Being overweight is an extremely common obstacle for women. This becomes especially true as women age, have children, and approach menopause. Hormonal changes can drastically affect weight gain, and unfortunately for women, those hormonal changes seem like a constant issue throughout their lives.

However, being overweight is not a permanent issue. Simply choosing to begin a daily walking regimen can inspire a healthy lifestyle that promotes physical and mental well-being for the overweight woman.

If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change, then you may find yourself overwhelmed by choosing the right shoe for this new adventure.

While walking is generally considered a mild exercise activity, it puts quite a bit of stress on the feet, so choosing the best shoe for your body is a task that should be given careful consideration.

In this article, we will be reviewing the ten best walking shoes for overweight women. This comprehensive guide will show you which shoes are the best on the market for overweight women and give you the insight you need to make an informed decision.

Read on to learn more about the factors that went into these decisions.

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • Lightweight Shoe
  • Slip-On Convenience
  • Elastic Shoe Strings

Premium Choice

  • VersoShock Technology
  • Rocker Sole Design
  • Removeable Insoles

Great Value

  • Comfortable Sole
  • Variety of Widths Available
  • Skid Resistant

Top Product Reviews On Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Women

This comprehensive review of the top ten walking shoes for the overweight woman will give you every bit of information you need to make the best decision. Each product review contains an overview of the product as well as our expert opinion on the pros and cons of the shoe.

 Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks shoe company has been around for over 100 years. While their bread and butter has not always been walking shoes, they have always prided themselves on creating top notch specialized solutions for extremely specific shoe problems.

Brooks has a reputation for solving shoe solutions with the customer in mind. Further, their shoes tend to be top quality and have a longer walking life than some less reputable brands.

The Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker is no exception to their commitment to the customer. These shoes employ Bio Mogo technology to create a one-of-a kind cushioning that supports each user’s feet appropriately.

By molding to the feet of the user, this shoe guarantees maximum support no matter the height of your arches.

Likewise, this shoe has an extra layer of support for individual arches. Brooks describes this as the extended progressive diagonal roll bar and claims that it is designed to achieve correct alignment of the body during athletic walking. This design helps alleviate the impact of pain put on your joints by new exercise.

Finally, this shoe comes in a variety of widths and sizes. Finding the right fit for your shoe is sometimes a difficult task, but since this shoe comes in narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide.

It is guaranteed that you can find the right fit for your foot. Finding the right fit for your foot is one more way to guarantee maximum comfort in your walking shoe.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Comfortable Sole
  • Variety of Widths Available
  • Skid Resistant

Our Verdict

These shoes are an excellent choice for someone who is looking to improve their health with comfortable daily walks.

They come in a variety of widths to fit any shoe size and their added layers of support will ensure your comfort. Further, they are guaranteed durable for a longer time of use.

 Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Sketchers has built a reputation for provided high-quality shoes for the everyday consumer. You do not have to be an athlete to enjoy a Sketchers sneaker, and yet Sketchers sneakers are still the choice for some very well-known athletes. This speaks to the company’s commitment to quality.

This shoe is made of 100% breathable mesh material. The effect of this construction is the ability for your feet to breath during exercise rather than withholding heat. This is an added layer of comfort during an intense workout.

The sole of the shoe is also designed with comfort in mind. A memory foam heel allows the shoe to mold to your individual foot without causing any uncomfortable rubbing or constrictions.

The memory foam padding is held in place by a synthetic stabilizing heel panel for additional support while walking.

Further, Sketcher’s Go Impulse Goga Sensor Pillars are installed in the rubber sole of the shoe. These sensors are scientifically designed to promote proper posture and foot placement while exercising. These pillars promote healthy posture for maximum comfort and maximum workout results.

The slip-on design adds further convenience to the comfortable design of the shoe. There is no need to stop and re-tie shoestrings with this trendy sleek tie-less shoe. The simplicity creates a visually appealing look for a modern yet comfortable style.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Slip-on Convenience
  • Feedback Sensors Promote Posture
  • Memory Foam Heel
  • Breathable Mesh Material

Our Verdict

This is an overall great choice for maximum comfort for the overweight woman.

From breathable material, to reducing foot pain, Sketchers really did think of it all in the design of this shoe. As a bonus, the shoe is slip-on so there is an extra layer of convenience for everyday use.

 Baivilin Women's Casual Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Breathable Mesh Athletic Walking Running Shoes

These breathable mesh sneakers deliver both comfort and style with a modern design and leisure in mind. They are designed for the leisurely walker and do not sacrifice eye appeal for comfort measures.

The shoe is constructed of a mesh material that creates a breeze for the comfort of the user. Heat escapes from extremities during exercise, so a mesh design ensures that your feet will not get overheated during your daily walk.

These shoes employ a slip-on design without sacrificing the classic look of a tennis shoe. The elastic laces are crisscrossed along the top of the shoe without the need for them to actually be tied.

This design allows for a flexible fit because the elastic shoestrings are forgiving to wider set feet. Further, the look of a classic tennis shoe is one that will never go out of style.

The rubber sole is also designed with both comfort and style in mind. The diamond shaped pattern is naturally designed to absorb shock and create a safe walking stride for your joints. Without the need for fancy technology, the shock absorption saves your joints from painful aftermath of exercise.

Although there is no fancy technology, the design of the shoe creates a lightweight walking shoe experience. The lightweight shoe provides a more natural, barefooted walking experience.

This encourages your body to walk as it is designed to walk, without prohibiting you from exploring placing you may not want to go while barefoot.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Lightweight Shoe
  • Elastic Shoe Strings
  • Modern Style
  • Slip-On Convenience

Our Verdict

This shoe is a good place to start for the casual walker who seeks extra comfort on their health journey.

The sleek design combines convenience with a classic look for a tennis shoe. The sole will protect your joints from the stress of walking and the mesh material allows your feet to breath during exercise.

 Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciits

The Gravity Defyer brand shoe lives up to its name by creating a shoe that fights against the pain of gravity. For an overweight woman looking for a comfortable shoe that wards off the pain associated with walking, this shoe is a great choice.

One of the best things about this shoe is that although it is designed with pain relief in mind, it remains stylish and modern in appearance.

Shoes designed for pain relief can sometimes be unfashionable, but no one will ever know that these shoes are designed for anything other walking or running purposes.

This shoe employs VersoShock technology. VersoShock is an exclusive technology to the brand Gravity Defyer. This technology is designed not only to absorb the impact of your step, but to reverse that impact and use it to provide more “bounce” in your step. This technology literally converts what would normally be negative impact into a positive energy to further your walking potential.

Further, the shoe is designed with proactive measures to help overweight women avoid common complications such as plantar fasciitis or diabetic irritation.

The sole of the shoe is curved in a fashion that creates a “rocking” sole. This movement prevents the development of plantar fasciitis in the foot.

Finally, this shoe has easily removeable insoles and extra wiggle room built into the toe area to provide proactive measures for future problems.

If you develop any kind of need for a special insole, this shoe will not become a lost investment. Further, extra wiggle room in the toes allows for swelling, thick socks, or even growth of the feet over time.

We Know You’ll Like

  • VersoShock Technology
  • Rocker Sole Design
  • Modern Look
  • Removeable Insoles

Our Verdict

This shoe is an absolute favorite from all standpoints for the overweight woman. It is designed with proactive technology to avoid issues that could be created from walking.

This shoe provides the overweight woman with protection against the discomfort that comes along a health journey. This shoe is the perfect combination of cute and comfy. It is an absolute must have!

 Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe

The Ryka Sky Walk is quite literally the woman’s shoe. Shoe designers at Ryka have placed their focus on providing women with a unique shoe-buying experience. They designed this shoe uniquely to fit the shape of a woman’s feet and to promote the health of a woman’s walk. As an added bonus, the Sky Walk is super cute and will make any woman feel her best.

The sole of the Ryka Women’s Sky Walk shoe is made of memory foam. This is an excellent choice for the overweight woman as it allows the shoe to mold to your specific needs.

We are not all created exactly the same, and Ryka seems to understand that concept. Further, memory foam soles are widely known to minimize the stress placed on your feet when walking. Chances are this design will minimize pain for newly starting walkers.

This shoe is a classic design with a modern twist. The shoe laces up in the front and is constructed of a breathable mesh for added cooling and comfort. The sleek design is both classy and modern and it comes in a great selection of colors, too!

When Ryka calls this shoe the Sky Walk, they back that up with science. The sole of this shoe is designed to help a woman feel her best. The rubber sole is engineered to work out the correct muscles as a woman walks or runs. 

The rubber sole is also guaranteed to be both durable and supportive. As an added bonus, the sole is designed to provide extra traction to minimize the possibility of accidents.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Sleek Design
  • Breathable Mesh Exterior
  • Classic Lace Up Shoestrings

Our Verdict

Having a shoe designed specifically for women is an absolutely genius idea.

This option is perfect for women who are seeking a functionally comfortable shoe without sacrificing the trendy sneaker look.

 TIOSEBON Women's Walking Sock Shoes Lightweight Slip on Breathable Yoga Sneakers

Slip on shoes have become one of the most sought after looks of the tennis shoe market. Unfortunately, many of these shoes are made of canvas and they simply are not a great choice for any athletic activity. However, these Toisebon Walking Sock Shoes have broken the mold for the slip-on shoe.

These shoes are crafted of a breathable, flexible mesh material. Best of all, they are designed for athletic walking among other athletic activities like golf, sight-seeing, or even horse riding.

Further, these shoes look great with any casual outfit whether you plan to get athletic or just plan to run in the grocery store.

The shoe is referred to as the “sock” shoe because of the breathable mesh material that makes up the bulk of the shoe. While breathable mesh is not a new concept, the Toisebon Sock Shoes are made of a much more flexible mesh making them feel more freeing than traditional mesh slip-on shoes.

The fabric is designed to flex so that slack between the outside of your shoe and your foot is not possible. This reduces irritation often caused by slip-on shoes improving comfort and the quality of your walk.

The soles of these shoes are intentionally designed to be thin. Of course, there is enough padding for protection from the ground, but these shoes’ ultimate goal is to provide the feet with a natural barefoot feel.

Therefore, these shoes make great walking shoes but are not intended for running or intense sports.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Breathable Flexible Exterior
  • Unique Barefoot Feel
  • Lightweight Rubber Soles
  • Convenience of Slip-on Shoes

Our Verdict

These shoes give you a natural feel with a sleek design. These shoes are an excellent choice for a casual walk or a day on the town.

We like the comfort found in this design, but the durability is not suitable for regular or serious walking use.

Saucony Women's Versafoam Flare Running Shoe

Saucony is a well-known shoe brand that has been dedicated to improving health and wellness since the late 1800s. Saucony strives to build shoes that help regular people achieve their athletic and wellness goals through exercise. These VersaFlare shoes are a great example of this goal.

These shoes use a technology called VersaFoam in the arch of the shoe to provide an added layer of versatile support. This technology creates comfort in various heights of foot arches and guarantees long-lasting comfort.

The VersaFoam technology built into the shoe is designed to withstand the average shoe’s lifetime. Proving to be a wonderful investment for your long-term comfort.

Further, the VersaFoam Flare shoe uses a React2U insole. These insoles are intended for personal comfort. They are designed to conform to the user’s foot creating a unique experience for athletic walking.

Further, these shoes are built for durability. They boast a thick rubber sole that provides plenty of traction for both casual and power walking. Further, the exterior mesh and padding provide added foot support and increased durability.

The design of the shoe maintains sleek and stylish trends for modern sneakers. You will not be embarrassed to wear these to the gym and may get a few compliments. One favored design component is the thin sole that does not detract from durability.

This trusted shoe brand does not disappoint with the VersaFoam Flare sneaker. It is sleek, durable, and comfortable. What more can a girl ask for?

We Know You’ll Like

  • VersaFoam Technology
  • Modern Flare
  • Durably Built
  • React2U Insoles for Comfort

Our Verdict

The Saucony VersaFoam Flare shoe is a great choice for a walking shoe. It proves to be durable and promises long-term comfort.

Further, the React2U Technology makes this shoe perfect for various types of feet. Give them a try.

 Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker

There is something to be said about a true classic design. Consumers fall in love with the classics for a reason, because they are excellent choices. This is why classic styles never fade from our wardrobes. The Easy Spirit women’s sneaker is one of these classic styles that will never fade.

Do not let the classic look fool you, though. These shoes are completely up to date in comfort. Easy Spirit is a company whose name suggests they support adventurous consumers and these shoes are perfect for the adventurer.

One of the many selling points of these shoes are the leather exterior. It is classic, it is simple, and it is durable. The leather exterior gives your foot a firm, supported feeling during a long walk. They have classic laces on the front of the shoe.

Thick rubber outsoles provide plenty of protection and shock absorption from the ground. These outsoles are designed to protect your joints from harm during exercise.

Further, the insoles are easily removed and can be replaced with an orthopedic insole if needed. This is a huge bonus for comfort.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Classic Design
  • Thick Outsoles
  • Removeable Insole

Our Verdict

The Easy Spirit sneakers are a great choice for a classic shoe. These shoes are comfortable and will never go out of style.

They provide plenty of support for walking and have excellent consumer reviews.

 ASICS Women's GEL-Foundation 12 Running Shoe

Asics is a leader is the shoe industry, and it is no surprise when you take a look at the work that goes into the design of their shoes. They have a knack for meeting the needs of the consumer. Their shoes are stunning, functional, comfortable and durable all at once.

These shoes boast Asics exclusive gel technology for shock absorption in the toe and heel areas of the outsole of the shoe.

This technology wards off pain from walking by absorbing the impact placed on muscles and joints during athletic activities. These shoes are great for overweight women as they reduce the pain associated with walking activity.

The Gel Foundation shoes also employ an orthosock liner that adds cushioning for comfort and as a proactive measure against irritation.

The orthosock liner wards off friction allowing a longer walk and less opportunity for pain. Further it has antimicrobial properties that promote clean and healthy wicking.

Asics is well-known for durable, long lasting shoes. The life of the shoe creates a better investment in the Asics brand. These shoes are constructed of high-quality material and are guaranteed to last through all of your athletic needs.

Lastly, Asics boasts a huge selection of color for each different style. There really is a shoe for every consumer on the Asics’ shelf.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Gel Technology
  • Reputable Brand
  • Orthosock Liner
  • Color Selection

Our Verdict

You really cannot go wrong with the Asics Gel Foundation Walking shoes. These shoes have exclusive technology that is wonderful for overweight women.

Walking can be painful, but these shoes will help you get through the initial weeks of walking without the painful side effects.

Akk Womens Athletic Walking Shoes - Memory Foam Lightweight Tennis Sports Shoes Gym Jogging Slip On Running Sneakers

These Akk walking shoes provide a unique construction of comfort, quality, and style. They are lightweight and sleek for a modern look, but they still have plenty of added measures to ensure comfort on your walking adventures.

Akk walking shoes boast the use of a memory foam insole. Memory foam is a great choice for the insole of a shoe, especially for someone who requires extra cushion for an added layer of support.

Further, memory foam creates a unique ability for the shoe to support multiple types of feet arches. Memory foam conforms to the user’s foot, so you are guaranteed a shoe that supports your specific foot.

The mesh design creates a cooling effect for the feet. One of the most uncomfortable feelings is for feet to overheat during a walk, but the breathable material of the Akk walking shoe guarantee’s your feet will not get too hot.

Further, this material allows for an extremely light shoe. The lightness of the shoe mimics the natural walk of being barefoot. Many consumers enjoy the feeling of a light shoe because it promotes proper use of muscles. However, it is not recommended for use on hiking trails or more intense activities.

Lastly, the Akk walking shoe comes in a variety of colors and has a sleek design. This sleek design is consistent with other walking shoes popular on the market right now. It is an excellent addition to your closet.

We Know You’ll Like

  • Lightweight for Natural Feel
  • Mesh For Cooling Effect
  • Memory Foam Insole

Our Verdict

These shoes are a great choice for the overweight woman looking for a casual walking shoe.

These are not a great choice for someone looking for an intense workout program, but they are very stylish, perfectly functional walking shoes.

Buyer’s Guide for walking shoes for women

Buying shoes should not be overwhelming. You have been wearing shoes for your entire life, but in order to buy the best shoes for your situation, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. Overweight women should consider a few special topics when searching for the right walking shoe for them.


One of the most crucial aspects of buying the right walking shoe is getting the right fit. If your shoe is too small or too large, then you will experience pain that you should not have to experience.

Keep in mind that some women have feet which are considered wide and require a wide sized shoe. Every brand does not offer a wide shoe, and this is an important fact to consider when choosing which shoe you will purchase.

walking shoes for women


Material is important when choosing a shoe that will both support your foot and allow your skin to breath without becoming overheated. While it is not a requirement, it is probably a good idea to choose a breathable mesh shoe, especially if you have a tendency to overheat during exercise.


Shoes are going to have wear and tear. This is just a simple fact, and most people have to regularly replace their walking shoes. However, replacing your shoes too often can become a huge financial strain. Make sure to pick a shoe that will last at least six months in order to save money in the long run.

Proactive Design

Shoes that have the comfort of the consumer in mind are a huge plus for the overweight woman. When you begin your journey to better health, you may hit a few obstacles along the way. However, some shoes are designed to proactively ward off some of those obstacles.

For example, many shoes are designed with a shock absorption system in the outsoles of the shoe. These are a great choice for overweight women because they protect your joints from experiencing pain during exercise.

Style and Design

Finally, every woman knows that the style and design of a shoe are equally as important as any other selling point. Make sure to choose a shoe that you will enjoy wearing. If you enjoy the look of your new walking shoe, you are more likely to put it on. Of course, putting those walking shoes on more often leads to a greater chance of achieving your goal.

Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ’s)

Do overweight women need shoes that are specially designed?

The simple answer to this question is no. Overweight women simply need a reliable walking shoe that fits their foot properly and is comfortable during a walk.

How long will my walking shoes last?

With regular use, shoes are bound to experience some wear and tear. The consensus is that average walkers need to replace their shoes between 6 and 9 months after getting them.

What should I look for in the outsoles of my shoes?

There are a lot of different types of technology that brands place in the outsoles of their shoes. Most important for an overweight walker is shock absorption. A shoe with good shock absorption will reduce the impact on your joints, muscles, and bones.

Is one material better than the other?

The material of your shoe is entirely personal preference. You may consider going to a shoe store to try on different materials if you are not sure which type you prefer.

Do overweight women need special insoles?

This answer will be different for everyone. Some overweight women may develop plantar fasciitis from walking, others may have joint pain. If you experience any special symptoms, you may consider asking your doctor if a special insert will help support your symptoms.


Choosing the right shoe for the overweight woman is not a simple task. There are a lot of factors that are up to the individual consumer when it comes to choosing the right shoe for your comfort and style.

However, this guide is a comprehensive look at the very best choices on the market.

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