Heavy Female runners

Does being heavier than other females make it difficult to run as much as you’d like? Extra weight can put added pressure on your joints and feet. 

This can make you feel uncomfortable and fatigued when running. You can improve your workout by getting running shoes designed for heavy female runners.

These shoes will give you the support you need and the comfort to run for a longer amount of time. Getting a long run in during the week can boost your mood and help you lose weight. Purchasing the right shoes for your run will make it easier to run farther.

Not all shoes are made for this specific purpose. Finding the ones that are is the key to getting the best shoes possible. I have a few options that will work great for heavier female runners.

These have the features you need to stay motivated. I also included a buyer’s guide that will ensure that you’re getting the best shoes available.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend running shoes are a great option for heavier runners. The shoes have thick rubber soles that help keep the impact at a minimum.

This allows you to run for a longer time without causing your feet to hurt.

The midsole is made with Amplifoam that is both dense and flexible. This allows for more movement with better absorption of impact.

This will stop your feet from feeling sore from running on flat or hard ground. There is also a platform that allows you to run on natural ground without getting fatigued at different inclines.

This pair of shoes come with Rearfoot Gel Technology that offers a cushioning system for your feet while you run. The gel will take the bulk of the impact when your feet are brought to the ground with each step.

This will stop your feet from hurting after a long run. This will also keep the shock from hard floor from affecting our feet.

The gray and pink color scheme also make these shoes a feminine style option.

What we like

  • Thick rubber soles
  • Amplifoam midsole
  • Has Rearfoot Gel Technology
  • Flexible and durable
  • Has incline platform

Our verdict

The Women’s Adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes are a classic choice with a black and white style. The shoes are made out of textile for a lightweight option.

The textile comes with holes throughout the fabric for the best airflow through the interior. This will stop your feet from sweating and creating trapped moisture. This also stop bacteria from spreading and creating health concerns.

The back of the sole has a platform that helps to absorb the impact on your heels. This can help heel spurs from forming. The platform measures about 3 inches for the biggest absorption.

The sole is also flexible for running so your feet don’t get overextended when going long distances.

The tongue is also made of textile with padding. This keeps your feet from rubbing up against the laces that can cause irritate your skin. The laces are durable as well.
They will not rip or tear from pulling them tight. This will allow you to keep the original laces as long as possible.

What we like

  • Classic style choice
  • Lightweight textile construction
  • Holes for airflow
  • Stops bacteria from spreading
  • Platform for shock absorption
  • Padded tongue for comfort

Our verdict

These Under Armour Women’s Charged Assert 8 running shoes are a choice for those who need flexibility and cushioning. 

They are made of lightweight mesh material that has holes that allow for air to flow through the interior of the shoe. This will keep moisture from getting trapped inside and causing bacteria to grow.

These shoes have a leather overlay that keeps your foot in place when you are running. This gives you better stability when moving.

This also stops your foot from moving around in the shoe as you are running. This allows your foot to stay in a comfortable position the entire time.

The thick soles of these shoes allow there to be a higher amount of absorption of when your feet hit the pavement.

This will allow your joints to have less impact as you run no matter what terrain you’re running on. The black and white color gives you a basic look that will match any outfit.

What we like

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Mesh material for breathability
  • Fends off moisture
  • Leather overlay for midsole
  • Thick soles for cushioning
  • Black and white color

Our verdict

These Women’s Nike Revolution 5 running shoes are a good option for those who need extra support for their knees and ankles when running. Extra weight can add more pressure to these areas.

These shoes have a foam midsole that creates extra cushioning for your feet. The thicker sole also provides better impact control to prevent foot injuries.

The shoes are created with lightweight materials that keep the thick sole and extra cushioning from weighing them down. The materials also make the shoes more breathable with better airflow as you are running. This will ensure that your feet don’t get overheated.

The higher back section of the ankle will keep your ankles supported as you run. This can also stop your ankles from twisting or straining from a fall.

The outsole is made from soft rubber that provides lift and bounce while helping your feet form feeling the impact of striking the ground. This will allow you to run for a long time without your feet hurting.

What we like

  • Foam midsole for cushion
  • Thick sole for absorption
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ankle protection with padding
  • Keeps pressure on sole

Our verdict

The Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 sneakers are a top choice for those who like to run outdoors. These excursion running shoes are designed to handle more than just movement on a treadmill.

These shoes can be used for rough outdoor terrain with double rubber soles. This is great for rough ground and trails.

The soles are also sculpted to have incredible traction with wave-like patterns that catch the ground as you run and prevent falling. This is especially important with runners on terrain that has rocks or gravel because they can hurt your severely.

The material these shoes are made of is trail-specific mesh that can stand up to dirt and dust unlike indoor running shoes. The material is tough and rugged and can be cleaned easily.

This allows you to use the shoes often without them staying dirty.

The cushioning of the soles also adds extra padding that is great for heavier runners. This is because shoes can wear out easier with frequent running. The padding will prevent this from happening so soon.

What we like

  • All-terrain running shoes
  • Great traction
  • Trail-specific mesh
  • Double sole for cushioning
  • Handles higher weights

Our Verdict

My favorite of the shoes in this list are the ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend running shoes. These shoes have features that allow for better cushioning that is great for heavier runners. 

The added cushions will allow the shoes to last longer and keep your feet from hurting.

Buyer's Guide To Best Running Shoes For Heavy Female Runners

Buying running shoes when you are heavier than the average runner can seem like a tough job. With the list above you can find ones that will work better for you and your body. 

When you are ready for another pair you will want to come back to this buying guide to get a look at what you should search for in each pair to find the best running shoes for heavier female runners.


Running can be an unstable exercise when you are running outdoors. The different trails or terrains can make the ground uneven. This can work against your stability when you are moving fast.

It can also cause you to fall or trip much easier than on even ground. Wearing shoes that have great stability will help combat this issue. 

Shoes that have thick soles and offer cushioning against hard gravel or rock will help give you better stability while you are moving. This is important for all runners to look at before purchasing a new pair of running shoes.

This can be especially important for runners who are heavier because falling and hurting yourself can force you to stay off your feet for a while. This can halt your weight loss and health goals.


The midsole is located in the middle section between the inner and outer sole. The midsole provides better shock absorption when your feet hit the ground as you run. This is an important feature to look for in running shoes because it can help protect your feet.

Running causes you to slam your feet hard on the ground with your full weight. This can cause several problems with your feet and ankles.

Midsole offer an added layer of protection between the inner and outer soles to give your feet a better chance of not being injured during training.

Midsoles give you extra comfort too. This is because they add another layer of cushion between your foot and the ground.

Shoe Size and Fit

The fit of your shoes can affect the length of your run. You don’t want to run for a long distance if your feet don’t feel comfortable enough for the journey.

Having the right fitting shoes can keep this from happening. Having your shoes fitted enough to stay on your feet will keep them from coming off.

Shoes should also have enough room for your feet to not feel suffocated. You may need to switch shoes if you are having these issues.

The perfect fit should be roomy without being able to slide off too easily when you are moving. This will keep you able to run for long distances without feeling like you need to tighten your shoelaces to keep your shoes on.

Foot Protections

Running is hard on your feet. There is no way around that. This can be lessened a lot by wearing shoes that protect your feet. Your heels and arches are particularly vulnerable to injuries when you are running.

Your arch can be overextended and start feeling sore. Your heels can also develop a feeling of having a crack in the middle of it.

This is called plantar fasciitis. You can develop this condition from running often. Having proper shoes to protect your heels can prevent this from developing.

There are a few ways to get rid of plantar fasciitis. They can take time though. This could keep your from running and exercising until it is gone.

The best way to prevent this is to wear shoes that protect your feet from these types of concerns. Shoes like the options that I chose to review will keep your feet protected while running and keep you able to exercise how you want.


Having support for your feet when you run is important to maintain your foot and joint health. Getting hurt will only keep you from exercising the way you like.

This will stop or slow the progress you’ve made and make it harder to get back into your routine. Getting shoes that have supports for your feet and ankles will keep you on your running schedule and losing weight.

Running can be very hard on your ankels. It can also hurt your joints when you are heavier. You can’t do many exercises to strengthen your ankles. This means that having shoes that have ankle supports is important.

Running shoes that have padding around the crown of the shoe will keep your ankles from getting sprained easily. It will also stop your ankles from rolling if you fall.


Your feet will sweat when you run. That sweat can cause the interior material of the shoe to dampen and trap the moisture inside it. This can lead to bacteria growth that can cause athlete’s foot and other health issues.

You don’t want to stop running on account of bacteria. Stop this from occurring by getting shoes that have high breathability. This means that the shoes allow for air to flow through the interior of the shoe to cool your feet. This prevents sweat from staying in your shoe and causing problems.

There is no way to keep your feet from sweating at all. Cooling them off as you run can help stop moisture from sticking around though. Having proper airflow will also help your running shoes to last longer.

Shoes without any odor or moisture will not need to be replaced until they begin to fall apart. This can save your money and make the shoes you like last longer.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which running shoe is best for heavy runners?

The ASICS is my top pick for the best choice because they offer great cushioning that will help your feet and joints from feeling sore or fatigued. This can happen more often when you are heavier. These shoes kelp prevent that from happening.

What are the best shoes for overweight walkers?

The Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 sneakers are a great option for overnight walkers. These are all-terrain sneakers that will keep you from falling in rough terrain.

You won’t be able to see everything around you at night. These will help keep you from stumbling on small rocks or loose gravel.

Are Hokas good for heavy runners?

Hokas can be a good choice for heavier runners. They offer a good amount of cushion for impact absorption. They can be a bit on the harder side though. This could make them more uncomfortable than other options.

What is the best supportive running shoe?

The best supportive running shoes are the Women’s Nike Revolution 5 running shoes. This pair of shoes have a lot of bounce in the cushion to help support your arch and heels.

This will keep your arch from feeling overstrained. It will also keep your heel from hitting the ground hard when you are running.

Best running shoes for heavy female runners with wide feet?

The Under Armour Women’s Charged Assert 8 running shoes are great for wide feet because they have some stretch. The flexibility will give your feet more room to stretch out and feel more comfortable.


Finding the best running shoes for your body does take some time. With my reviews you can cut down the take it takes by purchasing one of the options I chose.

All of these shoes offer features that will give you comfort and support exactly how you need.

The best running shoes for heavier female runners should be fashionable and reliable. These pairs all have both of these qualities. Pick your favorite to get the best choice for your running shoes.

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