeance because they are made of lightweight material.

They are also great for flyers because they have a tight fit that keeps them from coming off when the flyer is in the air mid-trick.

What is special about cheer shoes?

Cheer shoes are designed to be more flexible than other shoes. The mix of dance and gymnastics makes cheer routines difficult for other shoes to last through. Cheer shoes are designed to withstand the constant movements that cheerleaders do.

Are cheerleading shoes good for running?

Cheer shoes are specially made for cheer routines. You should not wear them for running. You will wear shoes down faster than necessary.

It is best to only use your cheer shoes when you are practicing or in a competition to make them last as long as possible.


Buying cheer shoes is not difficult. Getting the best cheer shoes can be tough. Review the list of choices that I have picked out to find the best options available.

These lightweight and flexible shoes will last for a long time and prevent fatigue from long practices.

All of the shoes above are a good value for the price. You will be able to find one that fits your budget and comes with everything you are looking for.

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