How to Get Grass Stain out of Shoes with 7 Powerful Hacks

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Do you want to get grass stains out of your shoes quickly but you don’t know how? Fret no more as this article has the solution to all your worries.

I remember the first time my white shoes got stained in the grass. I kept trying to remove them to no avail.

As I walked home from school that day, I felt self-conscious as I felt all eyes were on my stained shoes. I am here to give you these tips, so no one ever has to feel the embarrassment I felt.


Here are some foolproof ways to get grass stains out of white shoes


Vinegar is a safe and harmless method to get grass stains out of your shoe. Mix one-third of a cup of vinegar with warm water. Mildly blob the stain with the mixture using a soft cloth. 

After that, use another cloth to blot the stain. This can be done as many times as possible till you have gotten the grass stain out of your shoe.

Usage of Laundry Detergent:

Laundry detergent is one of the best ways of getting grass stains out of white shoes. This is because it is efficient at removing grass from clothes. 

When removing grass stains from white shoes, it is advised that you get a detergent that has a bleaching material and rub it onto the stain.

In case your white shoe is made of leather of suede stuff, use a soft-bristled brush. Leave the detergent on for about twenty minutes and rinse the shoe with unpolluted water.

Dish Soap:

You’re surprised that dish soap can get grass stains out of your shoes, right? Well, it can! In doing this, mix one-third of a cup of dish soap with warm water. 

Use a soft brush to rub the mixture into the stain. Afterwards, rinse the white shoes with warm water and leave to dry

Bucket :

In case you’re not a fan of washing your white shoes in the zinc, you can use a bucket. 

It is relatively easy to use a bucket when trying to remove stains out of white shoes. When you are done washing the shoes, you can put them in the dryer for some minutes to dry

how to get grass stains out of white shoes

Method 2

How to get stains out of shoes:

Stained shoes are never good. Most times, they make one look disorganized and unkempt. 

It must also be noted that the methods employed in getting stains out of shoes depend on the stuff the shoes are made of.

In case you fall into the category of those whose shoes are always stained, here are some ways to get a stain out of shoes.

For leather shoes:

Clean of the stains by wiping a solution of water and vinegar over the stains. 

As soon as your shoe is dry wipe it with a soft cloth—clean remaining stains with a damp cloth immersed into baking soda.

Wipe your shoes and clean them once again for the last time after they are dry.

For Patent Latent Shoes:

If stains are on your patent leather shoes, it is advised that you rub petroleum jelly on the stains with the cotton gauze. 

If what they need is just shining, put some glass cleaner on it, and it will come out fine.

Fabric Shoes:

Fabric shoes could be sandals and sneakers, among others. However, no matter what kind of shoe a fabric shoe comes in, it will still get stained. 

It is advised that instead of putting the shoe inside a washer that could destroy the lining, one should clean the shoe by hand.

This can be done by using detergent, warm water, towels and a soft-bristled toothbrush. In doing this, follow the following steps

  • Wipe the material of the shoe with a dry towel to remove all the stains from it
  • Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of warm water in a small bowl
  • Starting with one part at a time, dip the toothbrush in the soapy solution and mildly scrub the fabric
  • Remove any soapy remnants on the shoe with a towel dipped in water. Depending on how much of the soapy solution you used on the shoe, you might need lots of towels to wipe the shoe
  • Leave the shoes in direct sunlight to dry. To ensure that the shoes do not lose their shape, you can stuff them up with newspapers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove grass stains?

Grass stains can be removed from shoes by employing various methods such as using detergent, vinegar, dish soap, amongst other things. 

However, it is advised that you know the stuff your shoe is made of before using any method of grass-stain removal for them.

Are grass stains permanent?

No, they are not. However, in removing stubborn grass stains, you must use the right cleaning solution to prevent the stain from being permanent.

How do you get stains out of sneakers?

The methods of getting grass stains out of sneakers are majorly premised on the type of stuff they’re made of. 

Here as some materials and the way they can be cleaned once they get grass stains;


In getting grass stains out of this, it is advised that you use a dry brush first to remove the dirt. 

Afterward, allow an already combined mixture of vinegar and baking soda to sit on the dirty spot for some minutes. Mildly scrub the shoe and wipe with a soft damp rag.


To get the dirt stains out of the canvas, it is advised that you use a detergent and cleaning paste produced from baking soda and warm water. 

Dip the soft toothbrush into the mixture and scrub the canvas until clean. Once done, leave the shoe to dry.

How to get grass stains out of suede shoes?

Here are the steps involved in getting grass stains out of suede shoes;

  • Scrub the stains with a pencil eraser
  • Scrub the stains with a suede brush
  • Add small drops of white vinegar to the stained area
  • Rub the stain is fast circular motions
  • When done, leave to dry.


After giving a thorough examination of how one can get grass stains out of shoes, it must be reiterated that getting grass stains out of shoes is not a one size fits all method. 

You must apply the method that best suits the material of the shoe in question.

It is also important to be careful to apply the materials for getting the stains out in the right proportion to prevent discolouration of the shoe

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