Womens Basketball Shoes

Are you looking for your next pair of great women’s basketball shoes, but there are too many to choose from? Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, we can help you find the best basketball to meet your needs.

Take a look below for our reviews of the 5 best basketball shoes on the market today for women and girls, and you will be able to make an intelligent shopping decision soon!

What are the best basketball shoes for women? We reviewed different factors like cushioning, traction, durability, style, and support. No matter what your priority is, there is a basketball shoe that you will love.

After reading through our reviews, you will be ready to make a purchase. Read on for more below for guidance on choosing the best basketball shoe for women and girls!

Product Reviews

Take a chance to review our Top 5 recommended Best Women’s Basketball shoes, and you will learn why we review them the best, and what our overall verdict is to help you make a decision on the best shoe for your needs.

Monochrome in color, this shoe will let its performance capabilities speak for itself. This is among the greatest options for the best basketball shoes for women.

The upper on this shoe is collapsible, so the shoes are easy to pack in your bag and carry around during school hours or back and forth to the gym.

Designed for comfort, this shoe has no tongue, so wearing it will just like you are wearing a comfortable pair of old socks. Your feet will thank you.

Cushion: The midsole on this shoe is super soft and will provide protection for your joints for hours of basketball play.

You will not have achy joints in these shoes, and you can jump and cut without worrying about icing down your legs and feet after you play.

Durability: These shoes are very durable, as the uppers are not made of mesh, but made from a durable combination of leather and textiles.

Your shoes will be able to withstand hours of court time and still feel like the first time you put them on because of the durable uppers.

What we like

  • Super soft midsole
  • Collapsible upper
  • Combination leather textile uppers
  • Sock like comfort level

Our verdict

This is a very good basketball shoe for girls. A unique choice, your feet will love the internal heel counter that helps lock your feet in and provide support as you are running and cutting on the court.

The TPU overlay on this shoe helps prevent abrasions and helps hold the shape of the shoe over time. There is also a component of the shoe, inside the shoe, that helps prevent your foot from rolling over during play and adds ankle support.

Cushion: This rubber sole on this shoe helps you gain maximum traction, while giving you comfort on the inside of the shoe with an internal heel counter that offers maximum support and a comfortable fit.

There is also a sock liner added to the internal sole that is easy to remove and clean and provides a lot of comfort while you are wearing the shoe.

Durability: The uppers of this shoe are made of a perforated leather combined with textiles. The perforated leather provides the show with both durability and flexibility, as your feet can give a little when you make cuts.

What we like

  • Perforated leather uppers
  • Internal heel counter
  • Protection against foot rolling
  • Durable TPU overlay

Our verdict

This sneaker is one of the best rated women’s basketball shoes on the market, and one of the reasons why is the specially designed quarter panel and eyelets that have been added to improve how the shoe fits.

Offering extra traction than the average shoe, you can cut safely and securely while wearing this shoe.

Cushion: Fortunately, this shoe offers a padded collar, which helps to add comfort and contain your feet.

This padded collar adds comfort that no other shoe has, and it helps to offer stability and make sure your feet do not move around excessively while making sharp turns and cuts.

Durability: There are no concerns regarding durability with this sneaker. This show has built in designs to make traction and grip easy, so you will not slide around on the court or risk damaging the sneaker with excessive movement.

The uppers are made of mesh, which is a bit different than leather uppers. Normally, that might mean the shoe is less durable, but because of the added traction system in this shoe, durability is not a concern.

What we like

  • Quarter panel and additional eyelets
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Multi-directional traction
  • Rotational movement

Our verdict

A neat looking option, this is one of the best women’s basketball shoes on the market because of the mesh uppers that are made from just a single piece of fabric, which helps add support and stability to the shoe. 

The light weight of this sneaker help you maintain your speed and quickness on the basketball court.

Cushion: With a sole made of memory foam, your feet will be swaddled in comfort in this design. The ventilation on the sides of the shoe through the mesh ensure your feet will be able to breathe and you will always feel comfortable in this sneaker.

The unique crochet design of the uppers help cushions your feet and add breathability to the sneaker in ways other shoes do not.

Durability: The uppers on this shoe are mesh made from one piece of fabric. Again, the mesh could cause concern with durability, but since the shoe is made from one piece of fabric, that eliminates durability concerns.

What we like

  • Memory foam sole
  • Single piece fabric uppers
  • Mesh ventilation 
  • Light weight

Our verdict

You can’t go wrong with a pair of high-top Jordan’s, one of the most classic basketball shoes available. 

Available in a clean white look, this shoe will give you the traditional basketball sneaker look, and you can pair it with any uniform. If you want to buy a shoe based on name and reputation, this is the best choice.

Cushion: The Jordan brand has thought of everything when it comes to basketball sneakers, and this shoe is designed to be cushioned and comfortable.

The insoles are soft and can support you whether you are a point guard who runs fast or a tall forward planting her feet in the paint and digging in.

Durability: No issues with durability with this original Jordan shoe. A high top shoe made of leather and textiles, it will hold up over many hours on the basketball court.

Since they are made primarily from patent leather, there is no mesh to worry about tearing, and you can wear these shoes in style without worrying about them wearing out.

What we like

  • Classic look and feel
  • Patent leather uppers
  • Excellent ankle support

Our verdict

Buying guide to women's basketball shoes

Now that you have looked over our top 5 choices, let’s talk about why we rated those the top 5, and what else you should know when you are considering what women’s basketball shoe you should purchase. 

While we compared cushion and durability of every shoe, we also considered several other factors, and want to help you make the best decision for your needs.

What are the best basketball shoes for women?

This is a loaded question, and we stand by our recommendations for the 5 on this list. That said, here are some of the things you want to consider when deciding on what the best basketball shoe is for the girls and women in your family:

SoleMost shoes made for a basketball court are going to have a rubber sole, and that’s a good thing, that’s what you want. A good rubber sole is going to be durable, give you good traction, and help you maximize your speed and cutting ability on the court.

Cushion It’s all about comfort. What are in the insoles of the shoes like? Are they removable? Can they be washed? The most comfortable soles are going to be made from memory foam, so keep an eye out for those.

Durability How much basketball do you play? Leather and textile uppers are typically going to be more durable than a mesh upper, but even if the shoe is mesh, there are still other precautions that could make it a durable shoe.

Take a look at how often you are going to be wearing the shoes and decide how much durability is a factor. If you want the most durable shoe, stick with a leather and textile upper.

Traction You need a shoe with good traction, as without good traction you will lose your footing when running and cutting. Look for a design that has some crosscuts underneath the shoe, or something added to the bottom of the shoe to enhance traction.

Stability or supportThis is important especially if you have weak ankles. Consider how much support your ankles need. If you need a lot of support, stick with a high-top option made of sturdy material. 

IF speed and quickness are more of a priority, you can go with a low-cut option that is more lightweight. Decide on your priorities.

best basketball shoes

How should a women’s basketball shoe fit? Should it be roomy or snug on your feet?

Any time you are performing an athletic move, you want the shoe to fit right. Sliding inside the shoe is only going to cause injury. 

Err on the side of getting a shoe that fits a little snugly, as it will open up as you break it in. Some shoes also have removable inserts that can help you change the way your shoe fits. Do not wear a shoe that is too big, as that is asking for an injury.

Do not underestimate the important of how a shot fit. There is a reason they sell them in half sizes, as you want to get the shoe to fit as closely as possible to your needs.

It’s tricky for girls who are still growing, but consider that you will probably need to replace the shoe every year due to wear and tear, and do not try to worry about getting a shoe you can grow into overtime.

Can you wear the same basketball sneaker indoors and outdoors?

This is not recommended. While the same shoe might perform well on an indoor court and an outdoor court, an outdoor court is going to make your shoes dirty. 

Little rocks could embed in the sneaker, and when you wear the shoe on and indoor court you risk scratching or damaging the court.

Should you get a low top or a high-top basketball shoe?

Generally high tops are the preferred option for a basketball shoe. However, you can still get a low or mid top option especially if you are a point guard or a guard who focuses on having a fast style of play. 

IF you spend more time out on the wings running that you do anchored down in the paint, a lightweight lower option could be for you. If you are a big or a post-up player, you probably want to stick with an authentic high top.

Does the brand matter?

Sort of. Some brands, like Jordan’s, you can go out and buy tomorrow and know for sure you are getting a high-quality product. 

They have been in the shoe business for decades, know how to make a good product, and will provide you with good customer service for a lifetime.

This does not mean you should not buy an up and coming brand that is not as established. If a new shoe has everything you want, give it a shot.

Brands and companies have to start somewhere, and it could just be a matter of time until they are well established and taking over the market.

Under Armour, for example, hadn’t been around that long when all of a sudden it got one NBA player representing the shoes, and now it has a firm presence in the shoe industry.

Can a basketball shoe help prevent injury?

Absolutely. You want to make sure the shoe fits right, is of a high quality, and you feel comfortable when you are wearing it. 

Avoid wearing shoes that cause blisters, or cause your feet to rub into the fronts, backs, or sides when you are running. Not to mention, a good shoe can also improve your game, as it can help you pick up speed and agility if it is lightweight and fits well.

How often do you need to replace your women’s basketball shoes?

Think about this more in terms of hours on the court than in years owning the shoes. If you play a couple hours a month, your shoes are going to last a long time. 

If you are on a high school or college team, wearing your shoes for hours every day, you’re lucky to get one season out of the shoes, even a high-quality pair.

You do not want to wear the shoes for longer than they are intended, as if they are worn out it can cause you injury.

Can women wear men’s basketball shoes?

While the culture has changed over the last decade or two, for a long-time women had no choice but to wear men’s shoes, as that was the only option. 

It is still ok to wear men’s shoes, you should just size them up about 1.5 sizes, and always make sure you try them on to ensure they fit well.

You still want to avoid buying a shoe that does not fit right, as it can cause injury and also poor performance on the court. 

Fortunately, nowadays girls and women has a vast array of shoes to choose from, but do not be afraid to buy a men’s shoe if one really catches your eye!

Always make sure you have the right equipment for any sport you play, as that is important to making sure you maximize your potential on the court and stay healthy!

Take your time shopping, read through product reviews, and consider what are the most important components in a shoe for your own personal needs.

The Final Verdict

After reviewing our 5 best women’s basketball shoes, you are now ready to make an informed decision about the best shoe for your needs. 

Choosing the right shoe is going to help you maximize your skills on the basketball court. Decide what your top priorities are, comparing things like traction, durability, and low top or high top, and narrow down your selection.

Now that you have done your research, go ahead and put of these 5 shoes in your shopping cart and confidently make a purchase!

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