Walking shoes for overpronation

Can walking shoes provide relief for people suffering from overpronation? In many cases, it is possible that the right pair of walking shoes can help improve the way you walk. 

Sufferers of overpronation often experience a wide range of painful symptoms that include corns, arch pain, and back pain. The right walking shoes can prevent you from experiencing shin splints and bone spurs that incorrect gait can cause.

Finding the right pair of walking shoes to correct overpronation is difficult. Your options seem endless, with all sorts of styles and types. Picking the right walking shoes for your feet is important for long-term health.

Many shoes that are for walking will actually cause you more pain because they do not address the causes of overpronation. Other shoes are not well-made. Many companies these days make shoes that look like walking shoes, but they are just for fashion.

Sifting through all the hundreds of shoes available online is time-consuming and frustrating. We want to simplify the process for you by highlighting some designs that are proven winners for eliminating arch pain from overpronation. We created this buyer’s guide to illustrate some of the walking shoes we think are really great options.

1. New Balance Men's 411 V2 Walking Shoe

New Balance was founded in 1906 and made orthopedic shoes and shoe inserts. By the 1960s, New Balance created the first high-performance running shoe and made custom sneakers for athletes. New Balance produces excellent walking shoes. 

The 411 V2 is a great choice for people who have incorrect gait problems while walking. The shoes have a cushioned midsole that has a good amount of rebound, which is important for your feet. The shoes look pretty good, too, and are available in different colors that all have a sporty look.

The arch support in these shoes is for people with flat feet. Walkers with high arches will benefit from an added insole. These are excellent shoes for walking and work well for work shoes in jobs that require you to move a lot. New Balance 411 V2 walking shoes will help you alleviate pain caused by awkward steps.

A heel pillow insert helps prevent injury from striking off the edge of your heel when walking. The cushion helps prevent stress fractures and bruising when you are walking. Heel injuries are common in people who suffer from overpronation and walk or run for exercise.

What we like

  • High-quality midsole cushion
  • Color options
  • Comfortable for walking

Our Verdict

You can’t go wrong picking up a pair of the New Balance Men's 411 V2 walking shoes.

They are a good option for overpronation and flat feet. They provide excellent stability and help keep you walking correctly.

ASICS traces its history to Onitsuka Shokia, a Japanese shoe manufacturing company born out of World War 2. The name was changed to ASICS, which is an acronym for a Latin phrase meaning “You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Sufferers of the symptoms of overpronation have a great option in the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoe. ASICS built this shoe just for the problems that sufferers experience. These shoes have details like specially-designed lace points and no-stitch insides to prevent pressure points.

ASICS Gel-Kayano shoes help improve the way you step. The shoes correct the manner in which your foot strikes the ground. The design minimizes damage caused by overpronation and helps the stability of your foot when you walk.

These shoes will help alleviate your pain and make your walks pleasant again. The Gel-Kayano comes in several colors that look great with any workout clothes.

These are high-tech shoes for runners who have flat feet. ASICS engineers the Gel-Kayano to give you the right amount of bounce for comfort on your run.

The shape of the insole helps to promote a positive contact with the ground. This helps runners improve the health of their feet and prevent injuries.

What we like

  • Lightweight running shoe
  • Eases foot pain
  • Overpronation-specific insole

Our Verdict

The ASICS Gel-Kayano is one of the best shoes on the market today to help your step. 

This shoe is one of the most popular among people with overpronation.

Brooks first shoes were bathing slippers and ballet shoes made after 1914 when John Brooks Goldenberg bought the Quaker Shoe Company. Today, Brooks specializes in running shoes and is the world leader in sales, with 25% of the global market.

When you need a true walking shoe that helps ease the pain of bad arches, the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is a top choice. Brooks designs these shoes specifically to address pain caused by walking.

The shoes can ease pain in the knees and low back and can provide relief for shin pain. They are marketed to men, but they are a unisex design women can also wear for walking.

Brooks produces good-quality shoes for many types of feet. These shoes have innovative features to strengthen and support your feet and ankles. When you walk in the Addiction Walker 2, the shoe helps correct bad steps. It also has a certified slip-resistant sole for added safety.

These are an excellent option for anyone who has achy feet after a walk. The engineering Brooks uses to produce the Addiction Walker 2 creates a stable shoe that helps the motion of your feet.

They are lightweight walking shoes perfect for casual walkers and people who are exercising. These shoes make an excellent choice for retail workers, also. They provide excellent stability for anyone on the move all day.

What we like

  • Total body support
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Attractive, unisex design

Our Verdict

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 walking shoe is one of the best choices you can make when you need a shoe for walking.

Sufferers of overpronation find these shoes to benefit them and make walking comfortable.

Saucony is one of the older shoe brands around today. The company began making shoes in 1898 in a brick factory on the banks of the Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania. Saucony is responsible for some of the most collectible running shoe designs from the 1980s when Americans began to take the sport seriously.

Women who suffer from foot pain while walking should consider the Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 walking shoe. These shoes provide excellent stability and help to promote proper footsteps and gait. The design will prevent your feet from rolling onto the outside of your foot. These are very comfortable shoes for people who walk a lot.

The ProGrid Integrity features a flexible section allowing your toes more room to move, so this is a good choice for women with wider feet. The flexible rubber sole makes walking easy and prevents aching arches. Saucony designs some of the best looking and performing shoes for walking.

These shoes really stand out for women who suffer from shin splints, sore heels, and tired toes when walking. The insole and design provide the correct stability for the foot to prevent it from rolling incorrectly.

A stable shoe like this one may even prevent a sprained ankle by keeping the bottom of your foot in the right position when walking.

What we like

  • Superb arch support
  • Non-marking sole
  • Prevents foot pain

Our Verdict

The Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 is a great choice to reduce the pain caused by overpronation.

They are lightweight walking shoes providing support for your feet.

Under Armour is a true story of American ingenuity. The company began in a basement with a vision by a 24-year-old football player to make shirts that wick moisture, stay dry, and are lightweight. Today, Under Armour makes athletic apparel for numerous sports.

When you need a superior shoe for walking and running, the Under Armour Charged Assert 8 is a top choice. These shoes are so lightweight, and they almost feel invisible on your feet. The design supports your arch and helps provide a bounce in your step.

Under Armour is a brand you can trust for high-performance shoes for exercise and work. These running shoes are some of the best looking shoes for men on the market. They are available in many different colors.

Under Armour builds these shoes with a special type of pattern that helps hold your midfoot in place. The design makes these excellent shoes for alleviating pain from overpronation. These have a sock-like liner that protects your feet from friction blisters and reduces pressure points.

Many runners with overpronation turn to this shoe as a great option. It provides the arch support they need while being extremely lightweight. The flexible rubber sole is sturdy enough to grip and flexible enough to make running easy.

What we like

  • Stellar looks
  • Provides midsole stability
  • Seamless sock liner

Our Verdict

You can’t go wrong with Under Armour walking shoes.

If you have symptoms of overpronation and you need a good shoe for walking or running, the Charged Assert 8 is a top choice.

Buyers Guide

When you start shopping for walking shoes to help alleviate overpronation, there are some things you can consider before buying. The shoes you will need must be better than average shoes because your feet need support.

Overpronation causes more stress on parts of your feet. Most people do not usually walk on. The condition can cause blisters, corns, and even stress fractures.

Injuries are common among runners suffering from overpronation. You need to understand what overpronation is and how you can buy the right walking shoes to prevent pain.

In this part of the guide, we will explain all the essential information you need to know about overpronation and why the right shoes for walking will be the best choice to make.

Overpronation can be corrected with the right shoes and stretches and exercises to strengthen muscles.

What exactly is overpronation?

The condition is a result of your step. Pronation is a term that refers to the rotation of your foot as you step. When your heel hits on the outer edge, then transfer pressure onto the inner arch, the ligaments in your foot are strained too much.

This particular type of step causes your foot to flatten in the arch. Some people refer to this condition as being “flat-footed” because the arch is pressed down. People with low arches can also have problems with overpronation.

There are many reasons overpronators do need stability shoes. The condition can cause long-term health problems affecting more than just your feet. Shoes that help to stabilize the foot as you walk can reduce the symptoms overpronation causes.

When you set out to buy shoes, you should know whether you overpronate when you walk. There are some simple ways to find out.

What are the Symptoms of Overpronation?

You can learn to recognize the symptoms of overpronation on your own. Once you know what to look for, you can take action to prevent injuries. Some of the common signs of overpronation include:

  • Shin pain
  • Blisters and corns
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles injuries
  • Chronic low back pain

The good news is, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 76 percent of people who seek treatment for overpronation find a successful treatment. Good quality shoes for overpronation are the leading treatment option.

Finding out if you suffer from overpronation is easy by doing a few simple tests at home. You may want to seek the help of a doctor if your condition causes severe pain or if the best walking shoes for overpronation fail to alleviate symptoms.

In rare cases, severe overpronation can cause back problems and other serious ailments that will not heal on their own.

Your Footsteps

You can tell if you overpronate by looking at your footstep. An easy way to tell is to start with your bare feet wet, then step on a dry surface, like concrete. A normal footstep will show the ball and the toes connected by a narrow strip. This is the outer part of your foot.

The indentation in your footstep is the hollow of your arch. If the hollow of your arch is more than 50% of the width of your heel, you may overpronate. High arches are indicated by no or very little contact on the outer edge of the foot.

The Standing Test

You can also tell if you have flat feet by simply looking at your arch. The arch is on the inside of your foot. Standing firmly on a solid floor, examine to see if your arch is flat. Flat arches are an indication of overpronation.

Medical Examination

A doctor who practices orthopedics or another field that relates to foot health can give treatment for flat feet. Usually, a doctor will start by instructing you to do exercises and maybe even physical therapy. Most doctors will recommend a pair of shoes for correcting overpronation when you walk.

Treatment Options for Overpronation

One of the best treatment options if you overpronate is to buy supportive shoes. Shoes that provide stability and reduce impacts to your heels are the best choice for overpronation. Many of the products above are excellent choices.

Many people who run like the Hoka Arahi 4, because it’s one of the best shoes on the market for those who suffer from overpronation. It provides perfect support and reduces impacts. This shoe only narrowly missed our list above.

Jogging in the morning

The Right Shoes

When you are shopping for running or walking shoes for overpronation, you will want to find a shoe that feels right for your foot. The types of cushioning vary from one manufacturer to another.

When you try the right size shoe with the correct support for your overpronation, you will immediately feel the difference. It’s recommended that you have both feet measured before buying shoes for overpronation to have the best results.

You will want shoes that are comfortable when you are walking or running, even if they are not perfect when you stand still. Inserts in many shoes work only when the arch of the foot is moving. When standing still, the support slowly collapses and can be uncomfortable.

Orthopedic Inserts

Once you have bought shoes that offer plenty of support for your feet, you might want to try inserts to help correct the rotation of your foot. Inserts are intended to be worn inside your shoes. Inserts come in a variety of designs to provide proper fit in the toes, ball, heel, and arch.

Orthopedic inserts can also help with overpronation. You should look for an insole that provides moderate arch support to ease the pain.

You can buy these over the counter at many stores, or they may be prescribed by a doctor or physical therapist. Some companies make 3D molds of your feet to custom-design inserts.

Stretches and Exercises

You can also do stretches to strengthen your feet and help correct the problems of overpronation. A physical therapist can teach you the proper way to stretch and exercise your feet.

One method is to place your feet flat on the floor, with your toes pointed forward. You can raise your body upon the outsides of your feet. This will strengthen your feet and help train your body.

Another exercise that is useful for training your muscles is the duck stand. You will stand erect with your heels touching, and your toes pointed away, like a duck.

Then, simply bend at the knees as far as you can and slowly straighten up. This will help tone and train your Achilles and strengthen your feet.

The Best Shoes for Overpronators

Finding good options is easier for overpronators today than ever before. Runners Warehouse says most runners have some level of overpronation. They estimate that 20 to 30 percent of runners overpronate.

An additional 50 to 60 percent of runners have mild overpronation. That means most people can benefit from shoes that alleviate symptoms of overpronation.

When you search for shoes for overpronation, you should find the right fitting shoes. It helps to visit a store that specializes in running shoes and orthopedic inserts.

You can get your feet measured and fitted properly. Once you know the correct size of shoe and type of support you need, the list above includes many great options.

The best shoes for walking for overpronators are lightweight and breathable. Many modern shoes today use synthetic mesh materials that are durable and provide lots of airflow.

You should try changing the way your laces are tied. Some lacing patterns create pressure points on the top of your feet.

Many walking and running shoes use memory foam inserts. These inserts work very well for some people, but others don’t like them.

You should try both to see what type you like the best. The most important features to find in inserts are good arch support and cushioning for the heel.


If you suffer from shin splints or pain caused by flat feet, a pair of walking or running shoes may help. Choosing the right shoes can train your foot to stop the painful results of walking on the inside of your feet.

All of the products featured on this page are excellent choices for you to consider. These shoes are among the very best recommended by people dealing with overpronation.

Learning about the way overpronation causes you to step incorrectly is the first part of creating a treatment plan to help yourself. In most cases, good-quality walking or running shoes that address the problems of overpronation will help you fix the problem.

Many of the shoes we recommend on this page actually strengthen and improve the way you walk or run to prevent injury and pain from overpronation.

If you do the exercises and stretches listed above, you can strengthen your feet and legs to overcome the causes of overpronation.

Good-quality walking and running shoes like the ones we review in this guide make a recovery more comfortable and reduce the time it takes to heal.

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