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How many times have you went to the bowling alley only to be met with a pair of dirty and worn out bowling shoes?

I know that whenever I go bowling, my least favorite part is having to pay extra money for some shoes that never fit quite right and look older than me.

Thankfully, there are many great options out there for bowling shoes that provide a balance of comfort and quality that will keep you comfortable and on top of the scoreboard every game. 

The affordable price and features of many bowling shoes means that even if you just wear them a few times you are already saving money and feeling more comfortable whenever you go bowling.

To help you find the best bowling shoes for your needs, a list of some of the top shoes has been compiled to help guide your purchasing decision. Alongside looking at some of the best models, we will also take a look at some determining factors that will help guide your shopping.

Bowling Shoe Reviews

Dexter is one of the biggest names in bowling wear and their Kam bowling shoe is a great option for the bowler who likes comfort and convenience over everything else.

What makes the Kam different from most other bowling shoes is that it used a slip-on design instead of laces for ultimate convenience. Having the ability to just slide the shoe on and off makes the shoe very versatile and perfect for young and old bowlers alike. 

The style and convenience of the Kams is unquestionable and its bowling performance is equally impressive. The cotton canvas construction means that the shoe will be breathable enough to wear for long periods of time and the side vents only add to the breathability of the shoe.

The removable footbed also means that you will be able to use this shoe for many years and replace the footbed as you feel necessary.

Bringing the Kams to the bowling alley will be a breeze with their slide on design making for easy wear and shoe changing on the fly. For the bowler who doesn’t want the hassle of tying up their bowling shoes every time they go bowling, the Kams offer the ultimate in wear ability and comfort.

What we like

  • Easy to use design
  • Breathable choice of materials and design
  • Great for young and old bowlers alike
  • Convenient to wear and bowl with

Our Verdict

Having the option to just slide your bowling shoes on and off in an instant means that the days of spending minutes to get ready to bowl are over. The design of the Kams is unique and designed with keeping the bowler comfortable in mind. 

In addition to the smart and wearable design, the Kams are made by the highly regarded Dexter bowling shoe company so you know you’re buying one of the best bowling shoes on the market.

Bowling shoes are often synonymous with being constricting and uncomfortable, but the Dexter Turbo II bowling shoes show just how easy bowling shoes can be to wear.

Dexter has been one of the leading names in bowling shoes for years and their Turbo II shoes are no exception. The comfort focused design that allows bowlers to hit the lanes in comfort and style makes for a much more pleasurable experience than the normal rental shoes.

The Turbo II’s come with a raised rubber heel so the shoes feel like any normal sneaker and provide the wearer with comfort not normally found in bowling shoes.

The shoes also come with a cushioned footbed with a layer of brushed nylon fabric so the shoes will stay comfortable for many years without deteriorating. The inner suede lining keeps the shoes feeling breathable for long periods of time and can stand up to a generous amount of wear.

To help bowler stay competitive, the Turbo II comes with s6 microfiber sliding soles to allow bowlers a competitive advantage to anyone wearing the worn-out rental shoes.

Dexter has been perfecting their sliding technology for years and the Turbo II takes full advantage of the most recent innovations offered in the industry.

What we like

  • Durable and comfortable design
  • Built with performance in mind
  • Feels like a sneaker
  • Sliding sole technology included
  • Stylish and minimal design

Our Verdict

Dexter has done it again with their comfortable and practical Turbo II bowling shoes.

The shoes look and feel like normal sneakers upon first glance, yet they have the technology and design needed to dominate at the lanes.

Many bowling shoes have very old-fashioned design that has been relatively unchanged for many years. To offer something new to the market Brunswick introduced the Vapor to offer a more stylish and streamlined shoe for bowlers.

The Brunswick Vapor comes with many comfort and performance features, so the looks aren’t the only advantage to owning the vapors.

To keep you feeling comfortable and stylish, the Vapors come with a performance synthetic upper and foam padded collar and tongue. The combination of synthetic materials and foam means that the shoes will stay durable and comfortable for a long period of time.

The outer shell of the shoe was designed with a lightweight material, so the shoes don’t feel clunky and are able to help you feel comfortable with every throw.

The bottom of the shoe is designed to help bowlers get the slide possible with the help of the Pure Slide microfiber slide soles that give you a superior slide immediately.

The sliding potential combines with the rugged materials to make the vapors a stylish option with excellent performance potential.

What we like

  • Unique and stylish design
  • Performance exterior materials
  • Comfortable and padded interiors
  • Superior slide technology

Our Verdict

Bowling shoes all look the same and the Brunswick Mens Vapor is here to shake up the industry and offer something new. 

The combination of a synthetic exterior build means that the shoes will stand up to the test of time while giving you a comfortable interior feel.

Many people think bowling shoes are only for professional bowlers who are at the lanes several days a week. However, buying your own bowling shoes will have you making your money back by skipping shoe rentals only a few times.

For the casual bowler looking for a decent pair of shoes for the casual bowling game, the BSI Men’s #751 bowling shoes offer a great deal to the casual bowler. A combination of sturdy materials and a thoughtful design will keep the BSI shoes in your bag for years to come.

The Sport leather upper on the shoe provides a stylish yet durable design that will keep the shoes standing up to the test of time after many wears.

The padded tongue and collar on the shoes are also a nice bonus as they add some extra comfort that helps make the shoes feel like a nice pair of sneakers. A lightweight EVA midsole helps balance out the whole package and keeps the shoes feeling lightweight on the feet.

The BSI Men’s #751 are leagues above any bowling alley rental shoe and will leave you pleased with your purchase for many years.

What we like

  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Comfortable and sneaker-like design
  • Padded interior or tongue
  • Great value for causal bowlers
  • Slick bottom for sliding

Our Verdict

For the casual bowler, the BSI Men’s #751 is all the bowling shoe you will ever need.

The combination of high-quality materials and a comfortable design means that any bowler will prefer to pick up these shoes over the old and dirty rental shoes.

Many bowling shoes look clunky and dated in today’s market, but the Dexter Kerrie looks just like a normal sneaker and performs better than the old-fashioned bowling shoes.

The lightweight design of the shoe was inspired by bowlers who wanted to create a cooler and more breathable shoe that all bowlers could come to appreciate. The Kerrie combines all the best features of a comfortable sneaker and merges them with bowling shoe technology to create a package that works with many bowlers.

The design of the Dexter Kerrie was designed with comfort in mind and that is clear from just looking at the design and materials. The overall shoe feels like a sneaker thanks to its blend of a breathable canvas upper area that keeps the feet cool and its comforting fabric interior that keeps your feet comfortable.

On the outside the Kerrie looks like any other sneaker, but at its core it was designed to be a serious bowling shoe.

The Slide-Rite technology on the soles of the shoe are the same as some of Dexter’s professional bowling shoes and gives the wearer an added sense of confidence when they go to throw their ball.

What we like

  • Looks like a normal sneaker
  • Has a breathable outer shell
  • Slick bottom for added performance
  • Padded interior for added comfort
  • Has stylish accents that make it stand out

Our Verdict

Not all bowling shoes have to look old and clunky, and the Dexter Kerrie proves that point.

With it’s sleek looks that hide its impressive performance potential, the Kerrie is the perfect shoe for the bowler who wants a shoe that lets their skills speak for themselves.

Dexter has been in the bowling shoe design industry for many years with each of their shoes adding something new to the industry.

To help add something new to the bowling shoe market, Dexter designed a version of their shoes to appeal to the female market. More women are bowling now than ever before so making a shoe that appeals to them was an excellent decision by Dexter to get more women interested in the fun of bowling.

Just by looking at the Womens Kerrie you can tell that they were designed to stand out and turn heads. The very colorful and intricate pattern on the shoes makes them look very unique and ensures you will never lose them in a sea of black and white bowling shoes.

The shoes design is also meant to keep bowlers comfortable through the use of breathable materials with a padded interior to keep the feet comfortable when bowling.

Despite the looks being an eye catcher, the design of the show was also designed to help bowlers unlock their maximum potential. The sole of the Kerrie bowling shoes uses the Dexter Slide-Rite technology that provides a great platform for bowlers to get the most out of their shoes and score as many points as possible.

What we like

  • Unique and colorful design
  • Breathable exterior design
  • Comfortable interior padding
  • Slick performance bottom for better bowling

Our Verdict

For the female bowler looking for a shoe that stands out and has great performance, the Dexter Womens Kerrie offers an excellent balance of stylish looks and essential bowling features.

Most bowlers look for a shoe that ca provide them with a comfortable mix of performance and wear ability.

The KR Strikeforce Flyer offers a balance of both essential bowling features that any type of bowler can benefit from and a flare of style with its fun black/Orange paint. The Flyer has everything a casual bowler needs to enjoy a night bowling without having to break the bank.

The upper portion of the shoe is made of a durable material that allows the shoe to stand up to the test of time. The Comfort-fit construction that KR used to construct the shoe means that every bowler who uses these whose will find them to be much more comfortable than any rental shoe on the market.

The textile lined inner and padded tongue make for a shoe that feels like a sneaker and performs like a bowling shoe. The universal soles on the shoe make the flyer perfect for any type of bowler who wants a universal shoe that suits a variety of needs.

The rubber construction of the sole offers a unique bowling experience that allows you to have more control than some of the smoother designs while still being able to perform at a high level.

What we like

  • Comfortable and durable upper construction
  • Added traction with the rubber soles
  • Unique and fun color design
  • Universal sole design

Our Verdict

With a combination of durability with its design and a unique approach to the soles, the KR Strikeforce Flyer offers bowlers a fun looking shoe with some serious performance.

Going bowling with friends or for a tournament can always be a fun experience until you realize how much you have to pay for some poor-quality rental shoes.

Having your own pair of essential bowling shoes will end up saving you lots of money in the future and give you the peace of mind knowing exactly who has been wearing your shoes. The Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes offer a nice balance of style and performance to any bowler looking to save some money and improve their game.

The minimalistic design of the shoes is enough to keep any bowler satisfied and has a durable construction that will keep the shoes looking nice for years to come.

The comfortable interior liner allows the shoes to breath and makes you feel like you are wearing sneakers and not the clunky and uncomfortable rental shoes.

The rubber sole of these bowling shoes offers a nice balance between grip and slick so that you can slide when you need to but aren’t worried about falling when walking around normally.

The overall versatility of the Brunswick bowling shoes sets them up to be one of the most well-rounded shoe options that any bowler could just pickup and enjoy using.

What we like

  • Minimalist yet tasteful design
  • Durable construction designed to last
  • Rubber Sole for added traction
  • Simple design that pleases many

Our Verdict

A simple bowling shoe that offers everything the casual bowler needs, the Brunswick men’s bowling shoe provides a great package for someone who just needs some shoes to go and bowl in.

Considering the fact that most of the time spent bowling is waiting for other people to go, you will want a shoe that is as comfortable to stand in as it is effective to bowl with.

The BSI Men’s Basic #521 bowling shoe offers a balance of comfort features and bowling features that combine to form a well-rounded and diverse package.

The construction of the BSI shoe has many high-quality elements that are designed to assist the bowler when taking their shot while keeping them comfortable when they are waiting their turn.

The action leather upper gives the shoe a classic look while also adding additional levels of protection from general wear and tear. The plush insole and sock lining also add extra levels of support to the foot when in the shoe so you can feel relaxed in the middle of a long game.

The sole of the BSI #521 helps to improve bowling performance by combining the benefits of a rubber sole with that of a microfiber sole to create a unique experience.

The sole allows for smooth sliding when you need it to hit a strike and has a rubber component that helps you when you are just standing still.

What we like

  • Sturdy exterior and interior design
  • Special sole that fills various roles
  • Plush interior lining
  • Clean and minimalist design

Our Verdict

With a design that looks clean and a unique sole design, the BSL #521 offers a balanced and smart shoe that will keep you comfortable whenever you need it to.

If you like to stand out at the lanes and want a shoe that will tun heads, the Pyramid Skull Bowling shoes in green and black will do so with ease.

Just one look at this shoe with its bright green skulls all over instantly make it more fun and interesting than almost any other bowling shoe. Not only do these shoes look amusing, but they also have some great performance features that help you bowl better.

The upper section of the shoes is made out of a durable material that has heavy-duty stitching to keep it in shape for longer. The addition of metal eyelets for the laces also adds to the high durability of the shoes.

The soles of the shoe use a combination of rubber and microfiber to give bowlers a blend of materials to make the overall bowling experience much easier and stable.

The rubber heel means that you will have an added sense of stability when you are just standing around and the microfiber element will allow you to have the necessary slick to release your ball smoothly.

What we like

  • Unique and classic styling
  • Durable and well-made upper
  • Easy to break in sole
  • Rubber and microfiber combined sole

Our Verdict

If you want a pair of shoes that will make you stand out among the other bowlers, the Pyramid Skull Green/Black bowling shoes will give you a unique look with impressive performance to help you stand out from the crowd.

Buyer’s Guide To Bowling Shoes

To help you understand why so many chose to buy some of the bowling shoes mentioned above we will take a look at some of the reasons to consider buying bowling shoes and what benefits you will see from using them.

The Benefits to Owning Bowling Shoes

Many people find it hard to justify why they need bowling shoes, but the difference in your own personal comfort and abilities when bowling will see a drastic difference with your own shoes.

Most people wonder this because they think that if they are only going to be bowling a few times a year then why should they buy their own shoes. Depending on how often you currently go bowling or plan on going bowling, there is an argument for both sides.

If you only go bowling once or twice a year, then it is probably true that the rental shoes are all you would need to use.

However, if you even go a few times a month, then buying your own shows will begin to save you money almost immediately.

Having a pair of shoes that are your own and you know the history of gives you a peace of mind that you can have clean shoes at ay bowling alley and know just how your shoes will feel. 

The relatively low price of bowling shoes also makes them fairly justifiable to purchase as compared to expensive basketball shoes and soccer cleats, bowling shoes are very affordable.

Bowling Shoe Design

Bowling shoes look fairly normal on the outside and only have a few small modifications to make them specifically suited for bowling needs.

Bowling lanes are generally made out of a special wood that is made to allow objects to slid along the surface and creates the spin that bowling balls get after being thrown.

To make sure that this surface is preserved for a s long as possible and not broken by regular shoes, bowling shoes have a flat-bottomed design that makes sure the floor is kept smooth.

Under the Shoe

Bowling shoes also have slick bottoms so that you can get extra movement for a better ball launch. Most normal bowling shoes have both sides built to slide, 

but some of the more professional designs only have a sliding surface on the non-dominant shoe so the professional bowlers are able to launch their balls in a very specific form.

If you look at regular sneakers or even boots, most of them will have groves similar to a car tire that helps you to get traction and a grip when walking. Bowling shoes need the opposite effect because if you get traction on a bowling lane, you risk getting stuck and falling onto the hard ground.

Types of Bowling Shoes

Upon first glance at a bowling alley, most of the shoes probably look like the same rental shoe that you see at every bowling alley in the world.

While this style of shoe is very popular, there are many different types of bowling shoes that have different features and functions for different circumstances.

Athletic Bowling Shoes

The most common form of bowling shoes for anyone looking to buy their own pair of bowling shoes are called athletic bowling shoes. Upon first glance, these look like any other sneaker and may even fool you into thinking someone is bowling with their normal sneakers.

All you have to do is look at the bottom of the shoes to instantly recognize that these are no ordinary street sneakers.

The general athletic shoes used by most bowlers will have both shoes built with a slick sole so bowlers of different dominance can use them however they see fit. These shoes are built for comfort and practicality above all else for the casual bowler.

Professional Bowling Shoes

Professional or league bowlers often opt for the more advanced and particular performance bowling shoes. The professional shoe design will have a slide on one foot, but a much more grip focused sole on the other.

The reason for this is that professional bowlers often need more stopping power than universal soles offer, so they look to one shoe with a grip to act as a brake so they don’t cross a foul line.

Benefits to Using Bowling Shoes

Just like any other sport, having the right equipment can help improve your skills as a bowler. Bowling casually can be fun, but if you are looking for consistent accuracy and performance you will want to look to buying your own shoes and equipment.

The rental shoes are generally older and worn out when you use them, so they are not meant for bowlers who want to take things seriously.

Even a basic pair of basic athletic bowling shoes that you bring from home will instantly feel different than the standard rental shoe.

The sliding elements of rental shoes are generally worn out from excessive and improper use, so having your own shoes that are just used at the lanes and not by many people will be more efficient at doing their job.

If you want to look at a professional style of bowling shoes, then you will definitely notice a major change. The addition of a gripping shoe and a well-made sliding shoe will have you feeling like you slammed on the brakes when you follow through your shot and will help improve your overall form.

Best Bowling Shoe Brands

Many bowlers have their own preferences for their bowling and there are many brands that make excellent products. Most bowlers who buy their own shoes choose a shoe made by Dexter or Brunswick due to the two brands history of making excellent bowling shoes.

Each manufacturer produces an incredibly diverse range of bowling shoes that offer different experiences to different bowlers. The brands make very basic children’s bowling shoes and go all the way up to very expensive and custom designed bowling shoes for the world professionals.

The reasonable prices and general style of the brands shoes keep up with current customer wants, and their history of build quality keeps old customers coming back for more. If you are looking around for your own shoes,

it would be best to stick with one of those two brands or you could end up buying a bowling shoe designed for a very specific purpose.


Now that you know some of the best bowling shoes on the market, you are ready to go and find the perfect shoes for you.

We took a look at ten of the best shoes on the market that represent a wide range of tastes and features so you can see what options would be best suited to your needs. Once you have your new shoes, the only thing between you and a perfect game is practice.

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