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Do you wear boots always and you are interested in knowing how to blouse your shoes? Are you in the military, and you want to look good in your boots, but you don’t know how to blouse them? Fret no more!

We have all your answers. Blousing boots is crucial, particularly if you are in the military. Also, if you are someone who wears boots always, it is crucial to know how to Blouse your boots.

Although many regard this process as tedious, it is a fun process once you know how to do it. Blousing boots prevent ants and insects from entering your boots. I remember when I was first recruited into the USA Marines.  

I didn’t know how to blouse my boots. I felt out of place, as most of my colleagues knew how to blouse their boots. Alas, when I learned how to do it, I discovered that it made me look neater.

You, too, can be like me; you can look cool, neat, and organized with your boots.

How to blouse your boots?

It cannot be overstated that blousing your boots makes you look neat and organized. Here are the ways to blouse your boots.

Method 1: Tuck in your pants

  • This is one of the best ways of blousing your boots. It helps to keep dirt and unwanted materials away from the boot. Here are the steps to take when tucking in your pants to blouse your boots.
  • Wear your pants and socks
  • Smoothen the edges of your pants around the ankle
  • Wear your boots
  • Tuck the smoothened end of your pants inside the boots
  • Tie and tighten the laces of your boots to keep the boots firmly in place.

Method 2: Use Elastic Bands

  • This is another veritable way of blousing your boots. In doing this, the method keeps cold air away from your feet. In doing this, these are the steps to take
  • Wear your socks
  • Slide the elastic bands over your feet
  • Wear your pants
  • Tuck the ends of your pants within the elastic bands
  • Fold the remaining end of the cloth to make it seem like a balloon
  • Wear your boots

This style is common amongst those in the military. However, the perks involved is that when worn for a long time, it could make you uncomfortable.

Boot blousers

Method 3: Blouse Straps

  • Although this process required more effort, it is important to note that it is secure and is less likely to detach easily. Furthermore, it prevents the cold breeze from coming up with one’s legs. In this method of blousing shoes, these are the steps used
  • Wear your socks, pants, and boots. While this is done, pull your pants all the way down
  • Take the inside of your pants and pull it up to your legs. Pull it up as far as you can
  • Straighten your pants which have been spun inside out to your legs
  • Tie the blouse straps over your leg to secure it in place
  • Pull your pants back up. You will notice that it has a balloon look
  • Adjust the length of your pants by dragging it down.

Method 4: Battle Dress Uniforms

  • Put on your BDU pants and socks
  • Knot the blousing straps around the ankles
  • Wear your boots
  • Arrange the outer layer of your pants over the boots

Apart from these methods stated above, other alternative measures can be used to blouse boots. This method involves using blousing weights.

 This has to do with;

  • Wearing your boots and pants
  • Tucking your pants in them and lacing them up
  • Take your pants off over your boots and pull the trouser so that the hems will be above your boots by at least three inches
  • The weights are wrapped and strapped to the calf
  • Pull your pants on and buckle it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do soldiers tuck their pants in their shoes?

Soldiers tuck their pants in their shoes to keep insects out. Furthermore, they do this to look presentable and orderly before their superiors. Sometimes, anyone caught without a bloused boot could be dismissed from an operation

Why don’t special Forces Blouse their boots?

Special forces do not blouse their boots for a couple of reasons. The reasons range from the fact that their training is rigorous and blousing their boots could make them injured

How do you use a blouse on a boot?

You can blouse a boot in numerous ways such as tucking in your pants, using blouse straps and elastic bands amongst other things

How do you blouse boots in the Navy?

You can blouse your boots in the navy by tucking in your pants, using elastic bands and blouse straps among other things


It cannot be overemphasized that blousing of boots is a process that makes one look neat and presentable. Furthermore, it could act as a means of ensuring that one doesn’t feel unkempt.

It is important to note that for those in the armed forces, most times, it is compulsory for them to blouse their boots. Although the blousing of boots is good, it is not recommended to be used indiscriminately, particularly amongst civilians.

Also, when blousing your boots, it is advised that you use the implements that won’t make you feel uncomfortable to blouse your boots

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