Indoor soccer shoes

Do you long for a perfect pair of indoor soccer shoes that deliver comfort and support on the field?

With so many options available, it can be a challenge trying to find the right ones for your needs. That’s where we come in. We have compiled the perfect guide to help you in your quest for greatness.

We cover the difficult questions to ensure you get nothing but factual information. After you have looked over our in-depth reviews, be sure to check out our handy buyer’s guide below. You will walk away better-equipped so you can make a wise and well-educated buying decision.

With incredible comfort, fantastic usability, and stellar support, Adidas delivers where it matters. Their Samba Classic is a prime example of dedication in crafting the perfect soccer shoe. When you’re playing indoor soccer, your shoes need to be durable and comfy.

Enter: the Samba Classic. I’m really impressed with the cleats on these shoes. They provide plenty of traction on synthetic turf, but I’ve found that they are nubby enough that I can wear them for nearly any occasion.

The shoe material was a bit stiff upon my first wearing of them. But they soon flexed out after a little bit of breaking in.

I often find myself slipping into them when I need to run out for errands. They are that comfortable. And, they look sharp. They are modern, yet familiar. The Samba is more of an update on the classic Adidas style.

Material & Construction

I simply love the direction Adidas went when constructing this shoe. They used full-grain leather generously by covering the upper, while the area around the toe is soft suede. It’s a mild contrast that looks stylish and gives you great ball control all at the same time.

The shoes are all-black, save for the trademark three white stripes that grace both sides, and a small white area at the top of the heel. I’ve seen all-white versions with black stripes, too. They look just as classy. Both have small, gold ‘Samba’ lettering behind the striping.

The support that these shoes provide on the field cannot be overstated. I had no aftereffects in my ankles, nor did my legs ache. To me, this is the sign of a well-made shoe. I was able to run and jump with ease; nothing cut into me at any time.


Adidas went with a gum rubber outsole, and boy, it is effective. This material provides you with excellent grip on nearly any surface.

I really appreciate the texture throughout the outsole, too. You’d really have to be trying if you slipped. The wavy, webbed, and circular patterns are very grabby.

But that’s the magic of gum rubber. It’s a soft, flexible compound that serves to enhance any activity. I always feel ready to run laps when I wear these shoes. There’s just something about this material that makes you feel energetic. The cleats are round and nubby, allowing for use in all kinds of situations without sacrificing comfort.

Insole & Midsole

The Samba Classic’s firm yet cushioned insole is what gives you so much stability and support. It can be a challenge finding a shoe with insoles that are both firm and comfortable. But Adidas made it happen. Even after breaking the shoes in, the insole is holding up well.

On both color variants, the midsole is a mild brown. It gives the shoes a level of classiness, I suppose. Whatever it is, I get complimented on them often. I think it’s the black and brown that makes these shoes so versatile. Whether a sporting event or formal occasion, the Samba Classics are a great choice.


This is what it all comes down to. Where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. You can have all the comfort and support in the world. But if the shoe doesn’t fit, you won’t feel any of the benefits.

This is where the Samba Classic excels. I wear a size 13, and their sizes seem to be as close to true as it gets. I was fortunate to have just been under the limit with my black shoes. Adidas’ largest size in black is 13.5. The white variant, however, goes up to 14.

I would have to wager that the Samba Classics are the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, too. They offer them in several kids’ sizes, starting at 8.5K and going all the way up to 6. But I’ll cover that in greater detail in a moment.

What we like

  • Fantastic support
  • Great for any occasion
  • Nubby cleats
  • Comfortable

Our Verdict

It doesn’t get much better than this. These shoes are classy in every sense, and their comfort level on the field is unmatched. They are great shoes to wear for nearly any occasion, and their style never gets old.

Nike is legendary, and for good reason. They make fantastic shoes of all shapes and sizes. One of those is the Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit FG. Nike used some clever manufacturing to get a great-fitting shoe with well-hidden laces.

This is made possible by Nike’s Ghost Lace system. This means the laces are hidden by a textured outer layer of material. This gives the shoe a unique look and feel; like it’s one seamless unit.

Material & Construction

Nike used synthetics and mesh to deliver a lightweight shoe. This allows you to have much better performance due to the reduced weight. There’s a sleeve that tightly hugs your ankle upon slipping your foot in.

There’s a bit less cushioning than, say, Adidas’ Sambas. But they feel pretty comfortable nonetheless. The Ghost Lace system ‘ties’ just like normal laces, but they are kept out of the way by a textured synthetic mesh material.


Nike went with rubber here. It’s a great choice considering you need all the grip you can get. The cleats feel sturdy, working to give you nice traction and control. They are a bit longer than other entries, so you won’t want to wear these anywhere else but the soccer field.

Insole & Midsole

The insole is lightly padded for soft support. Most of the area is taken up by a form-fitting mesh sleeve. This provides your ankle with better stability and comfort.

The midsole is very low-profile. You don’t see much of it when the shoe is being worn. Made of the same material as the outsole, they blend in together perfectly and use the same color scheme. The only color variation is in the tips of the cleats.


Nikes run a bit on the small side. You’ll want to be sure to try on a few sizes so you get the right fit. If you order this shoe going by your usual foot size, you’ll likely be disappointed. Some sizes are available in wide, so be sure to check first if your feet need it. Nike offers these in sizes starting at 6.5 and going all the way up to 12.5.

What we like

  • Unique design
  • Great traction
  • Ghost Lace system
  • Lightweight and versatile

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for cheap Nike indoor soccer shoes, you can’t go wrong with their Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit FGs. 

They are made well and have some unique features that make them stand out. Just be mindful of the size discrepancy before placing your order.

The pint-sized version of the Men’s Samba Classics. The Kid’s Samba Classic Boots are just as classy, but much more adorable. After months of running, jumping, kicking, and wrestling, my son loves his Sambas just as much as the day he got them.

Children’s shoes can often be hit or miss. Depending on the shoe, they are usually either too big, too small, or too tight in the toes.

I have to praise Adidas for getting this part right. The toes are nice and wide, offering plenty of room where it’s needed the most. But the rest of the shoe fits him like a glove.

Material & Construction

Adidas once again went with a leather upper throughout, with a nice strip of suede along the toes. This area is much wider than the Men’s Sambas, giving the younger crowd a better base. They have more stability due to this. And when coupled with the outsole, it makes for the perfect shoe.


Non-marking gum rubber makes a return, offering the same high level of traction found in the Men’s version. This grabby material gives me great peace of mind. I know my son won’t be as susceptible to slipping as he would in other shoes.

The same patterns are used here, as well. I can’t see any less grip or control in the smaller versions. Department stores are notorious for their slick floors. I used to hold my breath for the majority of the time that we were there. But now, he has so much grip that I need not worry about him falling.

Insole & Midsole

One of the biggest problems my boy had with his previous shoes was that they dug into his ankles. That is now a thing of the past, as the Samba Classic Boots have such a soft insole.

It appears that there is even more cushioning in the kids’ version, which I absolutely love. This gives them greater comfort and support where it’s needed the most.

The midsole is virtually identical to the Men’s. The only difference I’ve found is, again, the toes. It’s wider in that area, but everything else looks and feels the same. The brown coloring allows for this show to be worn outside, at church, or to school.


What a great-fitting little shoe. They wear snugly and offer a great deal of comfort. There is some extra space in the toes as discussed, but this was intentional. It allows children to have better balance when walking and playing. And that is always a good thing.

What we like

  • Cushy insole
  • They are an excellent fit
  • Wider base for better stability
  • Comfortable rubber outsole

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a shoe that is safe and comfortable for your kids, your hunt is over. The stability is simply fantastic, and they look absolutely adorable.

Vizari makes excellent kids’ shoes. They are relatively new to the scene, but everything they have produced thus far has been well-received. Depending on what you’re looking for in a kid’s indoor sports shoe, you may find that Vizari fits the bill.

Material & Construction

Vizari went with a breathable synthetic material around the upper of the Stealth FG. This transitions to a solid, plastic-like synthetic material near the back and sides of the shoe. They are available in many bright and flashy colors. They’re sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

If your child has flat and/or wide feet, the Vizari Stealth was made for them. Kids have a much improved game of soccer after trying out these shoes. They are comfortable yet sturdy, so your kids are safe and stable.


The outsole is made of a two-color molded rubber material. This gives your little ones plenty of traction on the field. And to ensure that the shoes stand up to rough play, the outsole has been stitched to the upper so that there is less likely a chance of separation.

There are 14 individual cleats on the bottom of the outsole. They are well-positioned and offer great balance when running and walking.

Insole & Midsole

The Stealth’s insole is well-padded along the heel and collar. This provides a high level of comfort so ankles don’t get rubbed or dug into. This cushioning seems to keep its shape rather well, giving your child plenty of use out of the shoes.

The midsole is almost non-existent. There is a small area from the outsole that is visible around the outer edging. But as far as a true midsole goes, you don’t really get one.


From what I can tell, the Vizari Stealths run pretty big. A size 5 is comparable to a size 7 in other shoes. But if you get the proper size, they fit nicely and feel great.

What we like

  • Lots of fun colors
  • Great for flat, wide feet
  • Comfortable and cushy
  • Durable construction

Our Verdict

Kids love the comfort that these shoes give them while playing. Their sizes are a little off, but they are supportive and well-made. Your kids are sure to want them with each passing year.

PUMA’s King Allrounds feature some great design choices that make them pretty versatile. Due to their soft, stubby cleats, you can easily wear these shoes for more than just playing indoor soccer.

They are pretty stylish, too. You certainly won’t feel embarrassed to sport these off the soccer field. They are made with quality materials for long-lasting and durable indoor soccer shoes.

Material & Construction

PUMA uses 100% leather in their King Allrounds. It looks sharp and classy. All the more reason to wear them whenever you like. With high-quality stitching, these shoes feel as sturdy as they look.

The black and white color scheme looks great, too. It’s not flashy by any means, but the big white stripe is enough to turn heads. These shoes are a classic through and through. And if you have big feet, you will definitely want to check these out.

They run wide, ensuring your feet are housed nicely inside with plenty of space. You won’t feel cramped in these babies. With comfort like this, you will find them quickly becoming your ‘go-to’ shoes.


This is where things get interesting. PUMA uses their EverTrack outsole here, featuring multi-studded Ground Control. This gives you perfectly-sized cleats for ultimate traction and balance. They aren’t long at all, which makes them so wearable in any situation.

The outsole’s bumpy texture feels cushy yet firm. This provides your feet with great shock absorption, no matter what kind of surface you’re on.

Insole & Midsole

The insole is lined with plush padding, giving your ankles both rest and support. Your heels will definitely feel a difference compared to other shoes. The cushioning is inviting, sturdy, and supportive everywhere you need it to be.

The midsole is a grooved hunk of rubber that makes up the lower portion of the shoe. It sports PUMA’s CELL shock absorption system. This has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Your legs and feet will be thanking you after a long day of physical activity.


A little stiff at first, but after a few times out in them they will be just right. The wider base gives those of us with big feet better balance and support. From what I can tell, PUMA sizes run pretty true. You’re likely to be happy with the size you order.

What we like

  • Well-crafted shoes
  • Wider base for support
  • Soft, plush insole
  • Great-looking design

Our Verdict

Great for nearly any occasion, PUMA’s King Allrounds are a classic yet modern pair of shoes. Their comfort is hard to match thanks to PUMA’s high level of craftsmanship. 

The tough leather upper will last for years, making a quality shoe you’ll wear again and again.

Buying Guide To Indoor Soccer Shoes

It’s important that you know what goes into the best indoor soccer shoes. Let’s go over some frequently asked questions so you’re better prepared before considering buying any shoes. Keep in mind that what works best for me may not work best for you.

A lot of what you want out of a pair of shoes comes down to personal preference. But our guide is a great way to start so you know what to look for going in. Use this as a reference while you are shopping so that you have the best information right at your fingertips.

When you come across a pair that catches your eye, you can refer back to our detailed reviews. This will help you greatly when it comes time to buy.

Can you wear running shoes for indoor soccer?

You can, but it isn’t recommended. Running shoes don’t have any form of cleat on their outsoles. You would likely be slipping and sliding all over the field if you were to wear running shoes.

Conversely, indoor soccer shoes are made with this type of play in mind. They are equipped with various kinds of cleating. This allows you to dig in for great traction and stability while you’re on the field.

Are Sambas good indoor soccer shoes?

With their high level of comfort, durable craftsmanship, and quality materials, Sambas are one of the best shoes you can buy. They handle the turf with great traction and control. Your feet will feel comfortable in any situation. And because they offer some of the best stability around, your legs will get less fatigued as you play.

Are futsal shoes and indoor soccer shoes the same?

They are indeed. Both have a flat outsole that is typically made of gum rubber. This makes it easy to get traction when you need it most. This material is very grabby, providing you with excellent grip and balance.

What is an indoor soccer shoe?

These are shoes that are made with physicality in mind. These types of shoes are often very lightweight to allow for better agility and speed.

How are they different from other soccer shoes?

These shoes have cleats on the outsoles that provide players with ample traction and control on the field. However, the cleats don’t have any metallic materials on them that are sometimes found in other sports.

This is to help keep the field as smooth and maintained as possible. Since indoor soccer uses synthetic turf, the rubberized cleats found on indoor soccer shoes stand a better chance of keeping the field intact.

Imagine digging into that stuff with metal cleats. It would likely tear the turf to pieces in no time flat.

What are the best indoor soccer shoes?

While there are certainly a lot of wonderful brands out there that will help you play your best, Adidas’ Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor soccer shoes are heavily-lauded as the best of the best.

What makes them so great?

They are lightweight and versatile. They excel at comfort in every way. Your feet are kept dry thanks to the breathable materials that Adidas used. Your feet, ankles, and legs will feel stable at all times. Whether on the field or off.

Really, these are just an all-around fantastic shoe in every category. They fit your feet perfectly with true sizing that will leave you never wanting to take them off.

What indoor soccer shoes give the best support?

Once again, Adidas’ Performance Men’s Samba Classics take the prize. While there are certainly plenty of great shoes on the market that offer high levels of stability, nothing quite tops the Samba Classic.

A great insole makes all the difference

From the moment you slide your feet into them, you can tell something is different. The soft cushioning that lines the insole feels so good on your feet. The upper of these shoes is firm and sturdy, leaving you with less fatigue than ever.

This is the mark of true comfort and support. When the rest of your body feels relaxed, you know you’ve found the right shoes.

What are the best Nike indoor soccer shoes?

This would likely go to Nike’s Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 ICs. These shoes are made in honor of Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, the famous Brazilian football striker. As one of the most marketable sportsmen on the planet, Nike first commissioned the Mercurial R9s way back in 1998.

What makes them so great?

The modern CR7 IC shoes are often praised for their excellent comfort. They fit better than other shoes in this sport, and their traction is unmatched. Many who have worn these shoes say they are the absolute best you can buy. If you want to be able to play at your very best, you have to give these shoes a try.


We hope you found our guide to be helpful. We strive to provide you with most accurate and information available. If you have read this far, you probably have your mind made up as to what the best shoes are (cough, Samba Classics, cough).

While I think it’s hard to beat these shoes, don’t let that stop you from checking out other entries. What works great for my big, dumb feet might not be the best for you. It’s best if you can try some of these shoes out first so you know exactly what you’re working with.

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