Lacrosse Cleats

Who doesn’t love getting involved in a new sport that could lead to you finding your new passion? One thing that is always important to consider when getting into a sport is understanding what shoes you will need to be as competitive as possible.

In sports like lacrosse, there are many shoes options and cleats available to help you be effective on the field.

Since lacrosse is usually played on a field, you will need to look into buying yourself a pair of cleats so that you can play without damaging the field or yourself. Luckily, there are many great cleat options out there that were designed with lacrosse players in mind.

We looked at some of the best cleats for lacrosse and narrowed it down to our five favorite products to help you be as good of a player as possible.

We also hope to help guide your buying decision by offering some advice as to what to look for when buying your cleats and we will answer some of the more frequently asked questions about lacrosse cleats.

Most cleats all look the same and have been using the same design for many years. WHITIN offers a new and unique take to training shoes that have several unique design elements that help them stand out.

The WHITIN cross-training shoes take a more anatomically correct design language that makes the shoes feel natural on the feet and reduce unwanted force on the feet.

WHITIN uses a blend of adaptive materials and a low weight construction that gives lacrosse players the mobility and flexibility they need to be successful.

The thin sole design means that there is less weight on the shoe and players will get more feedback from the ground so they can feel more comfortable with their movements. As an additional benefit, the shoe is completely vegan with no animal products being used in the construction.

The design of the shoe was carefully thought out and only has the essential elements to make sure the foot is supported without feeling overburdened.

The lack of a large heel means that there is less resting pressure on the ankle and athletes can fell more empowered to take on more advanced moves. The wide variety of style options also allows every athlete to find a variant of the shoe that fits their style and interests.

What we like

  • Anatomical and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and vegan friendly materials used
  • Supports mobility and foot comfort
  • Offers a wide variety of colors and options

Our Verdict

The WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer offers lacrosse players a unique alternative to the tradition cleat design that was designed with innovation and performance in mind. 

The combination of lightweight and efficient materials with an anatomically focused design gives player the support and reliability they need to be successful on the field.

New Balance is one of the most widely respected names in the cleat industry, and their FreezeLX 2.0 Lacrosse cleat is being picked up by lacrosse players everywhere.

New Balance has been constantly updating their cleat designs to help players perform better with the FreezeLX offering a shoe that was specifically designed with the lax player in mind.

New Balance uses a carefully selected blend of materials to ensure that their shoes are breathable and comfortable for athletes to wear on the field.

The engineered mesh design on the outer portion of the shoe allows the feet to breath and move around more freely than some other designs. A rubber sole with carefully placed cleats gives lacrosse players confidence in knowing their shoes will provide the grip and impact resistance they need to make difficult plays.

The design of the FreezeLX 2.0 helps give lacrosse players an additional level of support with its slightly raised upper portion that can protect against some ankle injury.

The athletic design and carefully planned construction of the shoe is evident in its simplistic yet effective design language.

What we like

  • Comes from a respected and reputable brand
  • Helps protect against some injury
  • Sturdy bottom and rigid cleats
  • Breathable materials allow for more comfort

Our Verdict

Lacrosse players looking for a well-rounded and easy to use shoe will be very pleased with the New Balance FreezeLX 2.0. 

The comfortable design that allows for added breathability is just what players need in the middle of a game. The rigid rubber bottom means that these shoes will keep players gripped to the ground when they need it most.

Just because you have some new cleats doesn’t mean you are totally ready to take to the field and start playing lacrosse. The Razur Spats Cleat Covers offer your cleats protection and support from the rough and rugged terrain that you will likely be playing on with Lacrosse.

The idea of the cleat covers is to keep dirt and turf debris out and off of your new cleats so that they are able to last as long as possible and stay clean.

The Patented Debris Inhibitor technology that these guards come with are able to prevent your cleats from wearing down with general wear and tear.

The material that is used to create the sleeves allows them to be stretchy and malleable so they can adjust to various shoe sizes. The sleeves also come in many colors so you can match them with your teams uniform for added style and protection.

The benefits of the Razur Spats also go further beyond just keeping your cleats clean. The added support that the elastic materials provide players with means that their shoes will fit better and have increased support.

The covers can also help prevent injury by covering up the laces so that if they become untied, players don’t have to worry about tripping over loose laces and hurting themselves.

What we like

  • Unique and durable technology
  • Offers support and protection to players
  • Works on a variety of different shoe types
  • Comes in various colors of team spirit

Our Verdict

Having great cleats is one thing but having protection for them will keep you playing better for longer.

The Razur Spats Cleat Covers offer lacrosse players protection from the often-dirty playing conditions that ruin s many new shoes. Having the peace of mind knowing your shoes will stay clean and secure means you can focus on playing lacrosse at its highest level.

Advancements in Lacrosse cleat technologies have led to new and exciting designs that promise to make the sport more intense while also improving on safety.

The Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse cleats offer a new level of protection while still maintaining all the needs of a useful cleat. The combination of comfort and stability that these cleats offer makes them one of the best options for athletes who like to push boundaries without wanting to worry about safety.

Just looking at the Highlight Mc tells you a very different story than many other lax shoes. The high upper that uses CompFit ankle construction delivers new levels of ankle safety without taking away from a player’s mobility.

The shoes look like a basketball shoe with spikes which is why they stand out among many other designs. Under Armour intentionally built this new and higher frame to offer players new ways to feel comfortable in performing some more advanced moves.

The materials used to construct these UA cleats is similar to their other performance shoes that use synthetic materials to improve durability and breathability at the same time.

The 3D molded tongue of the shoe covers most of the front of the lower shin and added increased protection that more traditional cleats simply can’t offer.

What we like

  • Under Armour has a reputation for high quality
  • The shoe offers higher levels of support
  • Lightweight and flexible materials improve usability
  • Shock absorbing insole protects from impacts

Our Verdict

Innovation and new ideas are always what makes new sports technology great and Under Armour is always pushing the boundaries for what is possible.

The Highlight Mc offers a new way of thinking about lacrosse cleats with its higher design that serves many purposes.

Advanced materials and carefully placed padding give lax players all the support they need and the reassurance that they will be safe when doing so.

The New Balance name has been synonymous with athletic shoes for many years with players always coming back for more when new innovations are made.

The Freeze v2 lacrosse cleats offer new levels of support and comfort to lacrosse players everywhere. The updated shoes provide lax players with more grip than every before with new advancements helping to make the shoes more desirable than ever.

The Freeze V2 offers lacrosse players with a lightweight package that is able to give them added grip and support on the field.

The TPR outsole means that he shoes will stand up to the test of time and allow you to use them in many games without having to worry about performance. A synthetic and textile blend used to construct the cleat allows for a durable construction throughout the shoe that is also able to keep the overall design lightweight and maneuverable.

Ankle support in a sport as physically involving as lacrosse is always a big priority when looking for new cleats. The V2’s offer plenty of support with their raised upper design that ensures your ankles will be protected in the middle of an intense game.

The protection offered by these cleats in a package that emphasizes comfort is a match made in lacrosse heaven.

What we like

  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Reinforced sole with plenty of gripping potential
  • Made by a highly regarded manufacturer
  • Designed with foot support in mind

Our Verdict

Finding a shoe that offers a balance of protection and performance can be very difficult in the lacrosse market. 

Thankfully, the New Balance Men’s Freeze V2 offers no compromise performance in a package that serves to protect its wearer while offering unparalleled levels of reliability.

Buying Guide To Lacrosse Cleats 

Making a buying decision on something as important to your sport as cleats requires some careful consideration and you need a big picture to help guide your decision.

To help you understand what shoes to buy, we will look at some of the cleat qualities to consider when picking your very own pair.

Types of Cleats

Looking at some of the cleats mentioned above, you will notice that we mentioned that some of the shoes had high top frames and some had low top frames.

What this essentially dictates is the way the shoe will fit and who it is designed for. We will look at the high and low top design to better understand who should look into each.

Low cut

Low cut cleats are similar to those used by soccer players and are designed for raw speed. The lack of extra material and padding that larger shoes have makes this style of cleat extra maneuverable and ready for fast paced lacrosse players.

An offensive player who wants to be able to go fast and isn’t worried about the lack of support will definitely want to consider a low-cut cleat.

High Cut

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the high cut style of cleat is designed with protection and support in mind. When you look at a high cut cleat used in lacrosse, you will see a much larger shoe that resembles a full boot.

The reason for such a large cleat is essentially to protect the ankle and lower leg of the wearer.

Lacrosse can become a fairly high contact sport so the need for protective cleats makes logical sense for the players who face the most contacts.

The use of high cut cleats allows defensive players who might face for contact a way to protect themselves from the general contact and movement required of a defensive player.

Cost of Cleats

The price of cleats can vary drastically depending on the brand that you look to buy alongside the style and quality of shoe you plan on buying. Many generic cleats can cost very little money, but you are really getting what you pay for when you decide to get a cheap pair of cleats.

The quality will be much worse and the effectiveness of the cleats will be decent at best. Mid-range cleats will offer a much better experience when it comes to materials used and protection, so this is where most lacrosse players should plan on looking.

The mid-range tier offers most of what a normal lacrosse player will need, but the professional tier tops even that performance. The shoes used by professional players are not that far off of the mid-range cleats, but they offer much better grip and better support.

Professional shoes do not cost too much more than mid-rang shoes, so justifying buying them really comes down to your commitment to the sport.

Materials Used

As more advanced materials become available to the clothing market, cleats are quick to take advantage of them to make shoes faster and lighter.

Some of the most common materials used are leather, mesh, and synthetic blends make up the majority of cleat designs. Let’s take a closer look as to the materials and what each of them offers.


Leather is one of the oldest cleat materials that is still being used today with much acceptance. Many cleats in the soccer industry still use leather and the Lacrosse cleats also still use leather in modern shoes.

Leather has quite a lot of waterproofing which is one of the most compelling reasons to buy leather. One of the major downsides to leather cleats is that they can be very tight to fit and take time to break in comfortably.


Mesh is a very common material to see on sneakers and the material has also transferred into the world of lacrosse cleats. The popularity of mesh in shoes is very easy to see with its affordably manufacture costs and easy breathability.

Athletes enjoy mesh for its ability to allow their feet to breath during hot workout conditions. However, the breathability of mesh also means that it can allow a large amount of moisture into the shoe that makes your feet wet. A mesh shoe can be great on a hot day until the rain comes along to ruin your day.

Synthetic Blends

Most likely your best option, synthetic blends take the best parts of leather and mesh and combines them into one material. New synthetic materials are able to take the water repelling characteristics of leather shoes and the comfortable nature of mesh and combine them into a blend of materials that keeps you comfortable and dry in many conditions.

Most modern cleats will have some combination of synthetic materials and helps allow athletes to take their performance to the next level without adding too much weight.

The new synthetic compounds also increase the overall durability of cleats and their longevity will be much better than older shoes.

The Importance of Good Cleats

With everything said and done, the cleats you buy will probably stay with you for several seasons of your lacrosse journey. Making sure to buy a good pair of cleats early all will improve your enjoyment of the sport and gives you the confidence to take risks and try your hardest.

Spending a little bit of extra money early on will ensure that you have the shoes necessary to see you through your lacrosse career. It may seem like cleats are just another part of the uniform, but the cleats you wear can directly influence how much confidence you have in your ability to make difficult plays and moves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lacrosse is still an up and coming sport and the lack of information around how to get into the sort is still limited. We will look at some of the most commonly asked questions about lacrosse cleats to help you understand what is on the market and what you should be on the lookout for.

What are the best lacrosse cleats?

While it is hard to pick one pair of cleats to be the best, there are certainly some great options that offer a little more than the competition.

One of the best companies for lacrosse cleats is undoubtably New Balance as they have made some of the best new lacrosse cleats on the market.

The two pairs mentioned above, the FreezeLX 2.0 and Freeze V2, are among some of the best on the market. The reasonable price tag and high-quality build are common among the New Balance line that makes them the choice for many professional and recreational lacrosse players alike.

Other than New Balance, Under Armour is also one of the best options for a more premium and professional grade lacrosse shoe.

The Highlight Mc Lacrosse Cleat is a very impressive and comprehensive shoe that provides more support than some older options and gives lacrosse players everything they need to be the best they possibly can.

Are football cleats good for lacrosse?

One of the most frequently asked questions about cleats for lacrosse is whether or not you can use football cleats for lacrosse. Upon first glance, most cleats for any sport involving a field look almost identical and little seems to separate them.

However, if you want to get the most performance possible out of your cleats, you should get ones designed for your sport. Football cleats are generally designed to be much lighter to allow for faster movement and can seriously vary from position to position.

The football cleat design is similar to lacrosse cleats in some designs, but drastically different in others. Most lacrosse cleats have a higher top design to protect the ankle and lower leg from injury as opposed to the smaller and lighter football cleats.

In conclusion, some football cleats may be suitable for lacrosse in some circumstances and can have varying levels of success depending on the design of the football cleat.

How do you break in new lacrosse cleats?

To get shoes of any nature to be comfortable to wear, it is always important to break them in. Athletic shoes will be worn for often hours on end and need to be flexible and comfortable so you can perform at your highest level when it matters most.

One way to break in your cleats is to simply wear them around your house for a few days so they can loosen up as you just move around before using them to play lacrosse.

One trick that many professional cleat users try is to put on their cleats and then soak them in warm water, so they loosen up and form to the shape of the wearer’s feet.

This trick works great for some shoes, but not all cleats are built to be that waterproof and won’t appreciate the soak. Cleats will normally feel fairly tight at first, but most pairs will get looser with time and feel more comfortable.

Is there a difference between lacrosse cleats and soccer cleats?

Similar to the mentality with football cleats, soccer cleats have the potential to work for lacrosse, but are not ideal. Soccer cleats are almost always very small and lightweight to accommodate the play style that is normally associated with soccer.

Cleats that best suit the needs of lacrosse players will be higher and more designed for impact resistance, so soccer cleats would not be the best companion for lacrosse players.

Most soccer cleats would work for lacrosse players who favour faster movement as opposed to the normal contact that comes with the sport.

Can I wear softball cleats for lacrosse?

Unlike some of the other options that were more of a personal choice as to whether or not you wore other sports’ cleats, most softball cleats have metal cleats which are not allowed for lacrosse.

The most commonly used cleats in softball will have metal cleat elements due to the use of sand as a main playing area for the sport. Metal cleats are great for sand use, but lacrosse is played on grass or turf which is not designed to use metal cleats.

Some softball players opt for plastic bottomed cleats which have the potential to be effective for use when playing lacrosse if you felt that the shoes match your play style.


With so many great options for lacrosse shoes, is really comes down to personal preference and play style as to what shoes will make you an effective player.

We looked at some of the best options for lacrosse cleats that will give you an edge over the competition at any field.

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