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The dramatic increase in popularity to getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has opened up many doors to the average person looking to get in shape.

You could spend hundreds of dollars a year on an expensive gym that you don’t really love, or you could save tons of money and just buy a jump rope and nice shoes for a great at home workout.

Jump roping was primarily reserved for children until athletes and fitness enthusiasts recognized the cardiovascular benefits that jumping rope would offer.

To help get your jump roping journey started, we will take a look at some of the best shoes for jumping rope and cross training shoes on the market.

To further help you make an informed buying decision, we will also look at some things to look for when buying jump rope shoes as well as answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the shoes.

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

 New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker
  • 10,500+ Five Star Review
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Provides a custom fit on the inside
  • Uses intentional padding to prevent shock from jumping

Premium Choice

NOBULL Training Shoes and Styles

 NOBULL Men's Training Shoes and Styles
  • New and growing company with fresh design
  • Durable and protective lower construction
  • Single piece upper makes for added durability

Great Value

Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer

 Reebok Women's Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes
  • Designed with cross training in mind
  • Interior support for added peace of mind
  • Interior support for added peace of mind

Jump Rope Shoe Reviews Below for Men and Women

New balance has a long history of making training shoes and their attention to detail and practical design makes them great for jumping rope. 

The complete leather design of the shoe makes them incredibly durable and ensures they will last you for many training sessions.

The iconic design of the shoe has been associated with training for many years and the comfort provided with the shoe makes them great for a wide variety of environments

To help support and protect your feet while jumping rope, New Balance has implemented their ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot of this shoe to provide shock absorption to the wearer from the constant bouncing that comes with the workout.

The addition of their QUIX technology also means that jumping rope can now be faster than ever before as the shoes can move more freely from side to size.

What we like

  • Timeless and stylish design
  • Breathable and durable exterior materials
  • Technology to help protect your feet from repeated impact
  • Padded interior for additional comfort

Our Verdict

The classic styling of the New Balance 623v3 has a history of performance and protection that gives wearers the confidence that it will perform. 

A blend of durable materials and new technologies mean that this training shoe will protect your body when jumping rope while keeping your feet comfortable anytime you slip them on.

The adidas Superstar sneaker can be seen almost everywhere by athletes and fashionable wearers alike. The shoes have a timeless design that allows you to wear them for a workout or a nigh ton the town with equal performance at both events.

The original design dates all the way back to 1969 where it was used with much pleasure by basketball players for their comfort and style. Modern athletes love these shoes just as they did many years ago for a durable and comfortable wearing experience.

The shoes are constructed of a full grain leather that protects them from wearing and the perforations in the sides keep the shoes breathable when jumping rope.

A rubber sole that provides great bounce gives athletes some extra pep in their jumping and acts as additional support for when your feet come bac to the ground.

What we like

  • The 50-year-old design still holds up
  • Full leather exterior adds durability
  • Supportive sole is great for bouncing
  • Breathable interior

Our Verdict

The adidas Superstar has been giving people the bounce and protection they need for a variety of activities for 50 years. 

The durable construction and rubber sole will ensure that you are staying fit and stylish for many years to come.

The new athleisure movement that is combining style with athletic performance is taking the world by storm and New Balance introduced their Nergize V1 FuelCore hopes to create a perfect blend between style and performance. 

The lightweight design of the shoe makes them very comfortable to wear during a workout and the easy slip on and off design makes the shoes a breeze to work out in.

The New Balance Comfort Insert comes with Memory Sole technology that allows the shoe to mold to your specific foot shape for an added sense of protection and comfort.

The REVlite midsole of the shoe adds plenty of bounce for your rope jumping and ensures that you land with grace and protection with every jump.

What we like

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Easy to wear and designed for comfort
  • Provides a custom fit on the inside
  • Uses intentional padding to prevent shock from jumping

Our Verdict

Blending the world of fashion and sport, the New Balance Nergize V1 FuelCore provides women looking to get in shape and look stylish with a great new option. 

A shoe that offers all the benefits and comfort of an everyday sneaker with the performance and protection of an athletic shoe gives wearers a sense of confidence knowing they can take on whatever is thrown at them.

Nike has been making some of the premier athletic shoes for years with each generation being better than the last. The Lunar Fingertrap cross training shoes offer modern athletes everything they need to perform at the top of their game. 

The unique design has a complex system of open weaves that allows more air to flow in and out of the shoe for better breathability and comfort.

The Lunarlon foam on the inside of the shoe combined with many areas of cushioning provide wearers with a multitude of features to make their wear more comfortable.

A solid rubber outsole on the shoe allows the shoe to make plenty of bounce for rope jumping while providing grip and traction to give yourself a firm launch platform.

The interlocked bands on the shoe that combine with the laces ensure that you can get a comfortable fit with every wear and your shoes will stay solid with every jump.

What we like

  • Ultra-modern design that looks like business
  • Unique woven upper that provides air flow and support
  • Padded interior and sole for maximum comfort
  • Bouncy and rigid sole for improved traction and bounce

Our Verdict

Modern shoes improve on old advances to make a shoe that looks and performs like no other. 

The breathable design language of the shoe makes it very comfortable to wear while is bottom elements provide you with the bounce and confidence for any workout.

The Reebok brand has fully embraced the cross-training movement that has recently arisen, and their new shoes are designed with the trainer in mind.

The nano 9 cross trainers have everything you need from CrossFit benefits to jump rope benefits with everything in between feeling just as good. 

The lightweight upper of the shoe allows as much breathing as possible while the rigid lower sections ensure the maximum amount of protection for your feet when in action.

The support cage that is built int the frame of this shoe provides weightlifters and rope jumpers with added stability and confidence in knowing the shoes will support their feet in any situation.

Cushioning on the bottom combines with a rigid sole to provide the ultimate combination for intense jumping and shock absorption.

These shoes offer the lightweight feel of a running shoe with the confidence and safety of a professional weightlifting shoe.

What we like

  • Designed with cross training in mind
  • Interior support for added peace of mind
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort
  • Reinforced sole to protect from shock

Our Verdict

Reebok has taken many steps to ensure their brand is one of the best for cross training and they have certainly succeeded.

The Nano 9 cross trainer offer everything you need and nothing you don’t in a rope jumping and CrossFit shoe.

NOBULL is a new brand looking to make its name in the cross-training world and its exciting take on a cross training shoe is very promising.

As their name suggests, NOBULL wants to offer cross trainers with everything they need in a workout shoe without all of the useless features. 

A unique one-piece upper construction provides athletes with an extremely durable and breathable material made out of the brands SuperFabric.

A high carbon constructed guard was added to the lateral and medial sidewalls means that the shoe has a concrete structure that won’t get weaker over time.

The adaptability of this shoe means that it can go from jumping rope to climbing walls with ease. The unique bottom pattern of the shoe provides grip on any surface and the rubber construction gives you the flexibility you need to jump without sacrificing safety.

What we like

  • New and growing company with fresh design
  • Single piece upper makes for added durability
  • Many unique and tasteful color options
  • Durable and protective lower construction

Our Verdict

NOBULL offers us a new and exciting view on how we look at workout shoes with a compelling package for any active person. 

The carefully considered design and high-durability materials ensure that this shoe will be serving you well for many workouts.

Buyers Guide To Rope Jumping Shoes

To help you understand what to look for when picking your own pair of rope jumping shoes, we will take a look at what you should be looking for when you are going to buy your own rope jumping shoes.


When picking your rope jumping shoes, making sure they are made of the right material for working out in will ensure you are comfortable and have solid airflow for your workouts.

Many different companies use a blend of materials for various elements of each shoe to add additional support to some areas while making sure certain areas breath easily. 

For example, mesh materials are great for letting the feet breath at the top of a shoe while materials like rubber and leather are great for areas that are going to be taking more of a beating.

Every shoe will have a variation of materials made of different compounds that are specially designed for certain functions.

Each shoe we looked at had a different way of using materials to the shoe’s advantage and trying on different shoes will give you a better feel for the material you prefer best.


Each shoe offers a different amount of padding for different athletic preferences and determining how much interior padding suits your rope jumping needs will be key.

Some people like a more cushioned experience for jumping rope and some people prefer to feel the ground more, so finding shoes that suit your personal needs will be key. 

Most shoes have a fairly generous amount of padding on the top and sides to keep you comfortable and offer support to some degree.

The amount of padding a shoe has can sometimes affect the level of comfort it offers and often has to do with who the shoe was designed to appeal to.

The more padding a shoe has, the more likely it is either designed to be used as a sneaker for impact protection or for comfort wear.


The sole of the shoe is the area that will be seeing the most stress an impact so having a rugged sole will ensure the longevity of the shoe. Most shoes will have a rubber sole of some variation to reduce impact and keep the shoes working for many workouts. 

Having a thick enough sole to protect your feet from the impacts of jumping rope will ensure your feet are protected from the repeated jumping.

Athletic shoes are designed with the intention of having thick enough soles to aid in performance and prevent injuries so they will generally have a design that is meant to protect the wearer’s feet from excessive impact.


The last and often most important consideration to have when buying rope jumping shoes is looking for a pair that offers you the support you need where you need it most.

Everyone has different preferences for where they need the most comfort and protection and every shoe mentioned above has different ways of dealing with protecting the feet. 

Some shoes are designed with heavier materials that help keep the feet protected from the outside elements while some of the shoes offer interior linings that are designed to improve support.

The support can also come from the way the shoes are tied and lace placement as that is the primary way that your feet get locked into the shoe.

Support is what keeps your feet safe from the harsh impact from repeated movement and wearing any shoes at all that were designed for athletes will serve to protect your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I wear shoes when jumping rope?

When deciding to jump rope, you really only need a rope and shoes to take part in the exercise. However, a common question many people have is whether or not they really need to wear shoes when jumping rope. In general, it is best to wear shoes when jumping rope for several reasons.

The main one is to support and protect your feet from the repeated impact that could begin to damage your joints after to many jumps.

The other main reason to wear shoes is that you don’t know what is on the floor you are jumping on and you could hurt your feet by stepping on something.

Is it okay to jump rope every day?

Jumping rope is a great activity for those looking for a quick workout and is generally a good activity to do every day. If you are only going to be doing around ten minutes of jumping a day then you should be more than able to jump rope every day.

The rather low impact of just a few minutes of jumping rope a day with shoes on is a great way to burn some calories and get the blood flowing without draining too much energy.

Many people like to jump rope in the morning as it gives them the energy they need to get through the day without even having to leave the house.

Can I jump rope on a yoga mat?

Jumping rope on a soft surface like a yoga mat would be ok, but it may not always be ideal. If the yoga mat is too small and doesn’t really add any protection, it will probably just get in the way and add another thing to slip on as you are jumping.

If you are jumping without shoes on, then it may be worth it to add a thicker yoga mat to protect your feet.

Why does my feet hurt when I jump rope?

If your feet are hurting when you jump rope, then you should stop and asses the situation. If your feet are hurting every time that you jump rope, then there could be and underlying issue that you should get addressed.

Many people have issues with the tendons and muscles in their lower feet and a physical therapist should be able to help you with your issue and get you back on your feet.

If your feet just hurt after one session in particular, then you should take a rest and avoid jumping rope until your feet feel better. To prevent injuring your foot in the first place make sure to wear sneakers to protect from the shock and avoid jumping rope on hard surfaces.

What are the best shoes for jumping rope?

Picking the best shoe for jumping rope is fairly difficult as every person has different preferences and tendencies, but we believe that the NOBULL training shoes are the best jumping shoes.

NOBULL is a new brand that has jumped right into the fitness industry and provided a unique and exciting take to the cross-training shoe that offers many benefits to the wearer.

These shoes offer everything you need in a jump shoe and have the protection and durability you need to have them last you for many training sessions.

Best Nike shoes for jumping rope?

Nike makes a wide variety of athletic shoes that are great for many things, but we feel that their Lunar Fingertrap is Nike’s best offering for jumping rope. The shoes offer a unique design that gives them a breathable yet supportive frame for your feet.

The rubber bottoms of the shoes provide a great surface for lifting off when jumping rope and the interior cushioning protects your feet from the elements.

Jump rope dudes everywhere will love the combination of style and functionality that the Fingertrap’s offer to athletes everywhere.

Best shoes for jumping rope women?

Many companies make specialized rope jumping shoes for women and we think that the New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 offers the best option.

The blend of athleisure design and comfort features makes this shoe great for wearing around in public or hitting the gym for an intense workout. New Balance worked with their own female athletes to create a great training shoe for women and they certainly succeeded.

What is the best type of tennis shoes for jumping rope?

Tennis shoes offer a more sneaker like approach to jumping rope, and the adidas Superstar is definitely our favorite tennis shoe for jumping rope. 

The legendary design has been helping athletes perform for decades and combines jumping potential with comfortable style to make an excellent shoe for any circumstance.


Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories and get in shape that you can do at home with just some shoes and a rope. We took a look at six of the best shoes for jumping rope on the market to help you find a pair that suits your needs and style.

In addition to looking at some of the best shoes, we looked at some things to look out for when buying your own shoes and answered some common questions to help get you on your way to skipping rope as soon as possible.

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