Clean your huaraches

Did you just get a beautiful pair of white huaraches for yourself? Huaraches are classy, trendy and fashionable pair of shoes everybody would die to have.

It is easily one of the most sought-after nike shoes. Rocking a white huaraches is great as it adds a complete refined and elegant look to your dressing.

However this comes with a price, the need to maintain the pristine color of the shoes.

Getting a white huaraches is usually not the problem, the fear of not being able to maintain it is. This article is to alleviate that worry.

Some say cleaning white huaraches could be very daunting, I do not agree, as this could only be if you don't know how to go about cleaning it, and you go back and forth with the huaraches.

This article would provide practical techniques on how to clean white huaraches which you can usually adopt and get your huaraches in clean state every time.

@ Cleaning with bleach

To clean with bleach is one of the most effective of ensuring a clean state for your huaraches, if done correctly. 

All you need do to take advantage of this viable option is to dilute a bleaching agent with enough water in a container.

In doing this, lots of precautions have to be taken as careless use of the bleaching agent would not just damage the material of your white huaraches. 

It can also damage the surface used for the cleaning be it carpet or clothing, and can also cause an irritation of the skin.

It is advised to always put on a waterproof gloves when doing this. An old, unused soft brush should be dipped in the watered down bleach and the stains on the huaraches should be scrubbed away.

It is better done from light areas to the soles. After a thorough cleaning, using a wet towel, the huaraches should be wiped, and kept outside for some hours to dry before you rock again.

@ Cleaning using baking soda

I am sure you are aware of the numerous uses of baking soda, however, it is also good to know it can help you maintain your preferred white huaraches.

You can eliminate dirt from your shoes by making a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to form a paste.

Using a soft toothbrush, the paste should be be evenly applied all over the shoes until it is absorbed.

The shoes should be left outside for about 4 hours with the paste all over it. After this, the shoes should be clapped together with the remnants of the paste on the shoes breaking away in this process.

If some dried paste appears not to leave the surface of the shoes, scrap it off using a dry toothbrush. There you go, you have your shoes as clean as you got it.

Before cleaning huaraches
After cleaning huaraches

@ Cleaning with soap and water

This is the most employed method of cleaning huaraches. If you ever wonder how to clean shoes, I am sure this is the first thought that would just crawl through your mind.

Yes, this method, quite easy, less stressful, can be used to get rid of light stains from a white huaraches.

You only need to mix dish soap with enough water in a container and continuously stir, using a toothbrush, until it is properly mixed. You also have an option of white vinegar in place of a dishwashing soap.

Dip your toothbrush in the cleaning solution you just made, and you can work out the stained areas with it.

For areas with tough and stiff stains, it is only wise to apply considerably more pressure when brushing through it.

After you might have done a thorough cleaning, the huaraches should be wiped with a wet towel and left outside to dry for some hours, before you put them on again.

@ Cleaning using toothpaste

Toothpaste would not just make your teeth shine, it can also make your white huaraches shine.

However, to avoid painting your shoes with some unwanted colors, it is best in your interest, to use only non gel toothpaste for this purpose.

With a toothbrush, you are to cover the whole of the shoes with the paste and allow for 15 minutes to dry.

With a wet piece of cloth, rid the shoes of the paste and leave outside for some hours to have your sparkling beauty in a shoe once again.

@ Using an all purpose cleaner

An all purpose cleaning is also an effective method of getting stains out of your white shoes.

 All that needs to be done is to spray the all purpose cleaner on the shoes and scrub them with a brush to remove stubborn stains. 

Using a wet towel, take away the cleaner from the shoes and keep outside to dry for some hours before use again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put white huaraches in the washing machine?

Yes, but it is recommended to always do the cleaning with your hand, preferably soap and water and final polishing with a wet towel. 

However, if the use of washing machine is unavoidable, remove laces, put the shoes and laces in a pillowcase, and wash on cold.

Can you put bleach on white huaraches? 

Yes, but under careful instructions as I have explained earlier in this article.

How do you clean white huaraches with baking soda?

This is a commonly asked question, and I believe I have done justice to it above in this guide. Should you have any further questions or enquiries, use the comments box below.


Owning a white huaraches is always a great addition to your fashion life, the maintenance is usually the hard crack.

I believe you will no longer have a hard time with the cleaning after reading this, and you can always give out that white and tingle sparkles with your white huaraches.

Mastering the tested and trusted techniques shared above on how to clean all white huaraches might just be your way towards ensuring a longer and sparkling life for your favorite pair of white huaraches.

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