Outdoor basketball shoes

Are you looking for the best pair of outdoor basketball shoes? You have come to the right place. This guide will outline the 10 best outdoor basketball shoes, so you will be on your way to purchasing a great sneaker no matter what your specific needs are.

Whether you are looking to prioritize comfort, style, or functionality, there is an option for you on this list of the best basketball shoes.

Low-tops, High-tops, and everything in between are included on this list, so you should be able to walk away from our review with a few ideas of exactly what shoes you want to buy.

There are also some options for women and children as well, if you are looking to outfit the entire family. Read on for a look at our recommendations for the best outdoor basketball shoes on the market today!

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

 Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe
  • Breathable leather
  • Molded synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole offers strong traction

Premium Choice

 Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker
  • The low-cut style
  • Springy cushions
  • Quite durable & Stylish

Great Value

 Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe
  • Mid-top design
  • Excellent traction
  • Lightweight & Flexible

Product Reviews

Have a look at the Top 10 Outdoor Basketball shoes, why we like them, and what our overall verdict is.

A great Nike outdoor basketball shoe, this shoe is made from leather and available in a variety of different color options making it a great choice for anyone looking for a basketball shoe. A true classic on the court, this shoe is an improvement on the original Nike Air shoe.

Nike has been in business for decades, and always improving their products. If you are looking for an outdoor basketball shoe that is a classic like some great NBA players have worn, this the shoe for you.

This shoe is designed to be very comfortable from the moment you put it on for the first time until years later after you have several thousand miles on it.

Your feet will not hurt, and you should not suffer any injuries related to wearing bad shoes. The springy cushions in this shoe mean you can play for hours without hurting your feet.

The low cut design of this show will help add quickness to your game, so you will be able to accelerate to top speeds quicker and run faster for longer in this sneaker.

What we like

  • The low-cut style
  • Quite durable & Stylish
  • Classic shoe with an upgrade
  • Springy cushions

Our Verdict

An argument can be made that this is the greatest outdoor basketball shoe on the market.

This is a modern take on a traditional shoe, an upgrade on the shoe worn first by greats like Charles Barkley and Moses Malone.

This shoe also works well whether you are shooting hoops on an indoor court or out on the blacktop, and we love that versatility.

A high-top shoe with clean lines, it is available in black or white or a combination of the two. It is all leather except for the rubber sole, making it a durable option that will offer you a great deal of support. 

The memory foam sole means your feet will not get tired. This is a basic shoe designed to call attention to your basketball game and not your feet.

The cushioned soles coupled with the high upper mean you can plant your feet and attack the rim with ease. Your feet will thank you for letting them play on a memory foam bottom.

Choose this shoe if you are looking for comfort and functionality. This is a great option on the court. While you might find more stylistic options for walking around down, if you are a true basketball player, you cannot go wrong with this outdoor basketball shoe.

What we like

  • Classic Adidas look
  • High-top
  • Durable 
  • Memory foam insoles

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a shoe with clean lines, the traditional Adidas stripe, in black or white that can pair well with any uniform.

This is a great option, especially if you want the added comfort of memory foam soles. 

The memory foam soles are not offered by many other sneakers, and if comfort is a priority, you will want these insoles.

Considered a mid-top, this outdoor basketball shoe has a synthetic upper, which helps you move fast and quickly. It does have some perforated leather around the shoe, which serves to let your feet breathe and allows the shoes to give a little as they break in around your feet.

The sock liner of this shoe is lightweight, so point guards looking to make sharp cuts and move quickly will not be slowed down. The same liner is also well-cushioned, so your feet will not take a beating with a lot of wear and tear on the court.

If you want a cushy feel to your shoe, this is a great choice. This is a great shoe for feeling light on your feet and being able to sprint quickly.

A two-toned mix of black and white color this shoe, which will make your feet look slick with a blacktop background. There are not a lot of excessive patterns or design on this shoe, which will let your game do all the talking.

This shoe is going to help secure your ankles as you lock down a post player in the paint.

What we like

  • Breathable leather
  • Neutral black and white shoes
  • Extra cushion
  • Molded synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole offers strong traction

Our Verdict

A durable shoe that will hold up well when being used outdoor blacktop, the mixture of synthetic and leather in the upper, will allow the shoe to conform to your foot for maximum comfort.

This Under Armour sneaker has a fleece fabric making it feel really soft on your feet. The heel has locked-in support, making this a good option for players who spend a lot of time in the paint digging their heels in, but the shoe is also light enough that you can move quickly if needed.

The variety of colors mean there is surely a color selection for everyone, and you can pick out the right one to match your team’s uniform.

As a versatile shoe good for both guards, post players, and players that play all positions, we recommend this product if you play different positions and need your shoes to be able to move your feet in a variety of different ways. There are not many other shoes that are good for multiple positions on the court.

What we like

  • Fleece fabric
  • Variety of color options
  • Outstanding ankle support
  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight and durable

Our Verdict

The fleece fabric is different, and it is a winner, as it helps your feet breathe by wicking away sweat.

These shoes are great for post players who dig in and work hard, and they are also good if you need to run a lot and stay light on your feet.

This is a slick looking, modern, mid-top basketball shoe that is sure to make you shine on the court. A special feature in this show is its traction, which allows you to pivot and move on the court with ease.

This shoe is heavily cushioned for your comfort, but also lightweight to allow for speed and precise moves on the blacktop. If you have trouble slipping on the court, this shoe will help with that,

While some basketball shoes nowadays are designed for look and appearance, so you can wear them with jeans on a night out, these shoes do look good, but they are designed to be worn on the court.

If you are looking for a shoe you can actually use to play basketball, this is a great option.

What we like

  • Mid-top design
  • Excellent traction
  • Heavily cushioned
  • Lightweight & Flexible

Our Verdict

A modern Nike design, this Nike outdoor basketball shoe has been perfected over the years, and now you can buy a truly top of the line shoe.

The best mid-top basketball shoe on our list, if mid-top is your preference, you cannot go wrong with this sneaker.

The top Adidas option on our list, this shoe has a suede upper and looks stylish. It does offer rubber soles, for excellent traction on the court, and offers good cushion that will help make sure your feet stay comfortable.

Lots of color options for men and women, you will find an option that appeals to you and your needs.

These were designed with NBA vet Damian Lillard in mind, and they reflect his unique style, while also meant to help you perform well on the court.

They are lightweight and designed to make quick moves on the court and out-pace your competition. These shoes also have a great sole for hardwood floors, so if you ever hoop indoors, this is a top option.

What we like

  • Suede stylish upper
  • Designed by an NBA veteran
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Excellent traction & Versatile sole
  • Great traction on the court

Our Verdict

This is a great shoe for players that do a lot of quick lateral moves on the court, and may have previously had problems with their ankles.

It adds strength and support to your legs and feet, so you can move without concern you will hurt yourself.   

Designed by NBA veteran CJ McCollum, these outdoor basketball shoes are unique in appearance and have a lot of colourful options.

The shoes are made out of a variety of materials including leather and TPU, which helps the shoes feel soft and not as stiff as a traditional basketball shoe.

These shoes also have a shock absorber built in, so jumping to the rim and landing should be a smooth process.

This is a high-top shoe designed to protect your ankles, and this particular shoe also has an anti-collision feature in the toe that helps to protect your toes.

If you are someone with a history of feet injuries and need to protect our toes and ankles, this is the best option for you on our list. In wearing this shoe, you will be taking great care of all your lower extremities.

What we like

  • Special breathable material
  • Shock absorbers
  • Ankle protectors
  • Toe protectors

Our Verdict

These shoes look different than most other shoes, and it is a good look. They also have more safety features than the average shoe, so if you find yourself having frequent feet, ankle, or toe options,

This could be a great choice for you, as it should minimize the risk of all of those injuries. 

If protecting your feet is your top concern, this is the best outdoor basketball shoe for you.

The low-top design of this shoe make it look clean and simple, and it will allow you to move very quickly on the basketball court.

This shoe is unique in that it combines different elements of other Jordans. Nike has taken years of research into what makes a good Jordan, and came out with this shoe to incorporate the best features of other Jordans.

A shoe that is laced up, but you can only see a small section of the laces, so is has a real clean look.

If you are an Air Jordan fan, take pride in this shoe has it offers the upper of an Air Jordan VI, combined with the toe and heel of an Air Jordan III, and the midsole of an Air Jordan IV. You truly are getting multiple Air Jordans in one by buying this option.

If you ever wanted to buy Jordans, but could not decide on the best one for you, this might be your option since it takes bits and pieces from different Jordans and molds them into one shoe.

You will surely get a lot of looks and appreciation rolling up to the court in this basketball sneaker.

What we like

  • Low-top
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Padded tongue
  • Non-marking rubber outsole

Our Verdict

When it comes to basketball sneakers you cannot go wrong with any Jordan product, and this is no exception to the rule.

Most Jordans are mid-top or high-top, and this is a great alternative for anyone who wants a pair of Jordans but wants a low-top sneaker.

This is a relatively new shoe from Under Armour and Steph Curry. It has a modern design, and is 100% synthetic, not leather, except for the rubber soles. This high-top shoe is great for players who do a lot of cutting, pivoting, and attacking the rim.

It has lace-up closure, and is specifically made for players with weak ankles, like Steph Curry. He notoriously has had bad ankles and had to create a shoe specifically for his problematic feet.

It will offer your ankles more stability, and you do not have to worry about your legs going out from under you.

If you have trouble with cutting and jumping, this is the shoe that will not only protect your ankles, but also improve your game to help you jump higher and run faster.

Steph Curry was after a shoe that had strong support and looked good. This shoe fits the bill, and is a great choice if you are after style and ankle support

What we like

  • High-top design
  • Superb ankle protection
  • Stylish look
  • Versatile functionality

Our Verdict

This is a great shoe for players that do a lot of quick lateral moves on the court, and may have previously had problems with their ankles.

It adds strength and support to your legs and feet, so you can move without concern you will hurt yourself.  

A high-top basketball shoe, this shoe has a Velcro buckle across the top of the shoe, which makes it different from earlier versions of Air Jordans. You can wear this shoe and feel like you can fly like Jordan!

The leather upper on this shoe makes this a quality product that is luxurious, comfortable and durable. This shoe will be able to withstand lots of wear and tear, and offers excellent ankle support for those who need it.

You cannot go wrong with a Jordan. The king of basketball shoes, Nike Jordans are always worth it. Buy this shoe with confidence knowing it will help you be the king of the court both in style and in function.

What we like

  • Lots of support
  • Retro, luxurious look
  • High quality leather
  • Superb durability

Our Verdict

A great outdoor basketball shoe, you cannot go wrong with this shoe. The high-top design and classic feel will make you feel like you are Michael Jordan himself.  

If you are look for a high-top shoe to wear on the blacktop court, this should absolutely be your choice.

The fact that you have a lot of different color options to choose from also makes this shoe stand out from the pack.

Buying Guide To best basketball shoes

There are a few things you want to consider about the best outdoor basketball shoes before making your purchase. Look over this list and decide what you want to prioritize in a basketball sneaker, and then you will know how to go about choosing the right outdoor basketball shoe.

Selecting the right Outdoor Basketball shoe for you. There are some key factors that basketball shoes are made of, and should help you decide on a pair of sneakers:


What is the made of? Is it all rubber? Will it stick to the floor when you want it to, but also let you pick up your feet and move quickly when you need to? Also, how durable is it?

If you are playing a lot of basketball on a hot, outdoor basketball court, you are going to want to pick a sneaker that can stand up to the elements.


You want a sneaker that has good tread on the bottom of the sole. How do you know if it does? Good sneakers have patterns on the bottom, and they are not there just to look cool. The spirals or circles or shapes mean your shoe has good tread, which means it will have good traction.


The type of sole factors into how much traction your shoe gives you. You will have different needs depending on the style of your game. A big, post-man is going to need different traction than a fleet of foot point guard cutting through the lane.

Stability / Support

You need to decide if you are looking for a low, mid, or high – top, as that contributes the amount of support your ankles will have it the sneaker. Are you trying to move fast, or are you trying to anchor down in the paint?


The debate here is mostly between leather and synthetic. One is more durable, but one will help you feel quicker.

Choosing a Shoe Based on Style of Play

Make sure you get the right type of basketball shoe that is good for your style of play. A point guard is going to want a different shoe than a post player.


look for low-cut shoes. While they will not offer much ankle support, they are going to allow you to move quicker, make better cuts, and out run your opponents.

Forwards and Centers

You should always go with a high-top. You want that security of a high shoe, and running quick is not as important for you as having the right ankle support for when you are spinning and making post moves.

If you are a hybrid player or play more than one position, then go with a mid-top that gives you the best of both worlds.

While you might sacrifice speed or ankle protection, you will have some of each instead of none of each, and this will make you best suit to succeed in multiple positions if you do not want to buy a different pair of sneakers for each position.

There is a shoe available for you, and what position you play is just one of the things you should consider. Think about what type of shoe will help you maximize your level of play and shop accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wear indoor basketball shoes when playing on an outdoor court?

You can wear indoor shoes outside, but it is going to affect how long the shoes last. Some soles that are designed to only be used on hardwood are going to get torn up on outdoor courts made of blacktop.

Also, blacktop could scuff the bottom of your shoes, and you could get rocks and debris stuck in the threads. These scuffs and debris could then scratch and ruin and indoor court if you use the same shoes insides as you did outside.

While you can use the same shoes indoors and on outdoor blacktop, for those reasons above, it is better if you have two different pairs of basketball sneakers, one for inside and one for outside.

Some basketball players have two pairs of shoes, and when the indoor pair doesn’t work inside anymore, those because the outside pair. When the outside pair wears out, you would replace it with the indoor pair.

Does it matter how much a basketball shoe weights?

It really comes down to personal comfort. Do you feel faster in a lightweight shoe? Or, are you a huge guy playing down low in the post who does not need to feel fleet of foot and would prefer a heavier shoe, so you can feel anchored down in the lane, while not giving an inch to your opponent?

The weight of the shoe does not mean much, but if you feel better with a heavier or a lighter shoe, that’s what you should buy. You can perform equally in either a light or a heavy shoe, but you might feel faster in a lightweight shoe, giving you a mental advantage.

Should we use the right outdoor basketball shoe to prevent injury?

If you have problems with your ankles, you want to go with a top of the line high-top outdoor basketball shoe.

A quality shoe is going to be made of sturdy materials that are going to add support to your feet, so you should be able to prevent a lot of injuries to your toes, ankles, feet, and Achilles tendons.

Even if you have great feet and ankles with no prior injury history, playing basketball in the wrong shoes is going to expose you to new injuries. If you would not consider playing in flip flops, then do not consider buying a poorly designed basketball shoe.

How long do basketball shoes last outdoors?

The outdoor climate is less relevant here than time spent playing. If you play ball two or three times a year, your outdoor basketball shoes will last for years. But, if you are a regular player, you should expect to get at least 6 months out of your shoes.

Weather, heat, and how hard you play are all factors that play into how long your shoes will last. Just because the sneakers are no longer suitable for playing in, does not mean you cannot still wear the basketball shoes socially for walking around in and hanging out.

When to Replace the Sneakers?

Look for signs of wear and tear. How are the soles? Are the wearing through? The soles are the most important part of the shoe. If the color of your shoes is fading that’s not a big deal. But, if the soles are wearing out, you want to replace them.

Replacing your sneakers is important. If you wear your shoes too long and put too many miles on them, you could end up injuring yourself with something as severe as a stress fracture.

This will not only cause you to miss significant time on the court, but it will also affect your overall health.

Are there any basketball shoes that will make you jump higher?

Hoops are all about the jumps, right? You want to run faster and jump higher than the other guy. What shoes can help you do that?

Any Nike outdoor basketball shoe – Nike Air, Nike Jordans, and all of the Nike brand are designed to make you the best basketball player you can be, and that includes improving how high you can jump.

Can you wear running sneakers or other sneaker types to play outdoor basketball?

This is not advisable. Your feet take a pounding when you play sports, and choosing the right sneaker is key to making sure you stay as healthy as possible.

A running shoe is going to have different support than a basketball sneaker. For example, you will not have good ankle support, and the shoe will not be designed to jump and land with force.

While you might be able to run fast, you will not be able to stop suddenly and safely as is required on a basketball court.

You wouldn’t play baseball with a football. You want the right equipment for the sport you are playing, and that does mean you will need different shoes for different sports.


There are great outdoor basketball shoes available for Men, women, and children can all wear this shoe. Choosing the best outdoor basketball shoe is going to take your game to new heights.

There are great reasons behind all the products on our list, and we are confident there is an option to meet your needs no matter what your top priority is in an outdoor basketball shoe!

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