How to stretch canvas shoes

Are your canvas shoes tight? Have you just bought canvas shoes and they feel uncomfortable at the toes?

 Are you worried that your canvas shoes will never stretch? Are you worried about the cost of maintenance of your canvas?

Fret no more as this article has ready-made solutions to your worries. Typically, canvas shoes are light, comfortable, and versatile. In essence, the cost of maintaining them is low.

However, a good as they are, it is possible for them to be tight at the toes when you just buy them. This could cause discomfort for you. The process of stretching canvas shoes requires perseverance.

Some of these processes include freezing the shoes, wearing them around the house, and stuffing them, among other things. In case, one process doesn't suit you, the other will

Here are some ways to stretch out canvas shoes:

1. Wearing snug socks

  • Look for a pair of sock and wear them inside your socks
  • Tie your shoelaces normally; they mustn't be too tight
  • Walk around your house with your canvas shoes for some hours

This method works perfectly for gradually stretching canvas shoes. It is not advisable to overstretch them so that they don't become oversize.

2. Stuffing up your canvas

  • In case your canvas shoes are tight, this is one of the proven and best ways. In doing that, you can
  • Stuff the shoes up with some newspapers or roll some socks into them
  • Push the newspapers high up into the shoes. Make sure they are stuffed in well enough to stretch the canvas
  • Leave the stuffed newspapers in the shoe overnight and remove them in the morning
  • Repeat the process till the shoes are stretched to your desired size
  • Although this procedure is not modern, you can also fill a bag with water and put it in your canvas shoes. Afterward, you can put it in your refrigerator. As the water freezes, your tight canvas will be enlarged. However, you must ensure that the bag is properly sealed so that the water does not destroy the shoe.


This is similar to freezing. A simple method of doing this is to put a pair of socks on your canvas and use your hairdryer to heat it.

This is the process involved in using heat to stretch canvas shoes

Stretch canvas shoes

4. Shoe-Stretching Implements

In case you have tried all the DIY methods above, and your canvas shoes are still a little bit tight, you can use Shoe-Stretching methods to stretch your canvas shoes.

The Ball and ring stretcher and the Two-way stretcher are veritable methods of stretching canvas shoes.

These are the Shoe-Stretching Implements and how they can be used to stretch canvas shoes

A. Ball and Ring Stretcher

  • Locate the area of your shoe which needs stretching
  • Put the ringside of the tool outside the shoe and the ball side inside the shoe
  • Pull the arms of the stretcher together until the ball is pushing the material of the canvas to its desired amount
  • Fasten the arms of the tool using the integrated screw
  • As soon as you do this, you'll notice some movements immediately. However, you can leave it overnight to allow the canvas to stretch further.

B. Two-Way Stretcher

  • Put the stretcher inside your canvas with the screw end at the heel of the canvas
  • Turn the screw until the material of the canvas begins to stretch
  • Allow the canvas shoe stretch overnight. Also, turn the screw every eight hours to ensure that it extends well

These tools can be found and bought in online stores. In case you don't want to do this, you can give the canvas shoe to a cobbler to help you stretch it to your desired length.

5. Using Microwave

The Microwave is a veritable method of stretching your canvas shoes. In doing this, you should out your canvas shoes in the oven for thirty seconds then walk around with them.

Leave the canvas shoes to cool and out them back into the oven for twenty seconds. Allow the canvas shoe to cook again.

Repeat this process until you have gotten the desired length you want the canvas shoe to stretch to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Canvas shoes used for?

Canvas shoes can be used for running, playing on the beach, or just wearing in your backyard. They are typically low maintenance and can be washed easily. Before using them, one is advised to spray your canvas shoe with a protective spray. This makes them last longer.

Why should I wear Canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes are worn for comfort, are easy to clean, and can be worn over a variety of outfits.

When should Canvas shoes be worn?

Canvas can be worn in various locations such as:

  • The Gym

Because they are lightweight, canvas shoes are great to be worn at the gym. They are perfect for routines like squats and dead-lifts, amongst other routines.

 This is because their smooth soles allow one to balance while performing these routines.

  • While on Holiday

Canvas shoes are perfect while on holiday. Apart from being easy to wash, they allow air through one's feet in the hot weather. Also, while on the beach, you can get every bit of sand out of the canvas


Although one can use the methods above to stretch one's canvas shoes, it is pertinent to note that it is advisable to get canvas shoes that is exactly your size.

You can get your exact size by measuring your leg before purchasing your canvas shoe. By this, you won't have to go through the stress of doing the DIY methods of stretching your canvas.

However, in the event that you get a canvas shoe that is tight, you must ensure that you use the above methods carefully.

This is to prevent the event that the shoe that was tight for you would now be oversize

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