Pointe shoes

Are you a lover of pointe shoes? Do you love to dance? If yes, this article was prepared with you in mind. 

Pointe shoes are specially made shoes, each designed to the unique specifications of the user.

Pointe shoes allow for extreme balance and flexibility, giving the user a lighter yet sturdy feeling.

Either your first time or adding a new pair, it is always exciting to get a pair of pointe shoes.

The procedures could be quite frustrating, as there are many steps, however, the beautiful product is a worthy for the efforts.

My wish is that anybody reading this, should find this as a practical and easy guide on how to sew pointe shoes.

The steps involved are adequately discussed in the following lines :

Gather materials

The first step to making a beautiful pointe shoes would be to gather all the materials required.

These material are quite easy to get and at the same time pocket friendly. They include :

  • Pointe shoe
  • Sewing needle and thread matching the color of the shoes
  • Thimble
  • Scissors
  • Elastic for each shoe
  • A pack of pointe shoes ribbons
  • Lighter or matches
How to sew pointe shoes

Measurement and placement of elastics 

To get the perfect length and positioning for your elastics, you will need to first try on the shoes once or twice. 

In your purchase of pointe shoes, it would come with or say you will be given one long elastic band that you might have to cut down into two pieces, one for each shoe.

On the back / heel of each shoe, there would be a vertical seam to which you can attach the ends of the elastics.

With you foot in the shoe, the end of the elastic would be extended from one side of the seam to the inside of the shoe.

While holding it down, pull over your foot the rest of the elastic so as to make to meet the other side of the seam.

It is important to measure a length that would be comfortable for you, double checking this might also prove essential, as a mistake with this could be grievous.

It is also important to make it as fit as possible, and at the same time, avoid tightness which could affect the blood circulation of that area.

This process is to be repeated for the second shoe.

Measure thread

For sewing, you can choose to make use of thread or dental floss. It's believed floss provide a stronger base for elastics and ribbons, and that thread would make a more appealing look. Whatever your decision is, it has no serious effects on the sewing.

An arm's length of thread is good to begin with. The end of the thread should be cut, and you thread the needle, making a double layer of sewing, for a stronger stitch.

Sew elastics

Starting with the first shoe again, place the elastics next to the seam of the heal, constraining it with your thumb and fore finger of your non sewing hand. 

While at that, starting from the inside, preferably at one corner, begin to sew. Continue to sew until you make a square with the sewing, and you bring your stitches to meet at where you begun.

Ensure you pull the thread tightly for firmness. Also, ensure your thread is not twisted so as to be able to begin another stitching on the other end of the elastics.

While at this, I would advise you put your foot in so as to check for the correct sizing and placement. This same process should be repeated for the second shoe.

Placement and measurement of ribbons

Just like for elastics, the ribbons would be sewn just next to the seam. 

Four pieces of ribbons would be needed, and the forearm is an ideal representation of how long a strand of the ribbon should be. 

The ribbon should be stretched far enough so as to replicate the box pattern of stitching as done in the elastics.

The ribbons would be strapped around the ankles so as to secure the shoe even further.

Sew ribbons

Pointe shoes ribbons are as vital as anything in pointe shoe sewing, as they would provide additional support. 

The same pattern of sewing used in the elastics can easily be replicated for all the four ribbons.

Singe the ends of the ribbons

On the concluding part of your sewing experience, it is necessary you grab some matches or lighter. Grab the end of the ribbon that is not properly sewn and carefully singe the edge. 

This should be done for all the pieces of the ribbon so as to prevent fraying of the ends of the ribbons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to sew ribbons on point shoes?

This is pretty simple, and I believe it has been adequately addressed above. 

It only takes the right measurement and placement and a square like stitching at each end of the seam on the heel of the whole.

How to sew elastic on pointe shoes?

Quite easy too, and if you have followed the article well, I am sure you have your answer. Go over it again if need be.

How long does it take to sew pointe shoes?

It depends on how fast and good you are with your sewing skills. Usually should be done in a period of 30 to 60 minutes.

How to sew gaynor minden pointe shoes?

The steps involved in sewing gaynor minden pointe shoes are those discussed above. The sewing of the elastics and the ribbons can be checked above.


If you are a beginner or professional dancer, you would agree sewing your own pointe shoes is a thing that must have to happen as point in time, as pointe shoe needs to be designed so as to accommodate the peculiar features of each dancer. 

This article has been a guide on how to sew pointe shoes step by step, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have loved preparing it.

You can drop your comments about your experience sewing your first pointe shoes.

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