How to dry shoes

There was once a time when I didn't know how to dry shoes. In that period, my feet formed painful blisters regularly.

Do you fall into this category? Do you want to know how to dry shoes quickly? Wearing wet shoes is never advisable.

Apart from the fact that it could reduce the lifespan of the shoe, it could make your feet form blisters or deep, painful cracks. Although you can use a hair dryer or fan to ensure your shoes are dry, it could destroy the shoe.

However, there are some veritable means by which you can dry your wet shoes. They could be dried in the dryer, the oven, or even through newspapers.

Do you want to know how to dry your shoes in the dryer? Fret no more as this article is the solution to your worries


Here are the best ways to dry your shoes.

Using the Newspaper

  • This is the way to dry shoes using newspapers
  • Stuff the shoe with crumpled newspapers and allow it to be there for one hour
  • Take out the newspapers and put another set of newspapers into it
  • Remove the newspapers and put another one into it, allowing it to be there for eight hours
  • Remove it the next morning and allow it to dry.

Using the Dryer

This is the first step in using the dryer to dry your shoes. In doing this,

  • Examine the label of the shoe to know if you can machine dry it
Look inside the shoe and check if it is suitable to machine dry it. In case the label has a square sign with an X in it, it means that you cannot machine dry it.

However, if the square sign has a circle inside it, it means you can machine dry them on low heat.
  • Consider the material with which the shoe is made before machine drying it 

In case you do not find any information on the label of the shoe, it is instructive to note that shoes that are made with animal-based materials should not be machine dried.

In the event of doing this, the shoe is likely to crack. However, if the shoes are made of cotton, polyester, and nylon, you can machine dry them

  • Tie the shoelaces together

Ensure the shoes are placed side by side. Afterward, knot the shoelaces together

  • Close the laces in the door

This can be done for a front or top-loading dryer. Tie the laces and drape them over the door of the dryer.

Hold the laces and close the door of the dryer. This will ensure that the shoes do not fall into the dryer when it begins drying them

  • Control the setting of the dryer to air dry

Some machines do not have this setting. In case yours doesn't have, change it to the lowest temperature

  • Dry the shoes for twenty-five minutes

Turn on the machine and allow the shoes to dry for twenty-five minutes. Afterward, carefully open the door of the machine and grab the shoelaces so that they do not fall.

However, if the shoes are not dry, you can turn on the machine to dry them once more.

How to dry shoes quickly


Are you worried about how to dry shoes quickly? Fret no more as the answers are here for you

  • Put the shoes near a furnace

In order to dry your shoes quickly, putting them near a stove could work wonders. In doing this, ensure that the air is blowing towards the shoes.

Although the heat does not have to be in the shoes, it works best when it is so. If correctly done, the shoes should be dried in less than twelve hours

  • Use a hairdryer or heat gun

This is one of the best ways to make shoes dry up quickly. In doing this, it is advised to turn the controls of these implements to the lowest. Also, ensure that you do not abandon them as it could lead to a fire.

  • Use Cloths 

Using clothes is one of the best methods of drying shoes quickly. Before going headlong into using clothes to dry your shoes, it is advisable that you first wash them using some warm water and detergent.

Take out the laces of the shoes and take a dishrag. Use these things to fill up the dryer and set the dryer in a slow cycle. This will put the shoes in a good position.

However, it is advisable to know the material of the shoe before using this method as some shoe materials could get crumpled

  • Use a Fan

In doing this, take your shoes off and remove all the dirt from it. Apart from putting a towel that can catch water in front of the fan, ensure that the fan is tall enough to dry your shoes.

Taking a wire that is six inches long, bend it to make an 'S' shape. Attach it to the fan and hang the boots on them. If correctly done, the shoe will be dry in an hour.

  • Refrigerator

Using your refrigerator to dry your shoes does not involve putting the boots inside the fridge. Instead, it consists in positioning the shoe close to the vent of the refrigerator. The vent is known to disseminate warm air.

Ensure the opening of the shoe has enough air. This will allow the shoe to dry quickly. However, it is not advisable to dry leather shoes via this method

  • Usage of Rice Sockies

Asides being a staple food, rice can absorb a great deal of moisture. Ensure that you clean the shoe inside-out and remove the insole. Afterward, fill up some spare socks with rice and tie it with a rubber band.

After doing this, put the rice sockies inside the shoe and leave it for three hours to soak. Remove the rice sockies afterward.

Apart from absorbing the moisture from wet shoes, rice can remove the pungent odor from shoes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

How long do shoes take to dry?

There is no fixed time for shoes to get dry; some could take twenty minutes while others might take a day. It all depends on factors such as how wet they are and the materials they are made of.

However, it is advised that when drying your shoes, check them every thirty minutes. This will make you know if they are dry.

How do your shoes dry without Newspapers?

Asides newspapers, there are other veritable ways to dry shoes. This includes using rice, using hair dryers, using fans, and dryers, among other things.

In all whatever method you use, ensure that you decipher the material of the shoe you are drying to ensure that you do not do more harm than good to the shoe.

How do you dry wet running shoes?

In drying wet running shoes, adhere to the following processes:

  • Remove the shoe pad after your run
  • Stuff up your running shoes with crumpled up newspapers
  • Leave the newspapers to soak up moisture for at least two hours
  • Changed the already soaked newspapers with another set of crumpled up newspapers
  • Leave the papers to absorb the moisture for four hours
  • Before going to bed, replace the soaked newspapers with another set for the last time
  • Pull out the soaked newspapers the next morning and put in the shoe pad
  • You're good to go!


Although we have painstakingly X-rayed the various ways by which one can dry one's shoes, it is essential to note that you must be patient when drying wet shoes.

If this is not done, the lifespan of the shoe could be significantly reduced. Also, it is vital to ensure that the process of drying the shoe is done correctly.

If this is not done, the shoe could develop molds and begin to hurt one's feet. Also, it is essential to note the kind of material our shoes are made of before we use various drying methods.

If we use methods that are averse to the shoe's stuff, it could begin to crack. Above all, prevention is better than cure! Always avoid situations and things that could get your shoe wet!

Have a great time

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