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Tom shoes could make a very good compliment for your dressing, but it doesn't come without its disadvantage, especially if you're wearing it quite often, it gets dirty pretty easily. 

If you are proud owner of tom shoes, and you love to rock it, then you would definitely be wondering or looking for recommendations on how to wash toms, more seriously if it is your first time owning one.

Also, if you have a feet that is prone to getting sweaty or smelly easily, it is very important to be very good and perfect your cleaning toms skills, so as to get rid of this offensive odor.

This article was carefully prepared to address that concern, to be a toms guide - adequately informing you on how to clean toms shoes.

Using washing machine

Isn't it awesome to know you can automate cleaning toms, by utilizing your washing machine? It's more interesting to know the process is quite easy and you don't have to stress. Below are the processes involved:

  • You should start by getting your washing machine to the gentle cycle on it, which is usually represented by "delicate" or "lingerie". Also, the coldest water setting on the machine should be used.
  • A quarter dose of your regular mild detergent should be introduced to the bottom of the machine, so as to allow the machine an easier time creating bubbles. Also, it's vital you avoid bleaching agents in your choice of detergent. This can be crossed out by a careful scrutiny of the label.
  • In a case the toms is intensely dirty, you might have to soak for few hours before washing. After the washing is done, you would need to air dry for some hours, and you have your shoes for cruising again.
  • Conclusively, after washing if there are still noticeable stains, spot cleaning is the option. This can be done with a soft brushing of the spots with cold water and detergent using a suede brush. And at the most, if the stain is not cleared, you can have another round of washing toms with the machine.
Before cleaning toms

Before cleaning

After cleaning toms

After cleaning

Cleaning toms by hand

Another very option to cleaning your toms is using your hand. This is also very effective and can be achieved with these few steps:

  • So as not to damage the fabric, it's essential, in your choice of brush, to ensure you pick a soft, bristle and dry brush, as the first process would be dusting your toms. Unnecessarily hard brush might cause harm, and it's advised to be avoided.
  • Next would be to pour some cold water into a bowl, if you won't be cleaning multiple toms, only little water is required. A mixture with mild detergent would be made with the water, mild enough to just produce bubbles.
  • The brush used in dusting should be cleaned to remove all dusts, and then you insert it in your mixture and then you gently scrub the outside of the tom shoes. For optimized results, your hand should be placed inside the shoe, so as to have a better grip for thorough cleaning.
  • After cleaning, you would leave to air dry outside and not dryer, so as not shrink the fabric and affect the fitness.

Getting rid of smell from your toms using deodorizing powder

You don't deserve a smelling toms. And the good news is you can easily make your deodorising powder with readily available resources at home. This is how to go about it:

  • With a cup of cornstarch, baking powder and baking soda introduced into a resealable plastic bag. The mixture would be heavily shaking so as to have a balanced mixture, and there you have your deodorizer. You can choose to add essential oils if you care for fragrance.
  • Next is to sprinkle the powder you have made on the insoles of your toms, ensuring a coverage of the entirety of the soles. Results should be achieved in eight hours, but if not, in the case of a stubborn smell, you can leave for a day.
  • After you are satisfied by the results, with a gentle scrubbing by a soft brush, you can take out the powder and also, in the process, take out anything stuck to the soles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you care for tom shoes?

Regular cleaning of tom shoes is caring for your tom shoes. With this tom guide, if followed religiously, you have all the care in the world for your tom shoes.

Away from that, after each use, you can thoroughly wipe the inner soles with a cloth damped with alcohol, this way you kill the bacteria that causes smell on each use.

How do you clean smelly tom shoes?

Offensive smell could be very frustrating and at the same time embarrassing, you can get rid of this, using a method provided earlier in this article. Using a home prepared deodorizer.

How do you clean white toms?

Any of the method provided can be effectively used to clean your white toms. If there are stubborn stains, a repeat of the process might just be required.

Are you supposed to wear white socks with toms?

It is actually okay to rock your toms with or without socks, depending on your fashion taste, and some personal factors like sweating.

Some sweat a lot, and they need the socks to absorb the fluid to prevent smell. However, if you would be wearing a sock, ankle sock is the best fit.

Clean toms shoes


Now you have no fear or anxiety anymore about cleaning your toms, you have all the best ways and you can easily utilize any as you so wish. You can now rock your tom as you love to.

In case, you have tried any, you can share with us your experience, and your best pick from the methods made available in the comments below.

You can also share tips I might have missed out unintentionally in this guide.

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