Best Cross Training Shoes For Flat Feet In 2024 (Reviewed and Buyer's Guide)

Cross Training Shoes For Flat Feet

Are you a runner with flat feet? Then you know how much the wrong type of shoe can affect your performance. Having the right arch support can be especially important for runners with flat feet who have a higher chance of foot injuries.

Foot injuries can happen to any runner. They can also be prevented by wearing the right shoes that offer comfort and support for running. The reviews that I have written below detail the best cross-training shoes for flat feet that I have come across. 

These shoes all offer the greatest comfort for long or short distance runs. They are each made from durable material and have great support for arches and heels.

Any of these shoe options will help improve your running performance and allow you to keep your foot health at its highest level.

This guide will go over all the features and details of each pair to show you why each choice is a good one. I also included a complete buying guide that will allow you to see what to look for when buying new cross-training shoes.

Budget Friendly

New Balance Men's Mx623v3 Training

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Min 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi

Premium Choice

New Balance Men's Mx623v3 Training Shoe

  • Working time 24/7 all days days
  • Min 16 team members
  • Superfast wifi

Great Value

New Balance Men's Training Shoe

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Min 18 team members

The New Balance Men’s and Women's 608v5 cross trainers are a simple choice for those wanting a basic option. The all-black style is a classic that offers a no-frills look.

The soles are made from rubber and are durable for long-lasting use. They also come with great arch support. This is essential for flat feet comfort while running.

The shoe design comes with many seams due to the specific shape of the shoe. This allows you to have a perfect fit and have the material shape to your feet. This pair is available in sizes 6.5 to 18 wide.

They also have half sizes available for those who need extra room. The fit of these shoes is true to size. You do not need to order a half size larger for proper fit.

These cross-trainer shoes are designed with soft black leather. This makes them strong and durable for heavy use. The leather allows for some stretch, so they won't feel too tight when running.

The sole also has extra padding on the heel of the section to prevent injury. This heel crash pad keeps your foot from hitting the ground hard and getting plantar fasciitis.  

Why we like it

  • Leather allows for stretch
  • Heel protection pad
  • Durable soles
  • Supple leather for durability
  • Classic style choice

Our Verdict

The Reebok Men’s and Women's Nano 9 cross trainer shoes are some of the best shoes for flat feet because of the arch support. The soles offer an arch that will keep flat feet from getting sore when having to run long distances.

The outside of the shoe is created from lightweight material. This keeps the shoe’s weight from slowing you down. The shoe is mostly black with gold accents.

There is also a slight texture to the material for added design. The outer soles come with a speckled print of gold on black to match the shoe’s design as well.

The back of the shoe has an attached loop to make inserting your foot easier. The ankle does not have much padding.

This prevents your feet from sweating too much. The laces are black and have polka dots to add some extra flair.

Why we like it

  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight material
  • Keeps feet from sweating
  • Attached loop on ankle
  • Stylish black and gold

Our Verdict

The Nike Air Monarch IV is a cross-trainer shoe that is made for comfort. The white leather material is soft and supple for better stretching with wear.

The synthetic soles are specially designed to mold to your feet. This makes them the best arch support and comfort for running.

These shoes have holes cut into the leather throughout the material to make the shoes breathable. The holes will keep your feet cool in hot weather. It will also fend off bacteria that could grow in a moist environment.

The midsoles of these shoes have a foam section that provides extra comfort for long stretches. They are good for long-distance running and long practice sessions.

The foam of the midsole lessens the impact on your foot when running. This protects your foot from injuries when your feet hit the ground.

The shoes come in sizes 7 to 15. This may not be many sizes available for those with larger feet. This does make a value option for those who can fit these sizes.

Why we like it

  • Soft leather material
  • Soles mold to feet
  • Holes cut for breathability
  • Provides arch support

Our Verdict

The Adidas Men’s and Women's Powerlift 3.1 cross trainers are shoes for flat feet. They have synthetic soles and an open forefoot structure that fits flat feet comfortably.

The open forefoot gives the end of your foot more room to spread out. This is good for flat feet that are wider. It also has a flexible toe end for better movement.

The tongue and lining of the shoes are made from a mesh material that allows for better breathability. The airflow keeps the sweat from staying in the shoe and causing bacteria to grow. It also stops your feet from feeling hot and sticky during training.

The greenish-grayish material has a non-gloss finish that adds style to the shoes. There are also the classic Adidas three stripes on the side.

These stripes are shiny and add contrast to the matte shoe material. There is also a Velcro strap over the laces that give your extra security while running.

Why we like it

  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • Open forefoot structure
  • Flexible toe end
  • Matte finish

Our Verdict

The Reebok Men's and Women's HIIT Training cross trainers are shoes that offer great arch support to prevent foot injuries. Running puts pressure on the heel and arch unlike anything else.

These shoes will help keep your arch higher when running to keep your foot from straining. It will also absorb the impact with the ground.

The sole is made from rubber and is thick enough to last through many training sessions. There is also extra padding on the heel of the sole to keep heel spurs from occurring.

The light material has holes that offer airflow. This will keep your feet from sweating and creating moisture in the shoe.

The white material on the exterior of the shoe adds a bright look to the shoe. The light blue stripes across the side give it a bright pop of color. The heel end of the sole is pink with glitter for an extra feminine touch.

Why we like it

  • Gives arch support
  • Prevents foot injuries
  • Keeps foot from sweating
  • Heel has extra padding
  • Holes for airflow

Our Verdict

Buyer’s Guide – Considerations Before Purchase

Getting the right shoes for your flat feet can be difficult. Cross trainers are often made for those who have an arch in their foot. This isn't very helpful for those that don't.

With the cross-trainers I choose you can look at some of the best training shoes for flat feet. I picked each one because of the great features. Here is what you should look at when you are searching for your perfect fit.

Cross training shoes


You always want to ensure that your shoes are not uncomfortable. They are not the best cross-training shoes for you if they are not comfortable to wear. You need to feel secure in them and have enough flexibility for a full range of movement. You need to feel comfortable enough to wear them the entire time.

The soles should be padded, and the material should be stretchable enough to allow for growth. Leather shoes are one material that is comfortable and strong. It also stretches with your feet.

This will keep your shoes comfortable for a long time. They can also have leather conditioners put on them to keep them from cracking or hardening. This will make the leather last even longer.

Heel Support

Heels are a small part of the body. This is why they can often be overlooked. They are very important to think about when you are running though. Heels can easily be injured when training and are one of the most common foot injuries among runners.

Runners are especially susceptible to heel spurs. These spurs are calcium deposits that build up under the heel bone due to the continual tearing or straining of the muscles in the foot. Injuries like this can happen if you are wearing shoes that don't offer the proper support that your feet need.

Having a heel crash pad to prevent hard impacts can help. The interior sole having extra padding along the entire length of the foot can also help a lot. Looking for these features will stop your heels from being injured while you are training for a big race or track meet.

Arch Support

Runners with flat feet can feel their arches getting sore much easier than others. The flatness of the foot causes the arch to be strained when running or walking for a long time. Cross trainers should have the arch support to keep your flat feet from getting sore.

A high arch in the interior sole of the shoe can give your foot an arch to prevent any discomfort. Having a sole that shapes to the foot is also a good way to avoid foot injuries.

This type of sole will let your foot sink into the soft material and form an imprint of your foot shape in it. This will give a slight lift to your arch while offering better comfort for the whole foot.

You may deal with shin splints or leg fatigue more often without the use of arch support. Feeling the support on your arches when you put the shoes on is a good sign that you have the right arch for your foot. 

Design of Soles

The soles of shoes for flat feet are particularly important for runners. Your feet can end up getting injured easily without the proper support. Flat feet are also known as fallen arches because of the flat shape. Arches on flat feet will fall even more if they are not given the support the way they need. 

The soles of the shoes that I put on this list all offer support to the arches of your feet. This will stop straining from happening in the middle muscle of the foot.

Comfortable soles will also let you run for a longer time because of the lessened impact on your feet from hitting the ground. Searching for shoe options that have rubber soles on the exterior is the best choice.

There are also some shoes that come with interior soles that will mold to your foot’s shape. This will help make every part of your foot feel comfortable when you are running. This will also offer better support for both the arch and heel of your foot.

Quality of Materials

Shoes can be made of many materials. This gives you a lot of options.  It can also make it hard to find choices that will last a long time. Focusing on finding shoes with high-quality materials is the best way to get durable pairs.

Leather shoes are often the longest-lasting choices. The leather material will stretch with your feet as they move. This makes it more comfortable to wear for a long training session. It also can be easily cleaned and moisturized to be able to last for a long time.

The material of the tongue and laces should also be of good quality. You don't want to have durable basketball shoes that need new laces every few weeks.

This will just make the cost of getting high-quality shoes less worth it since you must continually buy new laces. Small issues add up. Check all aspects of the shoes before purchase to get the best cross-training shoes for flat feet.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the best workout shoes for flat feet?

Cross-training shoes are often the best workout shoes for flat feet. This is because they are made for high impact on the ground. This means that they have a better arch support to keep your feet comfortable. They also help foot injuries from happening.

What shoes are good for flat feet?

Shoes that have an arch in the sole that will keep your feet from hitting the ground will be the best choice. This will keep the middle muscle of your foot from being strained when running. It will also potentially help to create a slightly more pronounced arch in your foot over time.

Should I get wide shoes if I have flat feet

This depends. This is fairly common though. Those with wide feet often have wider feet because of the arch not lifting the foot as high. This can cause you to need wide shoe sizes. It could also mean that you need to purchase a half-size larger.

What are the best cross-training shoes for flat feet?

The best workout shoes for flat feet are the New Balance Men's 608v5 Casual Comfort shoes. These shoes have the arch in the interior that will keep your feet comfortable and supported.

Best cross training shoes for men with flat feet?

The best cross-training shoes for flat feet in men are the New Balance Men's 608v5 Casual Comfort. These are the best overall and make a good option for training. They are in men’s sizes and will be easy to fit and purchase.

Best cross training shoes for women with flat feet?

The best cross trainers for women are the Reebok Women's Nano 9 cross-trainers. These shoe options are made in women’s sizes and will be a better fit for women’s feet. They are made to be lightweight and breathable for less sweating when running.


Finding new cross-training shoes for flat feet shouldn't take long. You can choose from my top options in this article to get the best quality and durability out of whatever pair you like the best.

You can pick any of the top choices and get a pair that will last you quite a while.

You can return to my buying guide for future shopping trips when you need to. This will help you find the best cross-training shoes for your feet again and again.

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