Top 10 Best Volleyball Shoes For Men & Women in 2024 (Reviewed and Buying Guide)

Volleyball shoes

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of volleyball shoes on the market? Do you need help finding the best volleyball shoes for you no matter your skill level? We can help you with that.

This guide is going to outline the 10 best volleyball shoes available for sale today, so soon you can purchase the right pair of sneakers with confidence.

You have many options for volleyball shoes depending on what is most important to you: price, comfort, style, or how well they function. If you need a volleyball shoe with extra ankle support, you have options.

No matter your priority, you will find a selection on this list as we cover just about everything. There are options for men, women, and children of all skill levels.

Read on for a look at our advice on how to select the best volleyball shoe for you and your team or family!

Product Reviews

Take a look at the Top 10 Best Volleyball, why we are recommending them, and what our biggest takeaway is.

This is among the greatest options for the best volleyball shoes for men. It is a low-top option made from man-made materials designed to give when you move and allow for flexibility.

Most of the available color options are three-toned, so you will have three different colors on the shoe, which you can use to match to your team uniforms or add some of your own personality.

The traditional lacing system on this shoe help make it fit on your feet optimally, and your feet will be comfortable in this shoe, taking advantage of the breathable and lightweight upper.

Construction and Materials: The shoe includes a shock absorber, making this great for volleyball players who want to protect their joints. The mesh lining is very breathable, so your feet will not get sweaty.

The feet of volleyball players take a beating from all the jumping and pounding. The gel cushions in these shoes provide extra support so your feet and ankles remain protected on the court.

Soles: The soles are gum soles, which makes them have the right amount of traction for use on indoor courts. With rubber gum soles, you will be able to make sharp cuts and moves on the court. The outer sole of the shoe is designed to be non-marking, so it will not scuff.

Conclusion: You will be able to elevate your game in these sneakers. ASICS make great products, and you will find this shoe offers excellent traction and breathability.

The breathability of this shoe is an upside, as your feet will not swell or sweat, keeping your comfortable.

What we like

  • Built-in Asics GEL cushioning system
  • Shock absorber
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Traditional looking Asics shoe
  • Gum rubber soles
  • Built-in system that helps with torsion

Our Verdict

Great comfort, and your joints will appreciate the shock absorbers. The low cut will help you move with ease and make sharp cuts, and the gel insoles in the ASICS will help you perform well.

Asics has developed a technology to make their shoes be able to control torsion.

A cool volleyball shoe, you will be playing in style in this shoe. This shoe also offers excellent traction, so you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding on any type of court surface. 

If you need to wear special orthotics when you play volleyball, this is the shoe for you. The removable liner will leave plenty of room for your own inserts.

Construction and Materials: While not necessarily designed to support a lot of fast cuts and quirky moves, this shoe holds up well for beginners or casual volleyball players.

The mesh upper offers breathability, and your feet will thank you for wearing such a lightweight shoe. The EVA midsole in this shoe is designed to provide excellent rebound and aid in your jumping skills.

Soles: The soles of this shoe come with a built-in cushion, so you are always protected. This shoe is designed to be practical and useful. It offers a lot of support to aching feet, so your feet will be comfortable in this shoe even after a marathon game.

The rubber bottom sole on this shoe mean that you will have no issue with traction, and can jump and cut as needed. They grip the court better than a lot of other volleyball shoes, so if slipping is a concern, you might want to try these.

Conclusion: The removable sock liner in this shoe helps set it above its peers. This allows you to fit an ankle brace or orthotic, so this is a great volleyball shoe if you need to add additional support for your weak ankles or sore feet. If you need to wear orthotics, let this shoe elevate your volleyball game!

What we like

  • Removable sock liner
  • Excellent cushions
  • Durable materials
  • Breathable mesh upper

Our Verdict

This shoe primarily should be bought if style and support are your top priorities in a shoe, as it offers a little of both. 

These shoes are also a great option for anyone with feet and ankle problems. If you need to wear orthotics, this shoe can accommodate them.

A high-top shoe, this is another great option if you need a volleyball shoe with ankle support. A Dura Shield toe guard also helps protect you against injury, so your feet will be nice and protected.

Construction and Materials: This shoe also has a Parallel Wave plate, which makes it a cool volleyball shoe, but also a practical one.

This plate helps improve lateral stability, so you can make cuts and turns with ease. This Parallel Wave plate is a unique design, and a nice feature of this shoe.

The high-top of this sneaker make it a great option for those looking for extra support. Coupled with the breathable mess, and this shoe is not only durable, but it is lightweight and easy to move in.

Sole: This volleyball sneaker is unique in that not only is the upper synthetic, but so is the sole. Traditionally, a lot of shoes have rubber gum soles, but this one is synthetic.

This sole was created specifically to maximize traction and prevent slips and falls. If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional rubber gum sole, this is the shoe for you.

Conclusion: This high-top sneaker is durable with a unique, synthetic sole making it a different option than a lot of other volleyball shoes on the market.

If you just haven’t quite found the right shoe yet, and they all seem the same, give this shoe a try as it is a little bit different.

What we like

  • Dura Shield toe guard
  • Excellent traction
  • Parallel Wave plate
  • Mesh upper adds breathability

Our Verdict

This is another great option if you are worried about protecting your toes, feet, and ankles. This is the best high-top shoe on our list, so if that’s what you prioritize, this is the choice for you.

This is the best option to protect your ankles while also being flexible enough to allow for maximum acceleration and cutting.

This shoe is one of the best volleyball shoes for women, and you cannot go wrong with this ASICS Gel volleyball shoe. 

It is like the one rated above for men, but it is tailored for the comfort of women’s feet. There are some nice color options to choose from, and you will always be in style wearing these shoes.

Construction and Materials: This shoe is all man-made material, and you do not have to worry about a stiff leather slowing down your abilities. The breathability of the synthetic uppers will keep your feet from sweating.

If you have had problems with your feet remaining comfortable after hours of play, this shoe will help alleviate those concerns. The ASICS gel cushioning in this shoe helps to take care of your joints and absorb some of the shock from big jumps and dives.

Soles: Gum rubber sole means that you will never slip. If you have had problems slipping on the court, this is the shoe for you. You do not have to worry about traction in this shoe, as the shoe is designed to perfectly accommodate movements on the volleyball court.

Conclusion: Like the ASICS men shoe above, this is a great option for women who are looking for a comfortable shoe, with good traction, and breathability. You will have a lot of traction making cuts and dives, and this shoe will help take your game to the next level.

The technology in this shoe also make it feel lighter than your average volleyball shoe, so you can ensure you can move nice and quickly.

What we like

  • Extra cushion and shock absorbers
  • Great stability
  • Gum rubber sole
  • Lightweight

Our Verdict

Women of all skill levels will love this shoe and will love how their feet feel after hours on the court. 

Since it is a comfortable shoe, you can play volleyball for many hours in this shoe and your feet will not ache. The built-in shock absorbers will help protect your joints.  

Another great option for women, you will not be disappointed with this shoe from Mizuno. More of a mid-top than a low-top, this shoe offers a little bit of ankle support and is one of the best volleyball shoes for ankle support.

Construction and Materials: Man-made materials make this is a lightweight shoe that is easy to move around in, as it has a lot of flexibility and give in the materials, yet still maintains its firm support around the ankles.

The synthetic upper helps offer your ankles support, while at the same time not being overly restricting. This mid-top feels light and airy to allow you to move quickly on the court, but the firm support in the ankle area make it a good option for players who might normally need to wear an ankle brace. The support in this shoe means you can probably skip the brace.

Soles: There is extra arch support in this volleyball sneaker, meaning that even if you have high arches, you can wear this shoe without adding extra arch support.

The rubber sole will prevent you from slipping and sliding, while also providing the necessary traction, so your ankles are supported when making movements on the court.

Conclusion: While you might want to size up a half size when ordering this shoe, this shoe is designed to keep you cool, comfortable and safe on the court.

This is a great option if you are looking for a mid-top shoe with extra arch support. These shoes fit like a glove and will help keep you comfortable while also allowing you to play at peak performance.

What we like

  • Mid-top
  • Durable materials
  • Extra support for high arches
  • Excellent fit

Our Verdict

If you are a woman looking for a durable shoe, with ankle support and arch support, this is the best option on the market for you!

This is also one of the best shoes if you are looking for a little more ankle support than a low-cut. You do not sacrifice comfort by having some additional ankle support, and you will not need to wear an ankle brace with this shoe.

This shoe is a mid-top that is similar to number 5 on our list, but it has a shaft that is mid-top from the arch. This could be good for those needing a little extra support for their ankles.

One of the nicest features of this shoe is the built-in cushioning that it offers.

Construction and Materials: A little bit lower of a sneaker, it comes in as a mid-top, which means your ankles are moderately protected.

The Dynamotion fit is unique to Mizuno, and it helps your shoe fit correctly. It helps maintain your full range of motion, while morphing around each person’s individual foot style. You will be able to move freely and there are no materials on this shoe that will restrict your movement.

This shoe has premium cushioning, so your joints feel like they take a beating in other volleyball shoes, you might like this option.

Sole: It also has a Parallel Wave plate and a synthetic sole that is made to not show any marks or scuffs on the outside of the shoe.

The synthetic sole might behave a little differently than a traditional gum rubber sole, but you should find that you still have the right amount of traction in this shoe.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a mid-top option that feels lightweight, promotes quick moving, and provides ankle support, give this shoe a try.

You will find that your game is elevated by this Mizuno!  The premium cushioning in this shoe will make your joints happy even after repeated poundings on the court.

What we like

  • Dynamotion
  • Fantastic Shock-absorption
  • Fits well
  • Adequate ankle support
  • Good traction

Our Verdict

Dynamotion fit is truly unique, and a great reason to buy this shoe. You will never be uncomfortable in a pair of volleyball shoes again! 

It accommodates your specific foot, and after it is broken in, you will not even realize you are wearing sneakers.

This is Adidas’ original volleyball sneaker and has withstood the test of time. If you are looking for a cool volleyball shoe that will let you play in style, this is your option. A low-cut sneaker with a traditional rubber gum sole, this shoe has been perfected over the years.

Construction and Materials: This is made of synthetic leather, meaning you will have plenty of mobility and not feel restricted when you are moving on the court.

This, couple with the lightweight cushioning in this shoe, and this sneaker enhances your mobility. It is a low-cut option, so speed and quick lateral movements are enhanced in this shoe.

The reinforced loopholes on this sneaker mean you should not have to spend a lot of time maintaining your laces or retying them. While it is low cut, because of these reinforced shoelace loopholes, your ankles might feel like they have a little extra support.

Sole: It is a traditional rubber gum sole, so you will not have any problem with traction or gripping the court. It is also the original rubber gum sole, and all other rubber gum soles are modelled after this one. Adidas has perfected its sole.

There is an EVA midsole in the shoe that helps provide lightweight cushioning, so you can still move fast while landing on a soft insole.

Conclusion: You can’t go wrong with a traditional shoe. Adidas create a great volleyball shoes and has just perfected it. Designed to be stylish, light, and help you perform at your peak, you will not be disappointed with this Adidas show.

What we like

  • Good looks
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great traction

Our Verdict

A truly classic shoe, you cannot go wrong with buying it. You will get around the court smoothly and effortlessly in this sneaker. 

The breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe also means you will not to be sweaty and cramped in this sneaker, so your feet should remain happy even after hours of vigorous play.

A stylish looking women’s volleyball shoe, you will look good in this shoe. This shoe is made of 100% synthetic materials, which enhances its breathability and your flexibility.

Construction and Materials: While it is a low-cut shoe and does not offer ankle support, it is roomy and allows you room to wear an ankle brace or tape your ankles during game play, so it is a viable option for players with concerns for ankle support.

Since it is roomy and can allow room for an ankle brace, if you do not planning on wearing an ankle brace, you might want to consider sizing down.

Sole: Like other Mizuno products, it has the Parallel Wave plate, so your lateral stability will be enhanced and you do not have to worry about tripping or slipping on the court.

The outsole is designed specifically to not get scuffed. If you do a lot of cutting and digging and traditionally scuff your shoes, try this Mizuno, which is built to prevent scuffing.

Conclusion: The breathability in this shoe is going to help take your flexibility to the next level, and the Parallel Wave Plate allows you to have maximum lateral mobility. If flexibility and quick movements are what you seek, then this is a great shoe for you!

While it is low cut, this is one of the best shoes available for players who need to wear an ankle brace, as there is room in the shoe to allow you to do so.

What we like

  • Stylish
  • Good lateral mobility
  • Breathable shoe
  • Non-marking outsole

Our Verdict

This shoe is low cut, so your ability to move and be quick will be increased, but you do not have to worry about losing the ankle support of a higher shoe. 

This sneaker also offers good arch support, so if you have high or weak arches, this should be a good option for you. They offer great traction and grip the court well, so you will not slip and slide.

A real eye-popper! If you like bright colors, you need this volleyball shoe in your life. This is a low-cut shoe designed to look good and help you move quickly.

The synthetic upper is designed to allow you maximum flexibility. This shoe offers a unique lacing system that will help ensure you are comfortable.

Construction and Materials: The mesh upper of these shows will really help your feet breathe, so you will never feel cramped or sweaty. The textiles and synthetics this show is made with allow it to give and will not restrict your movements.

There is an inner sling-cage system in this shoe meaning you can use the laces to control how much this shoe hugs your foot. This ads a layer of comfort specific to your foot that most volleyball shoes do not offer.

Sole: The traditional rubber gum shoe will allow you to make cuts and jumps easily as there is plenty of traction to prevent slips.

These shoes are specifically designed to make fast cuts, so athletes can get the most out of their performance, and they are built to endure constant stop and go movements made by athletes.

There is abrasion resistance built into the shoe to help prevent against scrapes and scuffs.

Conclusion: The quickness in your game will no doubt increase by wearing these shoes! Comfortable and lightweight, you will be able to move at maximum speed and acceleration in these shoes.

The lacing system in this shoe is top-notch, and if having a shoe fit uniquely to your needs is a priority, then this is a great option!

What we like

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Great shock-absorption qualities
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • Breathable upper
  • Sling-cage lacing system

Our Verdict

These shoes are very light and airy, which will allow you to move around the court with ease. 

If you are used to big clunky shoes and want to just feel fast, even if you are not the fastest player on the court, these shoes are a great option for you. They hold up well under constant stop and go movements.

Similar to number 9 above on our list of best volleyball shoes, this is another great low-top option by Adidas that will both look good and make you feel good!  The insole on this shoe is removable, which means you can wear ankle braces or orthotics with this shoe if you need to.

Construction and Materials: Fortunately, this shoe will fit comfortably whether or not you need orthotics or ankle support because it has an insole that can be removed anytime you need to.

This way, you will be comfortable no matter the needs of your feed, and the low cut sleek style makes the Adidas 3 stripe logo really stick out.

Made from man-made materials, this shoe is made to last and it is also designed to feel lightweight and roomy.

Sole: The traditional gum rubber sole will make sure you have the right amount of traction, so you can continue to cut and move with ease without worrying about slipping.

Plus, the synthetic material and mesh uppers really let your feet breathe and move easily. Your feet will be happy in this show.

Designed to not scuff, you do not have to worry about your shoes looking like they took a beating while you are playing. The tread pattern on the bottom of this shoe really allows for maximum traction and helps prevent against slips.

Conclusion: The synthetic uppers make this a very breathable shoe that your feet will be happy to wear. Take your game to the next level with this high-quality Adidas volleyball shoe!

This shoe is very stable, comfortable, but will also help you with acceleration and cutting, so you will be able to do any volleyball move you desire!

What we like

  • Removable insoles
  • Good cushioning
  • Breathable synthetic uppers

Our Verdict

If you want a sleek, good looking shoe that you can wear with an ankle brace or with orthotics, this is the selection you should make.

It has a traditional Adidas feel, but adds some colourful flare. If you are looking for a traditional volleyball shoe, this is a great selection for you.

Buying guide To best Volleyball shoes

You want to take into consideration a variety of factors before moving ahead with a volleyball shoe purchase. Look over some of these frequently asked questions and get some more knowledge in your pocket before you make a purchase.

The most important thing is to decide what you prioritize in a volleyball shoe. Once you decide on what’s most important to you, your decision as to what volleyball shoe to purchase will get easier.

How should you go about selecting the right volleyball shoe for you?

You want to look at what makes up a volleyball shoe before deciding upon a pair of sneakers to purchase:


Most volleyball shoes are made of a gum rubber sole, and that’s a good thing. If the shoe you are looking at is made of something different, what is it, and is that a good thing or should you stick with a traditional sole?


Weight does matter. The lighter the better. Volleyball is all about quick cuts, pivots, and dives, and you do not want something heavy and bulky weighing you down and preventing you from quick lateral movements.


You want a shoe that breathes. Stay away from a firm leather with no mesh. Preferably your volleyball shoe will have a synthetic upper with a lot of mesh.

This type of breathability is going to allow you to play volleyball for hours without worrying about your feet sweating or cramping up.


Do you want a low, mid, or high top sneaker? Remember that if you need ankle support or orthotics, there are some low top options that have removable insoles that would allow you the opportunity to wear an ankle brace or orthotics.

So, just because you might need additional support, does not mean you necessarily have to buy a high top shoe.


Pay attention to the cushion. Your feet are going to take a beating and you want them protected. Some shoes offer additional shock absorbers, which is a nice added feature.

Take a look at the construction and materials of a volleyball shoe, as well as the type of sole, to help give you good insight into what shoe to purchase. Those are key components of any good volleyball shoe.

How should a volleyball shoe fit? Should it be tight or loose?

You do not want your foot to slide around and move inside the shoe, as you are going to risk injury. Therefore, you want your shoe to fit as snugly as you can handle. There should be less than a finger width between your toe and the top of the shoe.

How a shoe fits is one of the most important factors. You could be a true size 9, but an 8.5, a 9, and a 9.5 do not fit you. That shoe might just not be the one for you, or you might need to add a custom orthotic in order to get the right fit.

men Volleyball shoes

Can you wear your volleyball shoes outside?

No, well, you should not at least. Volleyball shoes are designed to be worn on an indoor court. They are going to get ruined faster if you wear them outside in the elements.

Pebbles and dirt will scuff the bottoms, which will not only ruin the shoes, but also ruin the court when you bring the shoes back inside to use on the court.

Should you prioritize the weight of a volleyball shoe when you are making a purchase?

Weight does matter. You want the lightest shoe you can get so that you can cut and move with ease. If you prefer a heavier shoe, be advised that you might not be able to jump as high and you might miss out on a spike or a block due to the weight of your shoes.

Does it matter if you buy a Men’s or Women’s volleyball shoe?

Yes and no. You can get away with buying the opposite sex’s shoe, as long it fits right. They will not all be able to cross sexes, some might be too big or too small in the toe area.

Volleyball shoes need to fit your feet right, or you risk injury performing one of the many quick and lateral cuts you make as a volleyball player. Talk to an expert at an athletic footwear store and see if they can fit you properly.

Does the brand of volleyball shoe matter?

Yes and no. You should not buy a shoe just because of the brand. However, some brands do make a higher quality product than their competitors. For example, ASICS and Mizuno make great, cool volleyball shoes that volleyball players have ranked highly for generations.

You do not want to buy a cheap, off the wall brand that is going to fall apart and cause you an unnecessary injury. Spend the money, make an investment on your health and well-being, and buy a quality shoe.

Can a higher quality volleyball shoe help save your feet and joints and fend off injury?

With certainty. While you can never be sure you will avoid injury, and freak injuries will always happen, don’t you want to put yourself in the best possible position to remain as healthy as you can for as long as you can?

If you eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, you are less likely to have a heart attack than someone who eats a diet full of red meat, carbs, and fat. It does not mean you will not have a heart attack, it just decreases your chances.

Volleyball shoes are similar. Choose the pair of sneakers that are the most likely to protect your feet, toes, and ankles, are you are less likely to have a serious injury.

How long do volleyball shoes last?

Well, it depends how often you play. They will last for years if you only play a few times a year. But, for a more serious volleyball player, you can expect them to last for one full season of regular games and regular practices. At the end of the season, you want to at least start thinking about shopping for your next pair.

How do you know when it is time to replace your volleyball sneakers?

Aside from just replacing them every year at the end of the season, look at the soles. Are they wearing out? Are your shoelaces busting through the eyelets? Is the color faded? In general, do they just look like they have taken a beating? It might be time to replace them in that case.

Will you get injured wearing old shoes?

While nothing in life is a guarantee except death and taxes, there is a high likelihood you will get injured if your shoes are worn out, even if they are the more expensive, top of the line shoes on the market.

Old, worn out shoes have you at risk for blisters, shin splints, but also more serious joint and muscle tears due to a lack of support and cushion to help you land after jumping and cutting. Don’t risk it. Make sure your shoes still have mileage left on them, or buy new ones.

Are there any volleyball shoes that will make you jump higher or otherwise improve your game?

Specifically, no. No shoe can give you magic powers and increase your game. However, the reverse is not true. Wearing the wrong shoe is going to slow you down figuratively and literally.

Volleyball shoes are made differently. Some might make you lightweight and quick on your feet, and others might make you feel slow. Try out a few different pairs before you decide on one.

Can you wear running sneakers or other sneaker types to play volleyball?

Definitely not. Would you use a basketball in place of the volleyball? No. So you should not use a basketball shoe in place of one of the best volleyball shoes. Different sports’ shoes have different support, and would make you perform differently.

Get the right equipment for the sport you are playing. For volleyball, that means you want to make sure you buy one of the best volleyball shoes that you can buy.

You might not be able to control the ball you use, the court you play on, or who your opponents and teammates are, but you can control the shoe you wear.

The Final Verdict

Whether it be a low cut or high-top or somewhere in between, no matter what you decide, there are plenty of options on this list to pick from. You have the option of choosing your priority, and still finding the right show.

If you need ankle support, go with a high-top option. Choosing the right shoe will ensure you perform to peak abilities and stay injury free!

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