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What is the one of the main reasons that people choose not to run? While you may first think that it is simply people just don’t like to exercise, there are actually many other underlying issues that can make running a serious chore for some individuals.

The act of running is an excellent way to get in some healthy exercise and keep your body running smoothly, but some people seriously struggle with running because of a certain medical condition.

This condition is known as supination and it can make is very tricky for certain people to run properly and without pain.

For people with this condition, it is absolutely essential that you choose the right shoes for your condition, so you don’t end up making it worse than it already is. 

To help you find the best running shoes for supination, we will cover five of our favorite running shoes for the condition and go into detail about what makes each one unique.

Additionally, we will look at what to look for when buying running shoes for supination and answer some of the more frequently asked questions that runners have when looking for special shoes.

ASICS is one of the leaders in sneaker design and their commitment to making the most comfortable shoes on the market has not gone unnoticed.

The padding on every pair of ASICS shoe is designed to provide wearers with as much comfort as possible and their Gel-Venture 6 running shoe is no exception.

These shoes have the comfort and support you need to take on any exercise that you have previously avoided due to foot pain.

The ASICS rearfoot GEL cushioning system on these shoes is designed to reduce shock caused from impact when moving and helps your foot stay stable when running or walking.

The sole of this shoe was designed for even the most difficult to traverse terrains in mind and will keep you supported on the hiking path and running track while giving the confidence to keep on running.

If you have a special orthopedic liner that is custom fit to your feet, you can remove the Venture 6’s sock liner and put in your own ones for a custom fit feeling and added support.

The AHAR material that is used in this shoe is a special high abrasion rubber that is strategically placed to keep the shoes durable and protective for many runs to come.

This pair of shoes gives you the support and durability you need to get out into the world and start running with comfort.

What we like

  • Designed with maximum support
  • Durable construction quality
  • Removable sockliner for customization
  • Great for trail running

Our verdict

One look at the Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes and you will instantly know that they were designed to be advanced and protective.

From the upper construction of the advanced sole and heel design, this shoe was designed to protect the feet of runners with foot issues so that they can get out and run like everyone else.

A blend of practical design and comfort features makes these shoes one of the best options out there for runners with supinated feet. The intention of this shoe is to provide as much cushioning and support as possible to help protect the feet of runners. 

The BioMoGo and DNA LOFT cushioning systems on this shoe work together to give runners a sense of security and comfort with every foot placement and run.

Every step you take will feel light and full of energy as the shoe takes your impact nada transfers it into a positive energy that empowers you to keep pushing on and getting more exercise.

A revived mesh upper section of the shoe gives every wearer a comfortable experience with every run and keeps you feeling locked in with every step.

The Segmented Crash Pad works with the sole of the shoe so that no matter how your foot falls, it will be protected from all angles and is perfect for the runner with supination issues.

What we like

  • Advanced support and cushioning
  • Stylish and seek design
  • DNA technology provides resistance
  • Breathable mesh upper construction

Our verdict

Under Armour has been making running shoes for recreational and professional athletes for many years with runners everywhere praising their designs.

Their Micro G technology used in the Micro G Assert 7 sneakers helps to give them a supportive and protective feeling that keeps runners on their feet and feeling great with every run.

A blend of durable materials and responsive rubber work in harmony to offer a compelling package for the runner concerned with their foot protection.

The upper construction of the shoe has a unique construction that uses both mesh and leather to provides a breathable material where you need it to be and leather in key areas that ensures it is protected from general wear and tear.

An EVA sockliner offers you a comfortable base to your shoe so that wearers can get in and out of the shoe without any hassle or struggle. These shoes are designed to be easy to wear and provide an easy platform to just slip on and go running in.

With their Micro G foam technology, Under Armour has given this shoe an added layer of cushioning and protection from harsh running environments.

The Micro G areas are surrounded by a durable rubber outer layer that adds additional protection to your feet and allows you to tackle harsh environments without having to worry about the durability of your shoes.

What we like

  • Lightweight fabrics provide comfort
  • Leather upper adds protection
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Micro G foam midsole

Our verdict

What Saucony lacks in well-known brand name it easily makes up for in overall performance and ability on the feet.

Runners everywhere praise this brand for their commitment to making great shoes and their Women’s Cohesion 11 running shoe gives you everything you would want and more for supinated running.

A lightweight build pairs with a very smart design to give you comfort where you want it and support where you need it for the ultimate running experience.

The stability this shoe will provide you is one of the best you will find on shoes for under pronation so you can be rest assured that your feet will be cushioned and supported as needed.

The heel grid system that is implemented into this shoe lets you feel the ground beneath you while still managing to provide protection from its harsh impacts.

The supportive upper overlay on the shoe will keep you feeling locked in when running and makes the shoes feel like an extension of your feet.

Take on any run you want with confidence in knowing that these shoes have what it takes to protect your delicate feet from any number of impacts they may face.

A breathable upper design pairs well with the rigid and durable lower portion to give you a sense of floating while keeping your feet safe when you get back to the ground.

What we like

  • Well regarded brand name
  • Supportive sole design
  • Grid Supportive cushioning system
  • Flexible when moving

Our verdict

Having a shoe that doesn’t fit you well is essentially the same as not wearing any shoes at all. You need a snug fit that keeps your feet locked in and secure so that they do not experience any extra strain from running.

Mizuno finds this an essential part of any good running shoe and made sure that their Wave Rider 22 platform would fit close to the foot and keep your feet stable.

A combination of a snug fit and very comfortable materials make this show great for any run and are comfortable enough to wear anytime.

A specially designed mesh upper layer provides runners with not only extra breathability, but a better fit. The mesh is designed to be adaptive and stretch as needed to provide wearers with just the right amount of give when running.

The midsole also has a special design that gives you a softer feel than other shoes so that you can have an extra bounce in your step and still feel supported.

The sole of this shoe has plenty of comfort for everyday walking and gives your feet the support they need when on the run.

Mizuno is known for their shoes’ quality and durability, so you can rest assured that these shoes will keep you on your feet for many, many runs.

What we like

  • Breathable and stretchy mesh
  • High build quality
  • Keep you locked in
  • Handle impacts very well

Our verdict

Buying Guide To shoes for supination

Now that you have seen what we feel to be some of the best shoes for supination that you can run in, we can dive into some of the features you will want to look for in the shoes you buy so you can run with comfort. 

All the shoes we looked at above have some way of filling the following requirements and each factor is essential to the protection of your feet.

shoes for supination


When going for a run, the last thing you want to do is slip on something and end up on your back. To prevent you from falling or slipping, a good running shoes will have some form of grip on the bottom to give you the necessary traction. 

When running with pronated feet, getting a decent grip on the ground can also secure your feet when needed so you are at less of a risk of damaging your ankle.


Cushioning can be the difference between a walk down the road and running ten miles in one go. Cushioning on the inside of your shoes will keep you comfortable during exercise and wherever else you are wearing the shoe. 

Supination supporting shoes will have extra cushioning to protect your feet and are designed with special areas to keep your feet comfortable at all times.


Running shoes are designed to be worn in sweaty and intense conditions, so the material they are made of can separate you from a comfortable run or painful walk home. 

At the top of the shoe, you will want to see a layer of mesh that gives your feet the necessary air to prevent excessive sweating when running.

A lower section made up of a rubber compound would be ideal on the bottom and the shoes we mentioned above all go beyond the basic rubber to offer you extra cushioning when running. The higher quality they materials used, the better a shoe will fit and the longer it will last under pressure.


The durability of your shoes is what you will want to look for when thinking of them as a long-term investment. You can cheap out and buy inexpensive shoes, but they could easily break down and stop offering support. 

Especially when you suffer from pronation, you want your shoes to be durable so that they are always giving you the maximum amount of protection. The shoes we looked at above are constructed with high quality materials and come from respected manufacturers who pride themselves in excellent quality.


For those with supinated feet, support is one of the most important elements of a running shoe. Having support in specific areas is just what you need to feel comfortable in your shoes so that you can run without any pain. 

The shoes designed for supinated feet are designed specifically to provide support where needed to ensure your feet are protected. Stronger soles and better cushioning are what most companies like to do to help protect your feet.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is supination?

We have talked about supination a little bit in this article, but many don’t actually know what it is or looks like. In its most basic definition. Supination, or under pronation, is a fairly common condition where a runner’s foot will turn to the outside of their body when running. 

This is a fairly hard thing to just notice, but if you have trouble running without experiencing discomfort in your feet, this could be the cause. A common test for seeing if you have supinated feet is to look at the bottom of your sneakers and see where they are experiencing the most wear.

If you see a lot of wear and lost material on the outside edges of your shoe, then you most likely have supinated feet and will want to look into a pair of sneakers for the condition.

Why do you need special shoes for supination?

Supination isn’t a really serious condition but having shoes that are designed to work with that style of running will be a night and day difference. 

The reason that you need special shoes with supination is because the way your feet hit the ground causes excess pressure and strain on your ankles. Normal running shoe are not designed to account for this issue and will do very little to support the problem.

When you run with a pair of supination shoes, you will notice that they are designed with more support and padding to protect the feet from impact caused by the supination.

What are the best running shoes for supination?

When we look for the best shoes for supination, we will want to find a pair that exceeds most of the requirements for being a supination supporting shoe. 

With the shoes we looked at above, we feel that the best overall would be the Mizuno Wave Rider 22 running shoe.

This shoe offers many of the best features from the other shoes mentioned and will keep you confident when running. However, it is especially important with these types of shoes that you try several pairs to get just the right fit.

What are the best men’s running shoes for supination?

When it comes to the best men’s running shoes for supination, we think that the Brooks Ghost 11 shoe offers modern and dynamic solutions to the supination issue. 

The Brook Ghost 11 blends carefully placed padding and support where you need it with a modern design to try and provide as much support as possible.

Overall, the Brooks are not miles better than the other shoes, but they take the best features from all the shoes and combine it into one package.


Running is one of the best forms of exercise you can get, and shoe manufacturers want to get as many customers running in comfort as possible. 

As you have learned today, there are plenty of great shoes options for running with supinated feet that were designed to keep you feeling safe and confident on every run.

Each shoe offers something different to the runner and we feel that the shoes we have looked at will have you enjoying the excitement of running in no time.

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