Mens Volleyball Shoes

When you think of the difference between a professional athlete and a backyard athlete, what’s a major difference that separates their looks?

If you pay attention to their feet, you’ll immediately notice the difference in footwear between a player who is casual and a player who is ready to take things seriously.

In particular, volleyball players need special shoes to give them the ability they need to make fast and calculated moves on the court.

To help you find the best men’s volleyball shoes, we will take a look at five of the best shoes for playing volleyball so that you can be playing to the best of your ability.

We will see what makes a great volleyball shoes and see what is helping volleyball players be better than the competition.

We will also take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about volleyball shoes so that you can understand why you should look to pick up some volleyball shoes today.

ASICS is one of the premier brands in volleyball shoes and gives players everything they are asking for on the court.

The Gel-Rocket 9’s is one of their best offerings and have the perfect blend of style and features to please any player. The base of this shoe was designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the active volleyball player so that every jump and strike is taken with comfort and agility.

The patented Trusstic technology built into the shoe gives new levels of comfort on the court while also being able to reduce the overall weight of the shoe at the same time.

A lightweight mesh upper gives excellent breathability to the constantly moving volleyball player with the foam-padded collar giving more comfort than regular sneakers.

A GEL Cushioning system that lines the sole of the shoe was designed by ASICS to take much of the load off of the players foot and transfers it throughout the shoe for maximum protection.

This shoe was designed to blend comfort and performance into one package that helps players try new moves and push themselves to be the best possible player. To top off the whole package, the shoes also look understated and will keep you looking stylish on and off the courts.

What we like It

  • Ultimate comfort and support
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Trussic support technology
  • Padded interior and collar

Moving around the court to hit a flying ball can be intense and you need shoes that can move and support you at a moment’s notice. ASICS has been providing lightweight and supportive shoes for many years and their GEL-Rocket 7 volleyball shoe continues to help volleyball players make even the most extreme moves.

A blend of lightweight materials and impact-resistant lower support means that these shoes will do whatever you need them to have you ready for anything on the court.

A lightweight mesh upper gives you the breathability you need to stay comfortable throughout a game while also allowing the shoes to feel light and agile when you need them to.

A generous amount of lower padding and rubber give you the impact resistant you need to keep you confident and ready to be wherever you need to on an active court. The Trussic system that ASICS is known for is built into this shoe and it gives every athlete confidence in knowing that the Rocket 7 is up to any challenge.

The styling of this volleyball shoe is modern and unique giving players the chance to stand out on and off of the court. The GEL cushioning system on the bottom of the shoe was designed with the court in mind and acts as a layer of protection between your foot and the harsh impacts of a volleyball court.

Not all men’s volleyball shoes will look and perform as well as the Rocket 7’s, and ASIC knows that their shoes provide the best performance possible to the players who demand the best.

What we like It

  • GEL support sole
  • Trussic performance system
  • Breathable materials and construction
  • Plenty of protection

One of the biggest names in athletic shoes, adidas has been committed to providing the ultimate performance shoe for every sport. For volleyball, they introduced their Stabil X shoe to give volleyball players the confidence they need to make any play.

A combination of looks and performance give the Stabil X the ability to look equally good on the feet of a volleyball player as they would on the streets.

Similar to many of the best basketball shoes for volleyball, these shoes take many ques and design elements from the adidas basketball shoe line and adapts them to be perfect for volleyball.

The adidas boost technology has been used from running shoes to these shoes and is widely regarded as some of the most comfortable shoe technology on the market. The mix of boost material and a rubber sole means that you can do whatever you need to do knowing your shoes will be there to support your every play.

The adidas commitment to making the best athletic shoes possible is very clear with the Stabil X as it represents everything you would want in a solid volleyball shoe.

A synthetic mesh material that is used on the entire upper is specially designed to give the shoes a breathable feel that any player will come to appreciate. The sole of the shoe is designed with a special design that gives you the traction and stability you need at all times.

What we like It

  • Unique and stylish design
  • Boost technology for comfort
  • Breathable upper material
  • Trusted brand construction

While they may not be a big name in the mainstream shoe market, Mizuno is highly praised among the volleyball community for their excellent and high performing shoes.

Their Wave Lightningz2 in particular offer a shoe that was built from the ground up to be a monster on the court. Just looking at the shoe will peak your interest as the design has a lot going on with its blend of basketball shoe styling that creates a very unique package.

The design of this shoe was designed to invoke the idea of motion and flexibility and the technology used to create it shares in this design language.

The parallel wave technology that constructs the sole is designed to evenly disperse shocks and vibrations throughout the shoe, so you don’t feel as much of an impact when jumping and striking.

A high-grade rubber material was used to construct the lower part of the shoe was chosen as it was the best option to give athletes the ability to get more grip ad traction with the floor.

To keep your feet feeling relaxed and comfortable during an intense game, the Dynamotion fit technology takes a large amount of stress off of your foot and places the foot in a natural position.

Specially placed grooves on the shoe alleviate instability of the foot and give you the option to make more agile and intense movements than any other shoe. If you want the sleeper shoe of the men’s volleyball shoe world, then look no further than the Lightningz2.

What we like It

  • Carefully constructed shoe
  • Advanced and durable materials
  • Stress-relieving comfort technology
  • Supportive sole design

If you want a shoe that doesn’t have any excessive design features or flair, you will love the Upcourt 3’s for doing their job without screaming about it.

Their design is minimalist yet stylish and their performance gets the job done every time without any unnecessary features that only make the shoe heavier and harder to wear.

Many youth volleyball shoes are designed to be lightweight and breathable, so ASICS decided to take that same design idea and transferred it into an adult volleyball shoe.

The overall design of the shoe is minimalist enough to still look attractive and every element was designed with a specific job to take care of.

The sole of the shoe is designed with a special blend of rubber that offers wearers with additional grip, so you feel glued to the court when you need as much traction as possible.

ASICS uses their EVA technology to give this shoe a special midsole and sock liner for additional options for volleyball players.

The removable sock liner means that athletes can remove the standard liner and replace it with their own liner for the maximum level of comfort possible. ASICS makes shoes that just work and work well, and the Upcourt 3 is no exception.

What we like It

  • Stylish yet subtle design
  • Lightweight build
  • Supportive materials used
  • Creates friction for movement

Buying Guide TO Mens volleyball shoes

When looking for the best men’s volleyball shoes that you can afford, there are some factors you will want to consider before diving in and making your purchase. To help you understand what you want to be looking for, let’s look at some of the reasons you will want to buy a pair of volleyball shoes to step up your game.


When you need to be moving on a court with precision, the traction your shoes provide can determine whether or not you can make the necessary moves. 

Traction is what keeps your feet planted on the ground and give you the necessary power needed to jump and stop. Volleyball shoes are specially designed to give the wearer more traction than traditional sneakers so that you can be able to jump higher and stop faster than with regular shoes.

Every shoe we talked about today has a specially constructed sole that was designed with special rubber compounds to give athletes traction and power on the court.


Taking lots of aggressive moves and combining them over an entire volleyball game can have serious consequences on your feet if not properly cushioned. The cushioning of a normal sneaker or athletic shoe is designed for specific sports and volleyball shoes are just the same. 

The heat generated from strenuous physical activity can cause your feet to get uncomfortable very quickly, so proper cushioning is needed in key areas to ensure the protection of your feet.

Volleyball shoes are designed to give your feet cushioning in areas that are prone to impact like the heel and toe so that you can take those risky plays and not have to worry about a harsh landing.


The material a shoe is made of has a large amount of influence on various elements of the design and longevity of the shoe. For volleyball shoes, you will want a shoe to have blend of durability and breathability so you can perform on the court in comfort and then be assured that your shoes will last for many games. 

Most volleyball shoes will have a mesh upper layer for breathability and then have a more rigid rubber lower section so that the parts that see the most contact are ready to take anything that is thrown at them.


Unless you like the thrill of spending money and wasting time, then you will want to look for a durable pair of volleyball shoes that will last you more than one game. 

Luckily, all the shoes we mentioned today have been praised for their durability and are designed to last as long as you let them. A shoes durability can be determined by many factors and usually correlates with how well the shoe was made and how much care was put in to make the shoe.

The way you play in your shoes and how you take care of them also plays a large part in how durable your shoes will be.


Finally, the support a shoe provides determines how much comfort you feel when playing. A shoe can offer support from a supportive sole on the bottom or a supportive upper that grips your feet into a firm position. 

The shoes mentioned above are all designed with a special type of athletic sole that uses rubber and padding to keep an athlete’s foot supported from the impact caused by normal volleyball play.

If you have had any injuries in the past, then getting a shoe that offers support for your feet is more important than ever before.

frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What is the best brand of volleyball shoes?

Depending on who you ask, the best brand of Volleyball shoes can be a question that comes down to personal preference. With so many great shoes that offer something different to every volleyball player, we feel that ASICS is one of your best options for volleyball shoes. 

ASICS has some of the most innovative designs on the market and are constantly pushing the boundaries of volleyball shoes to make them better than the competition.

Best Brand Of Volleyball Shoes

What shoes are good for playing volleyball?

While it may seem like you need a very specific shoe to play volleyball in, you have some other options than specific volleyball shoes if you aren’t fully invested in the sport yet. 

Some of the best basketball shoes for volleyball can be seen at most sporting goods stores and are able to be used on the same court as basketball and volleyball share a similar court style and play style.

Most shoes that offer you protection from impact will serve you well for your first few games as you will want to upgrade to real volleyball shoes when you play more because they are specifically designed to protect your feet and give you and edge when playing.

Are basketball shoes good for volleyball?

Since the court and play style of basketball and volleyball are so similar, basketball shoes can be a good option for the player who wants to play both sports. Basketball shoes have much of the same protection that volleyball shoes offer and are designed to give player more jumping confidence similarly to volleyball shoes.

what are the best volleyball shoes mens?

When we look at all the shoes we mentioned, we feel that each of them offers something unique and different to every volleyball player. However, if we had to pick a best shoe, we would say that the ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 is your best bet. 

The shoe has all of the great ASICS features that make their shoes so great and comes in a package that makes it one of the best shoes for volleyball on the market.


With so many benefits to be found from the right pair of shoes, picking the right pair of volleyball shoes can be the difference between a missed shot and the perfect spike. 

We looked at five of the best volleyball shoes on that market so that you can choose which on is the most relevant for your playstyle.

After looking at all the buyer advice and having common questions answered, you are now ready to go out and take your volleyball to the next level.

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