Shoes For Volleyball

Do your volleyball shoes ever hurt your feet? Everyone’s foot is different, and you could need more ankle or arch support than average volleyball shoes provide.

That is not your only option. Basketball shoes can be a good alternative to the volleyball shoes you have.

Many basketball shoes will work great for your feet when you play volleyball. They are lightweight and offer good support for your ankles so that you don't roll them while you're playing.

How do you know which shoes will work best for you? I have made a guide for the best basketball shoes for volleyball to make it easy to find out.

Check out my reviews and in-depth buyer’s guide to find out which option you would like to purchase. You can also see which ones will give you the greatest foot relief after hours of playing or practicing.

The Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are a stylish and supportive option for volleyball players. These shoes come with an extra cushion around the ankle for better prevention against rolling.

The toes of the shoes have premade holes that allow air to flow through. This keeps odors from forming during a game or practice.

The soles of these shoes are thick and won’t wear down easily. They are also made of leather and will last a long time. They have multiple color options to choose from if you want a wide selection.

The rubber soles are durable and comfortable. They offer traction when moving to keep you from slipping.

These shoes are made in sizes 6 to 18. This is good for taller players who have trouble finding their size with other shoes. The price depends on the size. This means you will pay more if you order a larger size.

What we like

  • Offers large sizes
  • Has extra ankle support
  • Holes that prevent odors
  • Many color options available
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Tough, durable leather material

Our verdict

These Adidas shoes are good basketball shoes for volleyball. They have arch support to prevent foot pain during a game. These shoes are pretty lightweight.

This allows you to jump higher without feeling weighed down. The sole is extremely flexible. It can be almost completely twisted around.

These Adidas shoes are lace-up. The tongue is made from textile material and makes it softer and more flexible. There is also a small amount of suede material on the upper end of the shoe.

This shoe choice is brightly colored with yellow, grey, pink, and black accents. You can also get these shoes in a variety of other options. The rubber soles on all options are textured for a better grip on the ground.

This pair of shoes are cheap basketball shoes compared to other choices. Even larger sizes are not a bad value. These shoes come in sizes 6 to 20. This gives those with hard to fit feet a chance to wear something stylish and lightweight.

What we like

  • Comes in large sizes
  • Cheaper option than most
  • Added design elements
  • Bright color accents
  • Lightweight and flexible

Our verdict

The Nike Lebron Witness III basketball shoes are a fashionable choice for those wanting something a bit flashier.

They are simple in design with only white and gray colors. But they do have a textured gray section that adds more complexity.

The rubber soles are flexible and lightweight. They are not as thick as some other options too. The soles are shaped so that they aren’t too large and chunky.

They also have a loop on the backend that you use for putting them on. This loop will keep you from stepping on the back of the shoe when inserting your foot. This will keep them lasting longer.

These are one of the best basketball shoes for volleyball because they are both stylish and comfortable. The ankle padding gives your feet better support against rolling your ankles and ensures you don’t hurt yourself in the game.

They also have great traction on the bottom of the shoes. They have a pattern that keeps you from slipping on the court during the game.

What we like

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Stylish look and design
  • Has ankle padding
  • Offers arch support
  • Pull-on loop

Our verdict

These Under Armour Men’s Lockdown basketball shoes are a mid-range option for those on a budget. These shoes are very lightweight.

The soles are fairly thin and allow for better flexibility. They also come with cushioning for arch support and better comfort. 

The shoes have premade holes that allow your feet to breathe better. This can keep the shoes from holding on to odors from sweat and bacteria. This will also help your feet from sweating as much as you play.

The tongue is made from textured material that adds a bit of darker gray to the color scheme. This gives the shoes a two-tone look that many players will like.

These shoes also have a distinct pattern on the bottom of the sole. This pattern creates traction against the volleyball court to prevent slipping and falling.

The light gray material has a matte finish that gives it an added design element. The peach accents along the ankles and interior material add a pop of color.

The loop on the back is gray as well. This loop was added to make the shoe easier to put on.

What we like

  • Mid-range choice
  • Lightweight, flexible soles
  • Cushion for comfort
  • Breathable and odor preventing
  • Two-tone design

Our verdict

These Nike Air Precision NBK basketball shoes are a classic option that will match any uniform. The black and white color scheme makes them good for any color uniforms.

The shoes have premade holes that allow your feet to breathe. This keeps them from getting too hot and sweaty while you’re playing. This will also keep bacteria from growing in the moisture by keeping the interior dry.

The rubber soles are flexible even though they are thick. This provides comfort with durability at the same time.

The back of the shoe has padded ankle support that keeps your ankles free from added stress. This prevents sprains and rolls during a game.

The sizes available for this pair of shoes is 6.5 to size 13. They will accommodate the most common athlete’s shoe sizes.

They will also be able to offer a choice to those with larger feet who might have trouble finding their size in retail shoe stores.

What we like

  • Classic style
  • Breathable for lessening moisture
  • Flexible soles
  • Offers many shoe sizes
  • Soles are thick, durable
  • Has ankle support

Our verdict

Buying Guide – What To Consider Before You Buy

Are you trying to decide which shoes are the best option for your feet? Don’t make any decisions before checking out this guide.

Knowing what to look for will allow you to get the most suitable pair of shoes for your feet. My buying guide will show you what to look for to find the best basketball shoes for volleyball.

basketball shoes


Getting comfortable shoes is important in any sport. You don't want to dread putting on your shoes before you practice or play a game. Having the right amount of cushion can make or break a pair of shoes.

You should have enough cushion for arch and heel comfort. You also want to feel the sole conforming to your foot. This will ensure that the padding will offer impact protection.

Heel pain can occur when you are really physically active and off your feet. Sports can make this issue even worse. Having shoes that prevent heel pain and plantar fasciitis can make a difference in your overall performance. Cushions can help prevent heel pain and give you better performance with less discomfort. 

The tongue should also be well-cushioned. The tongue keeps your foot from rubbing against the laces. This could cause irritation if it occurs. A thicker tongue will keep this from happening better than a thinner one. You will want to look for padded tongues and thicker materials on this section of the shoe.

You will also want to look at the cushion around the ankle of the foot. This area of the shoe should provide cushioning for the ankle that keeps the shoes comfortable when wearing them for a long time.


Being on your feet to play volleyball can cause your feet and ankles to feel strained. You need arch support to help this problem go away.

Having proper support will keep your feet from feeling sharp pains in your arches. This pain is caused by overextending your arch with long periods of standing. This is a common issue for many athletes.

Shoes with support in the arch will keep this from happening. They will have an arch in the sole of the shoe that your foot rests on. This will make your foot feel more comfortable in the shoe. It will also help keep your arch from being overextended and causing injuries to your foot.

The ankle is a weaker part of the body and also requires better support. Ankles that aren’t supported can get inversion ankles sprains from playing volleyball. Sprained ankles make up 30% of all sports injuries. This makes it common and difficult to fully prevent. Getting the right ankle support for your shoes can help.

Having the cushion around the ankle is one way to help prevent ankle injuries. The padding can help keep your ankles from rolling or spraining.

The crown of the shoe should also be a bit tougher than the area around the toe of the foot. This will keep your ankle in its proper position. This will keep it from moving into a position that will allow rolls to occur.


The material of your basketball shoes for volleyball can affect the durability of the pair you buy. Leather and strong fabrics can make your shoes last much longer than cheaper materials. They also make the shoes feel and look better.

Alternatives to these fabrics can be easily ripped or damaged. Buying quality materials for shoes will make them a better option. Sports will wear down shoes faster than normal. Having tough fabrics and materials will keep them from needing to be replaced often.

Some materials are more lightweight. These will be light on your feet and not last as long. But if you need lighter shoes then they are a great option.

The lightweight material should still be high-quality and well-made. This will keep them lasting longer than other shoes that are not as nicely constructed.


Having quality materials will help make shoes last longer. They also need to be well made too. Durable shoes need to be constructed with thick thread and properly attached soles. Failure to make shoes durably will cause them to fall apart easily.

You don’t want to be in the middle of a game and have your shoes come apart. This can be frustrating and embarrassing. Having durable shoes that are made well will last much longer than poorly made options.

Basketball shoes for volleyball don’t last forever. But a good pair should last about 350-500 miles of running. This equals around 70 hours of gameplay.

The shoes on this list are durable and well-made. You should consider the durability of the shoes when making your final purchase. This can make a big difference in how long the shoes will last.


The word traction means the ability to stop you from slipping and falling. This feature is important in any sport where you are shuffling or running around for most of the game.

Volleyball players can benefit from high-traction shoes because they will not fall or slip easily while playing.

This can be found in most sport's shoes because a fall in the middle of a game could cause an injury that will hurt a player. This is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Having shoes that offer good traction will stick to the floor better than others. This will keep your feet from sliding on slippery materials.

Basketball shoes are made for basketball courts. These courts are usually made from hardwood and are quite slippery when walked on. If you are moving fast then you have a higher chance of falling.

The bottom of the shoes will have indentations or patterns that keep them from moving on the floor. All of the shoes on my list create traction to keep you off the ground and on your feet for the game.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What basketball shoes are best for volleyball?

The best basketball shoes for volleyball are the Nike Air Force 1 low sneakers. These shoes provide the support and comfort needed for long activities. They also come in larger sizes than most other options.

What type of shoe is best for volleyball?

Shoes that offer arch support and comfort for long periods are the best choice. Volleyball shoes and basketball both cover these bases.

Basketball shoes can be a cheaper alternative than high-end volleyball shoes. This can make them a more attractive option for some customers on tight budgets.

Are basketball shoes good for volleyball?

Basketball shoes are a great option for volleyball. They are supportive and lightweight. They also have the same traction and durability as volleyball shoes.

They work to prevent slipping and to support your arch at the same time. Both options prevent your feet from hurting after a long game or practice.

Are volleyball shoes worth it?

Volleyball shoes are made specifically for this sport. You can’t really beat that. This makes them perfect for the game that you are playing. They can be expensive for those on a tight budget. 

This is why cheaper basketball shoes can be a great choice. There are other options that also make good choices. As long as they have the comfort and support needed for sports.


Volleyball is competitive and fast-paced. Your shoes need to be able to withstand that kind of pressure and use.

Basketball shoes are some of the greatest options for this sport. All of the shoes on my list will make a good option for playing.

I like the Nike Air Force 1 the best for volleyball. Don’t like that option? Choosing any of these options will give you all the support and durability you need for playing volleyball.

You can also check the buyer’s guide whenever you need to find a new pair in the future.

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